Top 10 Best Rank 5 Tower Upgrades in Bloons Tower Defense 6

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  1. Thanos says:

    Well, this is retarded. Not only did you spell “Icicle Impale” incorrectly, but you included the Elite Defender as one of the top ten Tier Fives. (Elite Defender in most cases is not a good tower.) You really seem like some unskilled player who’s never had to face a real challenge before, therefore you have no idea what a good Tier Five is.

    1. Ryan McKenna says:

      Elite Defender is one of the most cost effective rank 5 upgrades in the game mate

  2. Wouter Voos says:

    Reply to Ryan McKenna
    Elite Defender is good when it’s supporting a bunch of other snipers.

    My comment:
    I would have included the bloon solver:
    Because the final upgrade allows it to hit 12 bloons at a time.
    At that rate you don’t even need the splatter upgrades.

  3. Dylan says:

    excuse me…where is the flying fortress upgrade? its from the monkey ace, and is easily an extremely powerful tier 5. its classified as a 0-2-5 monkey ace, and costs about 280,000$ to make. its broken! why is it not on here?

  4. simon says:

    elite defender can’t see camo unless upgraded night vision goggles which removes the point of elite defender’s power of popping 7 layers at an extremely fast pace. super mines should have made it because of how much mines it can put down with faster production and even faster production with each mine doing 1000 damage.

  5. Ayush Chitnis says:

    I agree with the top 5 choices.

  6. anonymus says:

    then how do you spell it ?

  7. Jack says:

    What in the flying scrotum is this comment DO YOU KNOW WHAT A MONKEY VILLAGE IS IT CAN MAKE ANY TOWER SEE CAMOS

  8. Joey says:

    Bruh ever heard of a ray of doom or MAD????

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