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Top 10 Most Expensive Tower Upgrades in Bloons Tower Defense 6

One of the most epic aspects of Bloons Tower Defense is the variety of powerful god-like monkeys you can purchase to pop bloons on your behalf. No map playthrough needs to be the same, of course there’s fool-proof strategies but you should mix up your tower order/placements as much as possible. Keeping things fresh is key to getting all of the gamemodes completed!

I’ll be ranking the 10 most expensive upgrades in the entire game, these aren’t necessarily rank 5 upgrades too. Most of them, you can only have 1 placed on the map for balance reasons as they’re all OP.

Please note, this is not ranking them by how strong they are, just the cost. Some expensive upgrades are actually pretty bad to use in-game!

Prices taken from Normal difficulty

=10. Wizard Lord Phoenix

Wizard Lord Phoenix, one of the most expensive upgrades in Bloons Tower Defense 6

Mega damage, the Wizard Lord Phoenix upgrade is great value for money. It’ll give the Wizard a brand new activation spell, transforming the tower into a huge flaming phoenix. As well as aoe fireballs emerging in a radius around it, the phoenix also spits fire at targeted bloons.

Dealing so much damage it can nearly solo a Big Airship of Doom (B.A.D.), you’ll want to maximise ability cooldowns via Monkey Knowledge if you can.

Type: Magic

Price: $86,400


=10. Permanent Brew

Permanent Brew, one of the most expensive upgrades in Bloons Tower Defense 6

Potentially the worst rank 5 upgrade in the entire game, Permanent Brew allows an Alchemist’s potions to affect towers indefinitely. If the Alchemist is sold, the potion effects wear off. So, unless you’re using a Support Chinook to move towers, this upgrade is horrific for the price.

I’d literally bet money to see if this upgrade is the least chosen of any available. Only in specific situations is it useful and even then, other tower strategies would be far more effective.

Type: Magic

Price: $86,400


=8. The Anti-Bloon

The Anti-Bloon, one of the most expensive upgrades in Bloons Tower Defense 6

Doing exactly what its name suggests, the Anti-Bloon is an unstoppable force, shooting 2 wide death rays at incoming bloons. So much piercing and popping power is crazy, allowing a Super Monkey with this upgrade to easily take down a B.A.D all by itself.

This is without using its activated ability of course, which simply deletes all bloons below a B.A.D in a large radius around it!

Type: Magic

Price: $97,200


=8. Superstorm

Superstorm, one of the most expensive upgrades in Bloons Tower Defense 6

Sacrificing damage for utility, the Superstorm upgrade is arguably one of the coolest available. Having said that, the damage is pretty nice too. Your Druid Monkey will push any bloons lower than B.A.Ds back to the start of the map. When I say any, I mean any. Large clusters of MOAB class bloons can’t get past a Superstorm Druid.

Even groups of D.D.Ts can’t deal with this upgrade, making it an amazing choice for the very, very late game.

Type: Magic

Price: $92,700


=6. Sun Temple

Sun Temple, one of the most expensive upgrades in Bloons Tower Defense 6

While the Sun Temple’s base cost is $108k, the amount you spend differs greatly, depending on how powerful you want your Temple to be. Spending up to $50,000 on each class is required to maximise power. Going up to $308,000 for the full cost. So technically the Sun Temple can be treated as the 2nd most expensive tower in the game.

At max power, this upgrade is astonishing. Nuking everything at seemingly all ranges, although it does require help to attack camo bloons. Simply check out the full list of available upgrades on the wiki!

Type: Magic

Price: $108,000


=6. Monkeynomics

Monkeynomics, one of the most expensive upgrades in Bloons Tower Defense 6

Very few players think to make long-term, late game investments like Monkeynomics. By the time you have over $100,000 to spend, you won’t have any income issues so going for this upgrade is a bit of a formality.

The Bank upgrade is awesome, especially with Benjamin. Banana Farm’s middle upgrade tree also houses the IMF Loan, which is possibly the most pointless upgrade in the game.

Monkeynomics provides the benefits of both of the previously mentioned upgrades, only you don’t have to pay the money back!

Type: Support

Price: $108,000


5. Flying Fortress

Flying Fortress, one of the most expensive upgrades in Bloons Tower Defense 6

Monkey Ace’s Spectre upgrade is one of the most cost-efficient in Bloons Tower Defense 6. The combination of hard-hitting nukes and a huge fire-rate, all for a pidly price, is too good to pass up. So what happens if you pay nearly $130,000 for the next upgrade?

A Flying Fortress Monkey Ace shoots darts and nukes at the first, last and strongest bloons on the map. As you can imagine, this upgrade makes short work of MOABs or huge mobs of bloons.

Type: Military

Price: $129,600


4. Banana Central

Banana Central, one of the most expensive upgrades in Bloons Tower Defense 6

Looking at the price, you’ll be tempted to ignore this upgrade completely and I don’t blame you. It seems like it’d take way too long to earn your money back, nevermind make meaningful profit.

A Banana Central tower will drop 5 crates of bananas, worth $900 each, not including any boosting upgrades (if any) such as Valuable Bananas. Without income boosts, it’d take 27 rounds to finally make some profit.

Not really worth going for, unless you’re planning on trying to get to round 1000!

Type: Support

Price: $118,800


3. Super Mines

Super Mines, one of the most expensive upgrades in Bloons Tower Defense 6

Honestly, so called Super Mines are quite underwhelming. Spike Factories are awesome choices on many maps, providing a unique method of tackling a tricky set of bloons. If you’re spending nearly $200,000 on a single upgrade, you expect some mega rewards in return.

Each mine explodes for massive damage upon expiration, which does actually severely cripple every single bloon/MOAB type. Unfortunately, there’s barely any pierce damage. Once all those mines pop, the bloons that spawn after will happily run straight past.

Type: Support

Price: $189,000


2. Legend of the Night

Legend of the Night, one of the best rank 5 tower upgrades in Bloons Tower Defense 6

Even before Legend of Night is the Dark Champion, an excellent upgrade in its own right. Capable of almost tackling a B.A.D class bloon all by itself, just imagine what spending another $260,000 will do.

Maybe it’s to do with the Dark Champion being so good but the Legend of the Night upgrade doesn’t change too much. Extra damage to MOAB class bloons means it can 1v2 B.A.D bloons, truly incredible.

If some bloons do leak, this upgrade will spawn a devouring black hole at the end of the map, protecting you from all bloons for a limited time.

Type: Magic

Price: $259,200


1. True Sun God

True Sun God, the best rank 5 upgrade in Bloons Tower Defense 6!

Boasting over twice the cost of the previous entry is the True Sun God. Possessing such devastating bloon popping potential justifies the cost, which is so high that many players may never purchase it in higher than Normal difficulty.

Like the Sun Temple, up to $200,000 can be spent on sacrifices to boost the trueness of this Sun God. A fully upgraded True Sun God will have Spectre planes surrounding it, have its normal attack enhanced half a dozen times, send bloons back to the entrance and grant $20,000 per round!

Type: Magic

Price: $540,000

Internet Stranger

Saturday 10th of April 2021

Umm tbh I disagree with your opinion about Permabrew. Sure, the cost is just plain stupid, but consider the utility it gives when it comes to lategame is invaluable. Since the price is that high, it won't be used in normal runs. On lategame runs, it's a diffeent story. I also suggest updating the list.

Ryan McKenna

Monday 12th of April 2021

Yep definitely due an update, will be doing it soon :)

Zachary Reece

Monday 10th of February 2020

Banana central boosts every single farm on the map, I have made more money in 10 waves with it then I did in the entire game before I got it, it is very much not a waste of money.