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Yu-Gi-Oh: Top 10 Best Structure Decks

Structure decks are a cost-effective method of getting into Yugioh, they allow you to obtain a reasonably strong deck without emptying your wallet.

Purchasing 3 of the same structure deck is the best way to get going, they usually come with a few cards each that are effective in almost any deck.

Weirdly enough, certain cards can be worth more than what you paid for the whole structure deck after a year or two!

Whether you’re just looking to get started in Yugioh or trying to earn a bit of money, structure decks are for you.

Choosing the right one is important though, lucky for you there’s a list right here to help you decide!

P.S – A recommended section has been added to each entry with the function of providing single cards you should add to the structure deck. Using all relevant links, you’ll be able to get a deck ready for duelling instantly!

10. Dinosmasher’s Fury

Dinosmasher's Fury, one of the best structure decks in Yugioh

Finally, the dinosaur type is no longer a laughing stock. Too long they sat on the sidelines, too long they remained a joke of a type, now they’re featured as one of the best structure decks in the game. In all fairness, Dinosmasher’s Fury released a ton of new dinosaur cards and support to go with them. Boy were they needed, upgrading the dinosaur type to one that can rival almost any type or archetype in the game.

Key Cards

Not only do you obtain some awesome dinosaur cards, but you also get plenty of Yugioh staples like Twin Twisters, Unexpected Dai, Ojama Trio, Quaking Mirror Force, and Grand Horn of Heaven!

Card list

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9. Zombie Horde

Zombie Horde, the best structure deck in Yugioh!

Providing a semi-competitive control deck, zombie horde contains the premiere cards to make the best decks with zombie type monsters in Yugioh.

Key Cards

Zombie World is used to turn all monsters on the field or graveyard into a zombie type, then other cards are used to take advantage. 

For example, you might get to summon a monster from the graveyard when a zombie-type is destroyed in battle.

So have Zombie World on the field, destroy an opponent’s monster in battle and get rewards!

Doomking Balerdroch is the main culprit, being an absolute nightmare to deal with for the opponent. Not only is this deck powerful, but it also has incredible art and a fun playstyle. So overall, it’s clearly one of the best structure deck in Yugioh!

Card list

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8. Soulburner

Soulburner, the best Yugioh structure deck

Any deck containing a copy of the best hand-trap in the game deserves to be first, even more so with how good the Salamangreat archetype is.

On its own, a few copies of this structure deck will provide a powerful casual deck to play with friends.

Adding a few additional archetypes, can upgrade them to near tournament-level!

Key Cards

Collector-wise, you get a variety of shiny cards including 3 Ultra Rares and 4 Super Rares.

The addition of Salamangreat Circle to the TCG is huge, and really boosts the power and consistency of Salamangreats seven-fold.

Few decks can cope with how reliably potent this archetype is!

Card list

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7. Order of the Spellcasters

Order of the Spellcasters is the most recent structure deck to be released, and also by far the best on its own. Providing a number of great staples, it utilizes past support for Spellcasters too.

Key Cards

Gameplay-wise, Order of the Spellcasters is based around spell counters. In previous years, such a mechanic has always been down-trodden. However, the wave of new support has dramatically increased the effectiveness of spell counters.

Their main boss monster Endymion, the Mighty Master of Magic is a huge upgrade over the previous one, Endymion, the Master Magician. Day-Breaker the Shining Magical Warrior is another great addition.

A variant of this structure deck even managed to reach 2nd place in a Brazilian Regional. Showing just how much it can compete!

Card list

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6. Emperor of Darkness

Emperor of Darkness, one of the best structure decks in Yugioh

By far the oldest structure deck on the list, based around the Monarch archetype.

No extra deck is needed at all to play Monarchs, making them attractive for players who don’t tend to enjoy the Link or Synchro mechanics.

With their main support cards recently coming off the forbidden list, this archetype is back with a vengeance.

Competitively, still too slow to compete with the faster Link decks. But they work very well casually.

Konami tends to love this archetype too, so no doubt there’ll be support in the future.

It’s definitely worth acquiring a few copies, as you never know when they’ll be competitively viable in the future!

Card list

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  • Allure of Darkness
  • One for One
  • Kuraz the Light Monarch
  • Majesty’s Fiend
  • Vanity’s End

5. Mechanized Madness

Konami seems to love the Machina archetype, as they’ve received plenty of support in the form of booster sets, starter decks and now a structure deck.

The best structure deck to get for a new player, requiring little in the way of strategy compared to other decks. 

Simple cards, such as Machina Overdrive, allow you to pump out the stronger Machina monsters. Meanwhile, those monsters are happy to bring back the lower level ones from the graveyard.

Solemn Strike, Pot of Avarice, Trap Trick, and even a Kaiju monster are included. Providing plenty of staples to add to your collection.

Card list

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4. Rokket Revolt

Rather than being a viable deck on its own, the Rokket archetype is best used when supplemented with other deck combinations. Such as dragons or dinosaurs.

A lot of the good Rokket cards were only available at high rarities in booster boxes, fetching high prices.

With the print of the Rokket Revolt structure deck, you can get many of the important cards for a small price.

Many, many decks utilize Rokkets in their strategies, even if it’s just 3 or 4 cards. Obtaining a few Rokket Revolt structure decks could upgrade several of your personal favorite decks!

Card list

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  • Dinosaurs
  • Dragons

3. Sacred Beasts

Arguably the coolest structure deck in Yugioh history, Konami actually making a structure deck based on what are basically god cards is crazy!

Each of the sacred beasts got individual support cards, as well as an entirely new playstyle in the form of low-level fiend-type monsters with 0 ATK/DEF. 

Key Cards

Summoning the sacred beasts is now pitifully easy, supporting them is a breeze with all these new fiend-type monsters.

As such, competitive decks have sprung up, based solely on the structure decks.

Yep, you can literally get a fully competitive deck for less than $50!

Card list

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2. Cyber Strike

Released in 2021

Providing some great deck cores to build decks based around Cyber Dragons and Cyberdarks, this structure deck is a welcome addition to Konami’s selection of structure decks.

Each pack comes with 40 cards, with 3 of them being super rare, as well as 5 ultra rare cards.

Key Cards

Infinite Impermanence is one of the best hand-traps in Yugioh, and one is included in each box.

Cyberdark End Dragon debuts in this structure deck, it’s an easy boss monster to summon and sports the joint-highest base ATK of any monster in the game!

You’ll also be given a ton of cards to build a Cyber Dragon deck, although you do need Cyber Dragon Infinity & Cyber Eternity Dragon to make it more competitive.

Card list

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  • None. It comes with everything you need for a Cyberdark deck 🙂

1. Shadoll Showdown

Released around the time El Shaddoll Construct was removed from the forbidden list, Shaddolls are a re-emerging archetype with plenty of new support.

El Shaddoll Apkallone is a nutty new card, released with the structure deck. Easy to summon, solid ATK/DEF stats, and epic effects.

Like previous structure deck archetypes, Shaddolls can also fit into a bunch of different strategies and play-styles.

In 2021, a small Shaddoll package was used in best Yugioh decks, such as with Dogmatikas.

Card list

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Frequently asked questions about Yugioh structure decks

What is the name and release date of the most recent Yugioh structure deck?

The most recent Yugioh structure deck is Structure Deck: Fire Kings, which was released August 8th 2023.

Nicholas Novak

Monday 12th of April 2021

The Rise of the True Dragons is an awesome structure deck. Make a deck out of 3 of those and add some more Lightsworn cards and you're good to go.

Ryan McKenna

Monday 12th of April 2021

Yep, it is great and used to be on this list :) lost so many duels to that structure deck when it first came out!

El cringe

Friday 27th of November 2020

Shaddoll showdown should be number one, you can literally make a pure shaddoll meta deck with 3 copies of the structure deck.

Ryan McKenna

Sunday 29th of November 2020

Thanks for letting me know, not sure how I missed that. Updated it :)


Wednesday 15th of April 2020



Tuesday 11th of February 2020

Rise of true dragons is a very good structure deck. It is better with the five-headed dragon, and the five headed link dragon added to it.

Deion Fairfax

Thursday 18th of July 2019

Don't forget to consider the Rokket Revolt Structure Deck coming out in August!