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Top 10 Cutest Pokemon

There are many different varieties of Pokemon that range from mighty to weak or large to small. There’s now over 800 Pokemon, to make any top 10 list is extremely difficult, especially this one. There are plenty of cute Pokemon but here’s a list of the 10 cutest!

This list does not contain baby or legendary Pokemon, otherwise it’d just be babies & Mew in every entry!

10. Squirtle

Squirtle Pokemon

One of the original three Pokemon you meet in the first games, Squirtle is a fan favourite beloved by thousands all over the world. All 3 of the original starter Pokemon are cute but Squirtle just takes the cake.

9. Axew

Axew Pokemon

This little Dragon type was first introduced in Generation V, also known as the Black & White games for Nintendo DS. It eventually evolves into the powerful Haxorus but, as you can see, his pre-evolved form is the cutest.

8. Chespin

Chespin Pokemon

Pokemon fans encountered this Grass starter at the release of Pokemon X and Y. This little chipmunk-like Pokemon had hearts melting the second it was teased, his adorable demeanor is too cute!

7. Marill

Marill Pokemon

This little cutie from Generation 2 was one of the cutest for a while but others have taken over. Just look at that tail!

6. Goomy

Goomy Pokemon

For some this might be a bit ugly but Goomy is undoubtedly a cute Pokemon. This rather small Dragon is pretty much just a ball but it’s too cute, you wouldn’t play football with it.

5. Pikachu

Pikachu Pokemon

Pikachu is Pokemon’s poster boy and for good reason, he’s cute as anything! We’ve watched him battle countless foes, meet tons of other Pokemon and travel around the world but he’s still as cute as ever!

4. Fennekin

Fennekin Pokemon

Chespin’s Fire Starter counterpart is Fennekin, the feminine looking little fox that, like Chespin, had fans before the game was even released. Can you look at Fennekin without saying “aww”? Didn’t think so!

3. Comfey

Comfey Pokemon

At first you think “Oh a daisy chain Pokemon? That’s silly”, then you look into Comfey’s bright green eyes and you realise the truth. Comfey is a cutie even with its deformed body.

2. Hoppipp

Hoppip Pokemon

Hoppip is pretty close but no, you can’t play football with this either. This Pokemon’s cuteness doesn’t get lost in its final evolution, Jumpluff, but lets not mention the middle evolution Skiploom.

1. Sunkern

Sunkern Pokemon

Sunkern isn’t just the cutest Pokemon, it might just be the cutest thing ever, of all time! It’s a tiny seed Pokemon that is pretty much useless for battling but you have to catch this as soon as you see it! Well deserved number 1 spot on the list!


Monday 19th of April 2021



Friday 30th of August 2019

I a apologize but I am deeply disappointed since only one of these Pokemon is cute at all and that's Fennekin

Big Oof

Saturday 13th of July 2019

My tip ten has to be 10: Pichu 9: Stufful 8: Poliwag 7: Zygarde first forme 6: Bounsweet 5: Furfrou 4: Fennekin 3: Axew 2: Eevee 1: Cosmog