Top 10 Hardest Maps in Bloons Tower Defense 6

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  1. Avatar Joseph says:

    Thera are secret places were you can put regular dart monkeys in cornfield it is CRAZY

  2. Avatar Darren :D says:

    Huh, I thought Bloody Puddles would be at LEAST in the top 5, or 3, but also, I think that muddy puddles is harder than #ouch, here’s why:

    1. Lanes/track
    The map #Ouch has 4 lanes where bloons come from, Muddy Puddles also has 4 lanes, so they both get a point for this one, simple as that
    #Ouch vs Muddy Puddles: 1vs1

    2. Sections where lanes cross
    #Ouch is hard because of 1 thing, you need to remove the water in the middle to have some prime spots for bloon. Popping. HAVOC (and because it has 4 different lanes, but there’s a weakness in this), because without removing the water, you can only place some towers there, but something to make your life easier, is the fact that the tracks have an intersection, where 2 lanes cross the same point, muddy puddles on the other hand, DOESN’T have that, and there really isn’t any prime placements to hit all 4 tracks without long range towers. This one goes to Muddy Puddles
    #Ouch vs Muddy Puddles: 1vs2

    3. Actual space
    Space is important in BTD6, because without places to put your towers, you won’t survive for long. So now, here are the amounts of space in both maps. #Ouch has some great placements for towers, and space for farms, heli pilots, and aces too, but that’s what’s gonna make it lose this one too, Muddy Puddles has less viable placements or space. Farms have less space because the track is wavy, and farms are squares, so it won’t have much space to fit. The same goes for heli pilots, aces, etc.
    #Ouch vs Muddy Puddles: 1vs3

    Ok, at this point, I’m pretty convinced, but let’s look at some honorable mentions that make #Ouch or Muddy Puddles, somewhat harder:

    #Ouch: thick track, bad placement for land towers unless you remove the water, straight lanes for all 4 tracks, meaning bloons can ZOOM through the map

    Muddy Puddles: Not much water on the map, no spots to cover most, or the entire map, short track s (just like #Ouch)

    And so, the winner of 2nd hardest map is…Muddy Puddles! And, I say SECOND hardest, because Bloody Puddles, is basically Muddy Puddles, but with 5 SEPERATE TRACKS! And less space for farms, meaning:
    Not much farms
    Even less spots that can cover even most of the map
    Again, not much water
    Short tracks, all 5
    And lastly, wavy lanes, meaning less spots for heli pilots and aces
    And with that, I’m happy to say, that this very long comment is finally over, and I think, that in my opinion, here are the top 3 hardest maps:

    3rd goes to…#Ouch!
    2nd goes to…Muddy Puddles!
    And 1st goes to…(drumroll please!)
    Bloody Puddles, the hardest map in all of bloons, thanks for reading! 😀

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