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Bloons TD6: Best Anti-MOAB Towers & Upgrade Paths

Once upon a time, Bloons Tower Defense was a simple bloon popping experience with minimal bloon types.

Over time, new bloons were added to present a challenge to players. Eventually, even Lead and Ceramic bloons became to easy to defeat, so Ninjakiwi needed a new bloon type.

Enter the MOAB-class bloon which are now the strongest bloon types in the game.

MOABs tend to have massively reduced speed at the expense of far, far more health points. As you get closer to round 100, they can spawn en masse and bypass your defenses easily.

Placing towers and upgrading them for bloon popping power is a good idea but you don’t want every tower to be effective against normal bloons.

Some specific anti-MOAB towers and upgrades are required if you want to pass the harder difficulties and gamemodes.

I’ll be taking cost into account as cash can be scarce on higher difficulties!

10) Sniper Monkey: Cripple MOAB

  • Path: 1
  • Price: $34,000

Cripple MOAB gives the Sniper Monkey a ton of utility for fighting MOAB-class bloons.

Each shot will stun for between 0.75 and 7 seconds, depending on the MOAB type.

Set targeting to “Strong” for this tower so it’s always shooting the biggest MOAB on screen.

Stunned bloons also take more damage from other towers.

With all this being said, we like things that shoot fast and hit hard for maximum fun and Cripple MOAB is more of a tactical choice.

It’s cheap though, utilising the best starting towers allows you to acquire this entry as soon as possible!

9) Bomb Shooter: Bloon Crush

  • Path: 1
  • Price: $55,000

Very similar to Cripple MOAB, Bloon Crush will also stun MOAB-class bloons for 2 seconds upon impact.

Thanks to its attack speed, this tower upgrade can permanently stun incoming MOABs. Although stunned MOABs do not take any extra damage from this upgrade.

Big boy B.A.D cannot be stunned by this or any other stun attack.

Targeting needs to be set to “Strong”, even MOABs like the elusive D.D.Ts can’t bypass this tower upgrade.

8) Ice Monkey: Icicle Impale

Icicle Impact, one of the best rank 5 tower upgrades in Bloons Tower Defense 6
  • Path: 3
  • Price: $30,000

Able to heavily slow MOAB-class bloons and deals 50 damage per shot. For reference, a B.F.B has 700 health.

Such a mixture of crowd control and damage is rare for such a cheap tower upgrade.

Most MOABs are slow already so further reducing their movement speed is essentially making them stop altogether.

And with the high damage to back it up, even D.D.Ts struggle to get past an Ice Monkey with Icicle Impale.

7) Super Monkey: Legend of the Night

  • Path: 3
  • Price: $240,000

One of the most unique upgrades in Bloons Tower Defense history, Legend of the Night has the highest potential popping power of anything we’ve ever seen.

As well as a nice base attack, this upgrade summons a black hole at the end of the map when any bloons get too close.

This black hole doesn’t just consume ordinary bloons, literally any MOAB-class bloon will also be devoured!

However, the black hole lasts for only 7.5 seconds so any spillage can result in a defeat.

Due to its price, it’s definitely not worth going for unless you’ve already passed round 100.

Legend of the Night is a fun, powerful upgrade but not included in any viable strategies for earning medals.

6) Ninja Monkey: Master Bomber

  • Path: 3
  • Price: $40,000

Master Bombers will launch an explosive towards the strongest bloon every 2 seconds with unlimited range. After a short delay, the bomb will explode for 1000 damage.

That’s enough damage to one-shot B.F.Bs and even fortified D.D.Ts.

Bomb explosions also stun targets they’re attached to for a brief moment.

Just be aware that while it does do heavy damage to MOAB-class bloons, masses of ordinary bloons can bypass this tower upgrade quite easily.

5) Wizard Monkey: Archmage

Archmage, one of the best rank 5 tower upgrades in Bloons Tower Defense 6
  • Path: 1
  • Price: $32,000

One of my personal favorite tower upgrades in the game, the Archmage is powerful enough to tackle bloons of all shapes and sizes, including MOABs.

Boasting considerable damage per second rather than bursting for huge damage, pair it with towers that can boost its attack speed/damage or slow/stun bloons.

I tend to rush the Archmage as soon as possible as it’s one of the best rank 5 upgrades you can get.

One thing to watch out for is ceramics. Archmages excel at popping MOAB-class bloons but struggle to effectively deal with the ceramics that spawn from them.

4) Bomb Shooter: MOAB Eliminator

  • Path: 2
  • Price: $25,000

MOAB Eliminator grants the Bomb Shooter a powerful activated ability that deals 4500 damage to any MOAB-class bloons hit every 10 seconds. Its main attack also deals a nice 100 damage per shot.

Working best alongside towers or heroes who can buff activated abilities, such as Striker Jones, it can output a serious amount of anti-MOAB damage.

Such a specialised tower upgrade means it does little damage to regular bloons, especially ceramics, so have some anti-bloon towers and upgrades to back up the MOAB Eliminator.

3) Boomerang Monkey: MOAB Domination

  • Path: 3
  • Price: $60,000

Quite a costly choice but one that can be invaluable during later rounds.

MOAB Domination’s boomerangs will deal heavy damage to ceramic and MOAB bloons, as well as knocking back the latter.

The knockback effect seems to be dependant on how far through the map the MOAB is. I’d say the best position is just after the half-way point of the track.

2) Monkey Ace: Flying Fortress

Flying Fortress, one of the most expensive upgrades in Bloons Tower Defense 6
  • Path: 3
  • Price: $100,000

Raining dozens of nukes a second on the foremost, closest, and furthest back bloons is the Flying Fortress, one of the most expensive tower upgrades in the game.

Overall, it’ll deal about 250 damage per second without any upgrades from friendly towers.

Attack speed bonuses work amazingly with this tower upgrade so make sure it has an Alchemist and Monkey Village boosting it up.

1) Monkey Sub: Pre-Emptive Strike

  • Path: 2
  • Price: $32,000

Easily the most cost-effective anti-MOAB tower upgrade in the game, although it’s only placeable on maps containing water.

While Pre-Emptive Strike is active, any spawned MOABs will be dealt 750 damage instantaneously.

Additionally, it comes with an active ability that fires a missile to deal heavy damage in a large radius every 45 seconds.

Its base attack also gets a substantial buff to bonuses against MOABs and ceramics.

While it’ll never completely solo entire groups of MOABs, its overall usefulness makes it the best anti-MOAB choice in Bloons TD 6!

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Saturday 26th of November 2022

Cripple moab is best. It stuns moab class AND debuffs ALL moab class

Btdgod suporter

Sunday 3rd of March 2024

@Btdgod, yes