Ranking the Best Heroes in Bloons Tower Defense

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  1. Joseph says:

    If you use adora max level with a venguel sun god and a monkey intelingins beru in adoras temple you get a new map and a new looking adora and she Is op

    1. Jacob says:

      you would seem to have spelled a few words incorrectly by like alot

  2. annoyed player says:

    wtf ben is the worst hero, as the hack removes the $600 you get for killing a Moab and compensating you a measly $15. He’s good for a noob choice if you only play easy or medium with no late game, and absolute garbage for hard and chimps. You might think the $200 income you get cancels out the money loss from moabs, but long rounds will cause about $1000 of Moab money lost. this tier list is garbage

    also why is gwen ranked 5th he is easily top 3 with buffs, top DPS, and lead popping

    1. simon says:

      if you don”t use farms and depend on popping bloons to get money ok let’s welcome this new player that has so much to learn. don’t make fun of this person that has just entered the wonderful world f bloons td.

    2. Joseph says:

      Isn’t Gwendolin a girl?

  3. BlueMast0r75 says:

    Is that what your worried about? M.O.A.B. MONEY? That matters little to none compared to late game strategies that you should use like banana farms and ben, plus saves you stuff like ceramics from destroying you. Also, just because you don’t get him past level 8 doesn’t mean he’s bad. You also get double income from bloons with his one ability, and he gets you money per bloons SPAWNED after level 4. Also, M.O.A.B. money is $381 before the reduced amount after level 60 (give or take). He easily generates more money then some M.O.A.B.s, and, you don’t have to deal with after math. If you have a problem with him not fitting you style, then say that instead of trashing it.

  4. Mitchell Marr says:

    If I see this hero in coop I leave. It’s no fun playing against something that shows very little about what it’s doing. It just creepy and I won’t play against it.

  5. Matthew says:

    Benjamin Not Generating ANY money in CHIMPS is very unfortunate, since it also wasted money with it’s trojan. I think it is a very good hero on other game modes though. I think this should make it in second place, due to it being useless in the Hardest game mode.

    1. Ryan McKenna says:

      Good point!

      C.H.I.M.P.S is only for those cool black borders, though. Most difficult game-mode of all!

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