Top 10 Hardest Maps in Bloons Tower Defense 6

Whether you play Bloons Tower Defense for its puzzle-like gameplay or not, there’s no doubting the handful of maps that are difficult to complete. Particularly on Hard, Impoppable or even C.H.I.M.P.S, seeing that “Victory” message will always be satisfying.

Tower placement strategies aside, some maps are just too difficult with bloons coming from many directions. Either that or a multitude of terrains to work your way around.

Personally, I just like getting a load of awesome towers up, often going for those that aren’t very cost efficient. If you’re looking for a challenge though, this list of the 10 hardest maps will be everything you need!


10. Chutes

D.D.T.s love this map, they find it so easy to sneak through. Even with a ton of CC, the path is so short that reaching the end is possible. Especially prone to being wiped out at rounds 63 and 78, you know you’re a good player when you can beat this map on all difficulties!

Map Difficulty: Intermediate


9. Rake

By far the hardest aspect of this map is the power placement potential. If you’re like me, you tend to back a 3/2/0 Super Monkey and 5/2/0 Wizard Monkey up with a 4/x/x Alchemist and 0/2/3 Monkey Village.  Then add other towers around it. On this map though, there’s no optimal way of achieving this. In Easy/Medium gamemodes it’s not really a problem but the extra cash required in Hard or higher gamemodes make it very tough to succeed.

Map Difficulty: Intermediate


8. Underground

Like the Chutes entry, the length of each path is quite deceptive. D.D.Ts can easily get through, making C.H.I.M.P.S playthroughs a huge pain. Thankfully, the space in the middle allows for some good tower placements but overall, this map is certainly difficult to beat.

Map Difficulty: Advanced


7. Off The Coast

Monkey Subs are your best friend on this map, but even they don’t offer too much in the long run, on tougher game-modes. A small tip is to place a Sniper Monkey in the tower in the middle of the water. This map is simply tedious to play, with few towers actually providing any meaningful popping power.

Map Difficulty: Advanced


6. Another Brick

That huge wall right in the middle of the map makes this entry a biggie. Other than some military vehicle towers, Monkey Subs and Wizard Monkeys with the 1/x/x upgrade, no towers can fire through it. Choosing between those towers or your normal proven strategy is a constant pain!

Map Difficulty: Advanced


5. Cornfield

I really dislike maps with large amounts of removable terrain. I know the majority of the bloons community enjoy them though, as they add an extra layer of depth. The Cornfield map gives too much depth for my puny mind, I never know which fields to remove.

As wavy as the path is, it’s still short enough to cause huge problems. Maybe someone can comment and tell me what I’m missing because for me personally, this map is among the top 3 hardest in the game!

Map Difficulty: Advanced


4. Dark Castle

Recently added in the Halloween update, Dark Castle is a pretty awesome and difficult map. You can approach your play-through in a number of ways, mounting the castle itself with towers or setting up defenses past the moat.

Either way, get ready for a tough time as 4 different ways for bloons to enter can be tough to deal with.

Map Difficulty: Expert


3. High Finance

Combine too much terrain, awkward tower placements and a multitude of paths to create a horrific map to play. Especially at first when you aren’t used to each building’s tower placement possibilities. The water in the middle of the map offers a saving grace though, tower placement is absolutely everything here.

Map Difficulty: Advanced


2. Muddy Puddles

Micro-management hell, this map requires even more from you as a player. Instead of placing towers in the right spots and simply letting them beat the map, you’ll have to plan your tower abilities perfectly, as well as sell/replace towers depending on the round.

Easily the second most infuriating and difficult map on this list, you need to learn which paths summon which bloons to have a chance of beating it at higher difficulty gamemodes.

Map Difficulty: Expert


1. #Ouch

Muddy Puddles is hard but #Ouch takes it to another level. With by far the shortest and most awkward paths, tower placement and correct selling to re-invest is mandatory. Even if you can do all this, you still need luck on your side.

Even though Bloons Tower Defense 6 has been out for months, players are still trying to find the most optimal strategy and to be honest, they may never find it..

Map Difficulty: Expert

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  • December 18, 2019 at 2:52 pm

    Thera are secret places were you can put regular dart monkeys in cornfield it is CRAZY


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