Yugioh: Best Archetype Of Every Type

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  1. Sasuke22 says:

    Are yoy sure abaut the cyber dragon isnt the best machine archetype rightnow?

  2. Sasuke22 says:

    Are you sure about the cyber dragon isnt the best machine archetype rightnow?

    1. Ryan McKenna says:

      After the A – Assault Core reduction to 1 copy per deck you’re right, especially with the new Cyber Dragon support. Will update, cheers 🙂

      1. Mortemest says:

        Cool! The cyber dragon deck is currently broken hahahaha

        1. Mark says:

          Cyber Dragon is broken ? Gimme a break ! It’s a well balanced and fun to play deck, and it has a huge fanbase. It’s no where near broken. Most of its monsters are prone to almost any kind of removal. The only one that has good protection is Infinity

          1. Savage EL says:

            I disagree I’m not saying that is broken, but Infinity isn’t the only good monster in Cyber dragons. They have a few extremely good cards besides Infinity such as Eltanin. It may not be a common used card these days, but it’s a heavy monster removal, because it doesn’t target or even destroy is “sends” which makes it deadly on F.As.

  3. Mark says:

    Are you sure Dark Magician is the best Spellcaster deck ? I personally believe that Altergeist is much better and much more consistent :/
    Still, I once got my ass whooped by DM while playing Sky Striker. Took a Dark Magic Attack to the face and neg like hell.

    Also, best list ever, would defenitely helps me pick some great decks to play, and it also addresses several glaring weaknesses of some type.

    But why did you have to mention the limiting and the end of the love of my life, the ABC 🙁

    1. Ryan McKenna says:

      For anti-meta yeah Altergeist is better but obviously if you’re knowledgeable about the meta and need to counter it, you probs won’t be looking at this list 😛

      Dark Magician is a lot better at crushing rogue/casual decks, especially with the new Dark Magician the Dragon Knight turbo variants!

      Glad the list is helping ^^ and I know about ABC, my friend got into Yugioh and put all his heart/soul into his ABC deck, only for it to become half as good haha

  4. Jamie says:

    “The first and only pure Aqua archetype to reach a competitive meta level”

    1. Ryan McKenna says:

      What am I missing?

  5. RICE says:

    I’m so happy! I love krawlers!

  6. Thomas Hunt says:

    Actually, Vampires are only useful for either their field spell, for Fraulein or for Sucker; Vendeads, Shrianui and Mayakashi all outstrip them in terms of power (Vampires only have 3 Extra Deck Monsters whereas Vendreads, with 1, have 4 Ritual Monsters, Shrianui have 6, and Mayakashi have 6 also). In addition, Zombie cards are being released very quickly now(Red-Eyes Zombie Necro Dragon, Zombie Necronize, Zombie Struggle + Return of the Zombies), and so new-old decks like Skull Servant could easily arise again; by taking control of the new Lightsworn Link Monster , I can see them making a comeback.

  7. Benamrouche says:

    Firewall banned, Cyberses rekd

    1. Goji says:

      Reptilianne seems to do better than worms in my opinion

      1. ticken says:

        Odd eyes can summon every wsy so what about them?

  8. Anonymous says:

    Did you consider chronomalys ?

    1. Ryan McKenna says:

      I do like Chronomaly but they’re either Machine or Rock instead of being purely one type!

  9. What about Hero for warriors

    1. Zero says:

      The hero archetype has fiends thanks to evil heroes

  10. BrianMiller says:

    Now that A-Assault Core is off the banlist which one would you consider the better machine-based deck: ABC’s or Cyber Dragons? 🙂

    1. Ryan McKenna says:

      Honestly ABC if you have the Sky Striker engine!

      Cybers are still a very good deck themselves though 🙂

  11. BrianMiller says:

    Thanks, much appreciated. I am trying to figure out which one would make the best deck (without spending too much money in the process). 😉

  12. Frederik Erskov Krogh says:

    For spellcasters i Think its altergeist that are the Best Deck/archetype
    And not Dark magician

  13. Yan says:

    I’ve been away from this game for some years now, and I’m shocked that Vampires now rely on taking control of their opponents.

    Of course, in the old days there was vampire vamp and that xyz level 5 (I forgot the name), but it was not the focus.

    makes sense, but I prefer the destructive effect they had before. Duke and Grace are too much fun.

  14. Frederik Erskov Krogh says:

    Best cyberse type deck is Salamangreat
    Best machine type deck is Orcust

  15. Leokai says:

    Earth is Infinitrack, Superdreadnought
    Rock is Gem-Knights

  16. D Fed f g vs dry bc dog get c ds egg h tts xf says:

    Can’t believe you didn’t include the best divine-beast archetype

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