Top 10 Players of the Game of Thrones

The Game of Thrones is an extremely difficult game to play, it requires cunning wits, discretion and ruthlessness. Some who play the game have all of these traits while others have naught but a great name. It’s made for one of the greatest stories in television history with many memorable characters coming and going. Here’s a list of the 10 best players of the Game of Thrones!


10. Balon Grejoy

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Once the ruler of the Iron Islands, Balon Grejoy was Ironborn through and through. Despite failing with his Ironborn rebellion, he mustered his strength on the Iron Islands for the years after. He eventually made the decision to invade the North while the War of the Five Kings was taking part. This was a great decision as he took control of a number of strongholds. Eventually he would be betrayed by his son Theon not following his orders and later killed by his brother Euron.


9. Robb Stark

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Great in some ways, a failure in others. Robb Stark won every battle he fought but this was not enough for him to reach his goal. He was a great tactician who heeded the word of his advisors, proving his wisdom. He was a great commander but not so much on the politics side. He broke his oath with Walder Frey which led to the murder of him, his wife and his mother.


8. Cersei Lannister

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Although she’s ended up on the Iron Throne, it’s fair to say Cersei isn’t the best player. Her decisions have left her house and the seven kingdoms in disrepair. Her obsession with framing Tyrion for Joffrey’s murder led to the death of her father Tywin who was the only one capable of running the realm properly. She wants to protect her children but none of them have survived. On the other hand she is in the throne and she’s thwarted her enemies, so she at least deserves a mention on this list.


7. Renly Baratheon

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He fled King’s Landing after King Robert’s death, a smart move as staying there would mean either his death or an oath of fealty to ‘King’ Joffrey. He would inspire many troops to his cause as he claimed the Iron Throne. He was a great leader, he knew what had to be done to become a great King, he was ready. However, his assassination by Stannis meant the end for him, his rule was over as fast as it started.


6. Tyrion Lannister

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Starting off as a drunk whose only interests were in a win bottle or between a woman’s legs, Tyrion has become a great player of the game. He served as Hand of the King well, disposing of those who betrayed the previous hand, a wise move. He would go on to oppose those who mistreated others and helped those who were mistreated. He only failed when he was falsely punished for Joffrey’s murder. Even then he escaped and is now Hand of the Queen to Daenerys.


5. Daenerys

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The mother of dragons’ journey has been a remarkable one. She’s currently sailing to Westeros with  a huge army and 3 large dragons. This is despite having next to nothing to her name just a few years ago. She continuously makes the best moves with only small blips here and there. She has achieved the adoration of the common people as well as the loyalty of thousands of soldiers. She even commands a Dothraki horde which, for an outsider, is a great procurement.


4. Varys

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Varys does not play the game with the aspirations of everyone else, he plays it for the good of the realm rather than personal accolades. He has a large network of spies all over Westeros and Essos, his reactions to all big moments are perfect and he knows all. He’s certainly a great adviser and player of the game.


3. Margaery Tyrell

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The Tyrells are the second biggest, most richest house in Westeros. The daughter of the head of the house, Mace Tyrell, is Margaery and she does her duty for her house. Her ambition is to become the Queen and she got so close to winning the game of thrones before her horrific death at the hands of Cersei Lannister. She somehow managed to tone down Joffrey’s reckless violence, befriended the common people and made allies throughout court.


2. Petyr Baelish

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Chaos is a ladder. Petry Baelish, or Littlefinger, has been orchestrating the game for a while. Most of the tragedies that have befallen game players have been from his doing, as he makes his way up the ladder while others fall. He’s gone from a brothel owner to Lord of the Vale, has strong allies and spy networks throughout Westeros and he’s absurdly rich.


1. Tywin Lannister

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Perhaps not even a player, he was more the owner of the game. While everyone is squabbling, trying to plot and scheme, Tywin was always one step ahead. He knew perfectly how to rule and manage the seven kingdoms, his word was law. You can see this by the events that follow his death, would Tywin have allowed the Faith Militant to rise in power? No chance. Would Daenerys even be crossing the narrow sea by this point? No chance. Tywin is undoubtedly number 1 on this list.

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