Top 10 Best Towers in Bloons Tower Defense

NinjaKiwi’s latest Bloons Tower Defense installment is its best yet. Incorporating more detailed, fun art as well as a ton of new towers and upgrades. There’s more choice than ever when it comes to approaching a map, although this only makes things more confusing for less strategic players.

Arguably the most awesome aspect of the new game is how you place your towers, as a different combination can be done every game, while also staying fresh and fun. More casual players get plenty of content while veterans and completionists get a ton of depth.

I’ll be going over the 10 best towers in Bloons Tower Defense 6, you’ll learn which to use in what kind of situation, as well some nice strategies to help you get through maps you’re stuck on!


10. Glue Gunner

Glue Gunner, one of the best towers in Bloons Tower Defense 6

Bloon movement speed can be a huge issue, especially when they come in huge blobs. Even if you have a ton of burst damage, rounds like number 63 can prove to be a nightmare. The Glue Gunner seeks so alleviate these troubles, mass gluing dozens of bloons per shot to decrease their movement speed.

Upwards of round 80-90, having a Glue Gunner in radius of a Monkey Village with the Radar Scanner upgrade is an effective way of dealing with D.D.Ts.

Monkey type: Primary

Cost: $275


9. Ninja Monkey

Ninja Monkey, one of the best towers in Bloons Tower Defense 6

For early rounds in the Alternative Bloons gamemode, no monkey will serve you better. Players tend to lose too many lives to camo bloons, opting to place and upgrade non-camo detecting monkeys instead.

Ninja Monkey’s late game effectiveness is pretty nice too, with the x/0/0 upgrades being particularly potent. With a Counter-Espionage ability, it can reveal camo bloons permanently, although this is unreliable against large groups of D.D.Ts.

Monkey type: Magic

Cost: $500


8. Banana Farm

Banana Farm, one of the best towers in Bloons Tower Defense 6

In terms of raw income, no other tower will satisfy your lust as much as the Banana Farm. If you’re like me, you go straight for the 0/3/0 bank, having to pick up bananas every round is too hard I guess.

Each time you cash in your $10,000 from the bank, it’s best to buy another 2/3/0 farm and use the leftover money for other upgrades. There’s nothing quite like cashing in $100,000 every now and again. Don’t go too overboard, investing too much cash into future income is a sure way of running out of popping power!

Monkey type: Support

Cost: $1250


7. Monkey Sub

Monkey Sub, one of the best towers in Bloons Tower Defense 6

You’ll find yourself using the Monkey Sub quite a lot, particularly during the daily challenges. Offering either damage or utility, this tower can act as a camo revealer, or bombard bloons from across the map. Hard-hitting darts or explosive missiles, the choice is yours.

With a 0/0/5 Sub Commander upgrade, a battalion of Monkey Subs are outrageously powerful, barely letting the bloons get onto the screen!

Be aware with Submerge and Support upgrade, the radar needs to actually “pass through” a camo bloon to reveal them. Due to this, it isn’t recommended as your main source of camo detection, it simply leaks too many camo bloons.

Monkey type: Military

Cost: $310


6. Sniper Monkey

Sniper Monkey, one of the best towers in Bloons Tower Defense 6

I always make sure to include a 2/0/5 Sniper Monkey in almost every map, so long as it has sufficient vision. It’ll shoot incredibly fast, hitting like a truck at the same time.

Unlimited range makes it useful for taking down stragglers who just manage to get through. The single target nature of the Sniper Monkey (middle upgrades don’t compensate enough) means only 1 should be placed unless you’re taking part in a daily quest.

Make sure to set it to prioritize “Strong”, as the Sniper Monkey will melt MOAB class bloons.

Monkey type: Military

Cost: $330


5. Wizard Monkey

Monkey Wizard, one of the best towers in Bloons Tower Defense 6

Amazing tip: Wizard Monkeys with the 1/0/0 upgrade can shoot through terrain!

Full of utility, Wizard Monkeys are your best friend during the early levels, before you get a ton of Monkey Knowledge. Offering the 2nd most reliable camo detection in the form of their 0/0/3 upgrade, Wizard Monkeys are no slouch offensively too.

Placing this tower and upgrading it to 5/0/0 will provide you with a magic monkey to end all MOABs, dealing considerable damage at long range. What makes it so newbie friendly is the prices, it has so much value for money!

Monkey type: Magic

Cost: $550


4. Spike Factory

Spike Factory, one of the best towers in Bloons Tower Defense 6

Believe or not, spamming 3/2/0 Spactories (Spike Factories) at the end of the map is a surprising way of winning a round. Don’t try this in half-cash or C.H.I.M.P.S of course, but it’s a fun and lazy method to get the easy difficulties out of the way.

Spike Factory’s 0/0/5 upgrade is mind-boggling, placing spikes that are seemingly invulnerable, taking hundreds of bloons before they run out.

Monkey type: Support

Cost: $800


3. Heli pilot

Heli Pilot, one of the best towers in Bloons Tower Defense 6

Heli Pilot’s Moab Shove upgrade is one of the best in the entire game for utility, almost completing negating the threat posed by D.D.Ts. While this tower does have a huge price, there’s a Monkey Knowledge that halves the price of your first military tower purchase per game, which helps a lot.

Fairly cheap upgrades towards the late game makes the Heli Pilot a viable tower for all parts of your playthrough. Well worth buying one of these on your next game!

Monkey type: Military

Cost: $1425


2. Alchemist

Alchemist, one of the best towers in Bloons Tower Defense 6

Technically the Alchemist is really bad on its own but I’ll tell you now, place and upgrade this tower to 4/0/0 when you have some other towers. It’ll keep up to 2 towers topped up with a massive range and attack speed boost.

However, you could go the 3rd upgrade path route, which can give some nice income boosts. But I’ve found it to be quite inefficient and not worth it, compared to other income generating towers. The next entry will go explain Alchemist’s effectiveness a lot more..

Monkey type: Magic

Cost: $550


1. Super Monkey

Super Monkey, the best tower in Bloons Tower Defense 6!

Such a huge cost is justified, the Super Monkey has a crazy attack speed, awesome upgrades and incredible range. A great strategy is to place a Super Monkey at the center of the map, back him up with a 0/2/3 Monkey Village and 4/0/0 Alchemist. That combo will carry you through almost any map on any difficulty.

Getting to that point can be tough, which is why I recommend Benjamin as the best hero. You need all the income you can get early game, turbo’ing out that combo is the difference between a casual player and a completionist!

Monkey type: Magic


3 thoughts on “Top 10 Best Towers in Bloons Tower Defense

  • August 29, 2019 at 4:48 am

    I am sure someone would have mentioned what you missed concerning the Alchemist. The 2/0/5 upgrade is next level. Even when I do not invest in banana farms it is still easy to achieve this upgrade before round 75. The results literally turn ZOMGs into a single red bloon. Placing one at the front, it will have tens of millions of pops ahead of the super monkey before long. Only when a super monkey is 4/0/0 or better will the super monkey get the edge.

    Druids and their 0/4/0 upgrade become extremely useful when around a few farms. add it to a helicopter with the 0/0/3 upgrade and it make the rounds last longer, which means you can use the power from the druid more often. In a ‘impoppable’ game I will have the 5/2/0 super monkey with the upgrade that sacrifices the other two types of super monkeys by round 110 at the latest. I can’t manage the same without the Druids. which I get around 20 of surrounding 8-12 farms. Very affordable combination.

    I have never used the banks. I tested the banks in BTD5 and found the most lucrative line of upgrades was the 2/0 ones. In BTD6 I am pretty sure 3/2/0 farms are better than 2/3/0 banks. Especially when getting the 4/2/0 upgrade later on.

    Anyway, cheers for reading.

  • May 26, 2020 at 12:09 pm

    yes 320 farms are op. a few of them can let you get a 420 rfarm real quick or spend it on some other t5 monkey. :p


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