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Skyrim: Top 10 Best Wives To Marry

What is marriage in Skyrim?

Marriage in Skyrim is just like marriage in real life, creating a bond between two people to share.

How do I marry someone?

To start, you need to acquire an Amulet of Mara (details of the acquisition are below).

Each potential spouse will have their own requirements but they usually involve some kind of quest. Details for each potential wife are provided in each entry.

Can I only marry members of the opposite gender in Skyrim?

Anyone can marry any gender in Skyrim.

Can I marry any race in Skyrim?

No, there are no Bosmer or Khajit women to marry.

What do I get for marrying someone?

Your spouse will become a merchant, and provide 100 Gold every 24 hours. This Gold accumulates.

Additionally, the spouse may come with a house that you gain full access to. The house your partner lives in can be changed at any time.

The player can ask their spouse to cook a meal for them too, once a day.

Any adopted children will live with the spouse too, and open unique dialogue interactions between them all.

Finally, sleeping next to a spouse provides the Lover’s Comfort buff, boosting skill experience rate by 15% for 8 hours!

How do I get an Amulet of Mara?

Merchants and general containers have a small chance of selling or containing an Amulet of Mara.

Otherwise, the easiest and most fun way to get one is via the Book of Love quest-line, offered by Dinya Balu in the Temple of Mara, Riften.

10. Muiri

Race: Breton

Follower: No

Comes With House: No

Where can I find Muiri?

The Hag’s Cure in Markarth.

How do I marry Muiri?

Quite a dark one, Muiri requires the player to kill her ex-partner, as well as her friend.

Note: You cannot marry her if you destroy the Dark Brotherhood.


Offering very little in terms of game-play, Muiri is one of the prettiest wives available in Skyrim.

She’s a fan favorite for her looks, and meme’d for her means of acquiring affection.

9. Ria

Race: Imperial

Follower: Yes

Comes With House: No

Where can I find Ria?

Jorrvaskr in Whiterun.

How do I marry Ria?

Complete the Companions main quest-line.


One of the few followers who prefer to dual wield weapons, Ria is a powerful warrior and faithful wife.

She can die though, so if you plan to have her as a follower and a wife, make sure you keep an eye on her in battle.

8. Camilla Valerius

Race: Imperial

Follower: No

Comes With House: No

Where can I find Camilla?

Riverwood Trader in Riverwood.

How do I marry Camilla?

Her brother, Lucan, will ask you to retrieve the Golden Claw. After doing so, Camilla’s affection will be high enough to marry.


Camilla has a few men chasing her, Faendal is particularly stalker-ish and will follow her wherever she goes, even after marriage.

If you ask her to move to your house in a different town, Faendal will still continue to visit her. Might be worth disposing of him.

She can take over the Riverwood Trader if something happens to Lucan, just something to consider!

7. Jenassa

Race: Dunmer


Comes With House:

Where can I find Jenassa?

The Drunken Huntsman in Whiterun.

How do I marry Jenassa?

Hiring her as a follower will grant enough affection to unlock marriage.


One of two Dark Elves on the list, Jenassa is a strong and independent potential spouse.

Like Ria, she can be killed in battle. Preferring Light Armor over Heavy Armor decreases her survivability, but she does like using bows to keep her out of range of combat.

6. Ysolda

Race: Nord

Follower: No

Comes With House: Yes

Where can I find Ysolda?

Whiterun. Sometimes in the Bannered Mare, but usually roaming the Marketplace.

How do I marry Ysolda?

Ysolda will ask you to provide a Mammoth Tusk, once you’ve given her one, she’ll be available for marriage.

The easiest way to acquire a Mammoth Tusk is in a chest on the 2nd floor of the Drunken Huntsman, also in Whiterun.


Ysolda is a beautiful and loyal Nord, and one of the first potential spouses you encounter.

Owning a home in Whiterun which is conveniently close to vendors and the marketplace makes her an ideal early marriage choice.

5. Brelyna Maryon

Race: Dunmer

Follower: Yes

Comes With House: No

Where can I find Brelyna?

Hall of Attainment in the College of Winterhold.

How do I marry Brelyna?

Brelyna has a quest available, where she needs someone to test her skills upon. Complete this quest to unlock marriage.


Brelyn is an adept magic user with a shy and humble personality. At first, she can seem a bit conceited but a few polite dialogue responses will change that.

She can also become a follower, utilising high damage spells to demolish enemies from range.

4. Uthgerd the Unbroken

Race: Nord

Follower: Yes

Comes With House: Yes

Where can I find Uthgerd?

The Bannered Mare in Whiterun.

How do I marry Uthgerd?

Uthgerd will wager she can beat you in a punching brawl. Beating her will impress her so much, she’ll want to marry you!


Another occupant of Whiterun, Uthgerd’s house is easily accessible after fast traveling to the gates.

Far from a stay-at-home wife, Uthgerd is a powerful warrior who will sport heavy armor and join you in your adventures.

3. Borgakh the Steel Heart

Race: Orc

Follower: Yes

Comes With House: No

Where can I find Borgakh?

Mor Khazgur

How do I marry Borgakh?

Hire her as a follower so she can finally leave Mor Khazgur to have a chance of marrying Borgakh.


Stuck in her home stronghold of Mor Khazgur, Borgakh dreams of a life of freedom and will soon be married to an Orc Chief.

Until the Dragonborn comes to visit, that is. Recruiting her as a follower will provide an excellent option as her standard Orcish equipment is strong at almost all stages of the game.

2. Mjoll the Lioness

Race: Nord

Follower: Yes

Comes With House: Yes

Where can I find Mjoll?

Inside the Bee and Barn Inn of Riften, or wandering close by.

How do I marry Mjoll?

One of the more difficult ones. To start, you’ll need to be at least level 14 and agree with her when she says the Thieves Guild are evil.

She’ll grant you a quest, Grimsever’s Return, which will open her mind to marriage upon completion.


A woman of strong convictions, Mjoll opposes corruption, such as the Thieves’ Guild.

Such a personality can be intimidating to a lot of players, but you’ll barely find a better potential wife in Skyrim.

Also, she can’t die!

She’s pretty much invaluable as both a follower and a wife, providing Lover’s Comfort for each night slept together as well as being an excellent warrior in combat.

1. Aela the Huntress

Race: Nord

Follower: Yes

Comes With House: No

Where can I find Aela?

Jorrvaskr in Whiterun.

How do I marry Aela?

Complete the Companions main quest-line.


Efficient and capable warrior, stunning looks, and a resonant personality.

Having a perfect blend of game-play and aesthetic aspects is Aela the Huntress, widely considered to be the best follower & spouse in Skyrim!

Once the companion’s quest-line is completed and she becomes available for marriage, she’ll no longer be considered an essential character and will be able to be killed.