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Bloons TD 6: Top 10 Best Powers

Powers are purchasable one-time-use abilities that can have a drastic effect on your victory chances.

Costing monkey money (or unlocked for free occasionally), calling in a power is not something you should do at a whim.

Instead, use these powers to earn medals and complete those sweet, sweet black borders.

Black bordering a map means you’ve completed it on every gamemode and every difficulty.

Just be aware that you cannot use powers in C.H.I.M.P.S.

When it comes to spending monkey money, being frivolous is not recommended.

Only purchase the best powers, consulting this list will give you the best value per monkey money spent!

10. Time Freeze

Freezes time for 10 seconds. Bloon speeds are reduced to 10% during this time, but Tower attack speeds are reduced to 30% as well. Ability cooldowns still function normally.

Cost: 50 Monkey Money

Best used for those times when you’re trying to make a few changes, upgrades, or selling, yet the bloons keep coming.

Buy some time with this power, which is especially potent on rounds 63 and 92, where the bloons can really overwhelm you.

This power isn’t needed on easier maps/difficulties but when you start doing alternative modes on harder maps, it can be invaluable.

9. Road Spikes

Deals damage to any bloon that touches it. Each Road Spike pile contains 20 spikes.

Cost: 50 Monkey Money

Each purchase will give you 5 placements of road spikes, they can pop up to 25 bloons each, including metal bloons.

Unfortunately, you don’t receive any income from bloons popped by road spikes.

Use them to defend small leaks, especially on harder gamemodes.

8. MOAB Mine

Detonates when it detects a MOAB Class Bloon nearby, causing lots of damage.

Cost: 50 Monkey Money

Used specifically to combat the round 40 MOAB, allowing you to put your precious income into towers that can deal with smaller bloons, or Banana Farms to get extra income for higher rounds.

Past round 50 or so, the MOAB Mine loses most of its value due to its negligible damage.

It’s very effective on harder difficulties though!

7. Portable Lake

Provides an area of water on land that allows water towers to be placed on.

Cost: 50 Monkey Money

The vast majority of maps in BTD6 are land-based, yet the water monkeys are some of the best in the game, especially the Buccaneer.

Portable Lakes are best when getting an aircraft carrier Buccaneer, as it’ll extend the number of towers you can get in an area, due to the Buccaneer’s 2 extra tower slots.

Other than a middle upgrade Monkey Sub, this power doesn’t have too many other uses, hence its placement on this list.

6. Energizing Totem

Increases attack speed of all towers by 25% in its radius for five rounds.

Cost: 70 Monkey Money

No other tower provides a boost that lasts as long as the Energizing Totem, providing a huge offensive boost to all towers surrounding it for 5 rounds.

25% doesn’t sound like much but alongside buffs from other towers, it can seriously increase the popping output of a certain concentration of towers.

5. Pontoon

Provides an area of land on top of water that allows land towers to be placed on.

Cost: 50 Monkey Money

Water-based maps are some of the most difficult in the game due to their over-reliance on water-based monkey towers.

These towers are good but there are a lot more land-based towers to play around with.

Summoning a pontoon to place a land-based tower like a Monkey Village, Super Monkey or Spike Factory can be hugely advantageous, especially on harder difficulties.

4. Cash Drop

Spawns a crate full of cash worth $2,500.

Cost: 200 Monkey Money

Cash drops are the most expensive power in Bloons TD 6 and for good reason, $2500 can go a long way in securing a victory.

Best used early on to secure a Banana Farm, granting a massive amount of additional income to snowball into a massive amount of late-game power.

3. Super Monkey Storm

Summons a squadron of Super Monkeys that destroy all Bloons onscreen and deal heavy damage to MOAB Class Bloons.

Cost: 100 Monkey Money

No matter how much effort you’ve put into your tower placements, it’s not uncommon to make a mistake and leak a heavy amount of bloons.

This power is perfect for these situations, destroying all bloons on screen almost instantaneously.

Paying a whopping 100 monkey money for the privilege seems high but the sheer amount of damage done will justify such a pricetag.

2. Banana Farmer

Gathers all bananas spawned by Banana Farms within his radius so you don’t have to. Also collects money crates and health crates.

Cost: 50 Monkey Money

Banana Farms can give an exceptional amount of money per round but most players go for the bank, due to their passive afk income.

Far more income can be earned by the upgrade upgrade paths, but they require you to actively pick up the bananas so they don’t expire. Such a requirement can be tedious.

This is where the Banana Farmer comes in handy, giving you the best of both worlds.

1. Tech Bot

Activates abilities for the player when they are available.

Cost: 50 Monkey Money

Tower ability upgrade trees tend to be avoided by Bloons TD players as you need to be activating them often to get the most of your money. Whereas the AFK play-style is by far the most common.

The Tech Bot makes these abilities a lot more viable, as they’re actually really good for tackling groups of bloons or even the strongest MOABs.

For how useful this power is, especially for the price, it’s definitely the best power in Bloons TD 6!