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10 Best Monkey Knowledges – Bloons Tower Defense 6

NinjaKiwi have done an amazing job with the creation of Bloons Tower Defense 6, it’s currently the best tower defense game on the market.

As well as unique towers and bloon types, BTD6 offers a network of knowledge to unlock. Buffing your towers, health, powers and income per map, it’s extremely important for any aspiring bloon legend.

With so many options available, and such limited points to apply, you should be going for the best knowledges.

Acquiring the best buffs as soon as possible will make it far easier to acquire more points in the future!

So here are the 10 best monkey knowledges available in BTD 6. All of them will provide a significant boost to your chances of completing a map, especially on harder gamemodes.


10. Veteran Monkey Training

Tree: Support

Description: All monkeys reload time reduced by 3%.

Basically increasing the attack speed of all towers, this knowledge is a must-have for any BTD6 player, even if the bonus is negligible.

With 10+ towers on the map, it really starts to make a difference!


9. Empowered Heroes

Tree: Heroes

Description: Heroes start each game at level 3.

With each hero starting off at level 1, it’ll take a good few rounds for them to level up and reach the same effectiveness as if you had this knowledge.

Some heroes have powerful effects early on, allowing you to spend your gold investing in villages or banana farms, rather than on raw popping power.


8. Healthy Bananas

Tree: Support

Description: Marketplaces now produce 1 life per round and Central Markets provide 3.

If you’re on anything higher than Medium difficulty, banana farms are highly recommended to give you those huge upgrades to tackle the higher stages. 

Getting bonuses for each one is important, marketplaces produce $320 each round and can give extra lives with this knowledge.

Lives are especially good on Half Cash, Impoppable and CHIMPS modes as it’s possible for bloons to somehow get through. Having a bunch of back-up lives can be a huge difference!


7. Mo’ Monkey Money

Tree: Magic

Description: Earn 10% extra Monkey Money from game wins on any difficulty.

Monkey Money is used to purchase powers, reset knowledge, buy heroes, continue after losing as well as a variety of other cool abilities. So you need as much of it as possible.

I’d recommend going for this knowledge straight away, literally as fast as you can. The more monkey money you’ve accrued as you hit the harder maps, the better.


6. There Can Only Be One

Tree: Magic

Description: There can be only one.

Unlocks the Avatar of the Vengeful Monkey, by far the best and most expensive upgrades you can get in the entire game. 

Well, you’ll very rarely use this knowledge. But in terms of fun, you have to have it.

A fully upgraded Avatar with boosts from other towers will happily sit and solo hundreds of rounds. Costing $500,000, you’ll barely see it but it’s something to aim for.


5. Military Conscription

Tree: Military

Description: Purchase price of first Military Monkey each game is two thirds the normal.

Military monkeys are some of the best available, containing the only water based towers. 

On the flip-side, they tend to be more expensive, especially Heli Pilots and Monkey Aces

Saving even a few hundred cash early on is yet another method to getting those early banana farms to snowball the entire map.


4. Mana Shield

Tree: Magic

Description: Creates a special shield that absorbs up to 25 lives for free. Recharges slowly each round if no Bloons leak.

Doors are opened for different strategies with the Mana Shield, which helps immensely in the early game. 

Leaking bloons is a viable tactic to preserve money, they’ll deal no damage while this shield is active!

Late game, the bonus isn’t amazing but it’s nice, especially when paired with the Healthy Bananas knowledge.


3. Big Bloon Sabotage

Tree: Military

Description: All MOAB-Class Bloons spawn in a partially damaged state.

Reducing the HP of every spawned MOAB by 10%, Big Bloon Sabotage is crucial to easy wins.

After round 120 or so, MOABs have insane health pools and it can be tedious to take them down. Every tower, every ability and every knowledge counts. 


2. Bonus Monkey

Tree: Primary 

Description: Start each game with 1 free Dart Monkey!

A simple $200 worth of knowledge is amazing for starting out, allowing you to add decent early stopping power for free.

It’s one of the first knowledges you should go for, making every map far easier on Easy/Medium difficulties. 

Medals are important to getting a black border so you’ll want to get through them as quick as possible.


1. More Cash

Tree: Primary

Description: Increase starting cash by 200.

The top Primary tree knowledge available, More Cash is the most simple and effective addition you can add to your gameplay.

That extra $200 goes a long way in either upgrading your towers, adding more popping power or saving to manage your economy.

You should go for this as soon as you have the 2nd and 7th entries on this list!