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Top 10 Fun Yugioh Decks to Play

Yugioh’s competitive scene is one of the most popular of all trading card games with the best cards selling for hundreds of dollars each.

Not everyone enjoys the wallet-burning nature of competitive play, instead, they prefer to use fun decks against friends or maybe even in tournaments.

Hundreds of different deck types and archetypes exist in Yugioh, it can be tough to decide on which one to build.

I’ll be detailing the 10 most fun decks in Yugioh for this article. Not only are these decks easy to enjoy for both the player and opponent, but they’re also relatively cheap too! 🙂

Highly recommend playing these decks against friends, they offer unique challenges and strategies for the enjoyment of all involved.

10. Reverse Burn

Gift Card


Activate Bad Reaction to Simochi to make any life points your opponent gains actually inflict it instead. If you just happen to get that trap, plus 3 Gift Cards (pictured), you’ve already won.

The burn engine isn’t a full deck so you have plenty of space for either more traditional burn cards or stall cards.

Stall cards make for a more boring game for both players so I always recommend full burn!

It’s fun for your opponent because there is very little in terms of disruption, it’s a pure race to the finish line. They need to take you out before you slowly burn their life points down to 0.

9. Toon

Toon Barrel Dragon, one of the best toon monsters in Yugioh


Very expensive to build in real life so you’re better off using this deck on simulators like YgoPro.

Toons have seen plenty of support coming their way over the years, with variants of Dark Magician, Ancient Gear Golem and Black Luster Soldier being released.

They can easily swarm the field and attack directly for big damage over the turns. Spells and traps help keep them on the field and prevent your opponent from firing back.

However, they’re not actually that good of a deck since there’s very little in the way of protection. Such a weakness gives your opponent plenty of ways to play around them, making duels fun for all parties.

8. Magnet Warrior


Magnet Warriors, one of the best budget decks in Yugioh


Imperion Magnum (pictured) is one of the strongest boss monsters in the game, capable of negating one card effect per turn. It’s remarkably easy to summon with the Magna warriors being capable of searching the materials to add to your hand.

Spell and trap support help bring the Magna and Magnet warriors onto the field, where they can be used for XYZ summons.

 Even now after 5 years since they were released, Magnet Warrior decks are still viable casually and can even nick a game against competitive decks!

7. Kuriboh

Kuribohrn, one of the best Kuriboh cards in Yugioh


Kuriboh started off as a ball of fluff, worthy of nothing except for meme-hood. Over the years, more Kuriboh monsters and support cards have been released to create some pretty nice strategies.

Boss monsters come in the form of Relinquished and Black Luster Soldier – Envoy of the Beginning.

You can also pack your extra deck full of link monsters as Kuribohrn (pictured) can easily summon 4 or 5 Kuriboh monsters from the graveyard for easy link materials.

Kuriboh decks are some of the best for collectors as the different Kuriboh variants have come out in different sets and rarities over time.

As you encounter more players and investigate their collection, you may come across new Kuribohs to collect.

So this deck isn’t just fun for dueling, it’s perfect for players who enjoy collecting too!

6. Exodia Stall

Exodia the Forbidden One, one of the most nostalgic Yugioh cards


Many different kind of Exodia decks exist and I believe the stall version is the most fun.

Players tend to use the “draw entire deck in 2-3 turns” strategy but that’s incredibly anti-fun.

Instead, utilise stall cards to keep your opponent at bay. They’ll eventually break through or fall to Exodia’s might.

Fun for you because you can include your favorite and most random stall cards. In a deck like this, even the most obscure effects can be game winning.

Unless your opponent has no spell/trap destruction, they’ll have a good shot at toppling your strategy.

5. Mathmech


Geomathmech Final Sigma is an insane boss monster with crazy protection from all card effects while in the extra monster zone but it also has a big weakness.

Only 3000 ATK means it can be beaten over by your average boss monsters. But it will add a card to your hand and give you the tools to summon another Mathmech boss!

Mathmechs are a combo deck to either bring out Final Sigma or end with a big Link board.

Their support cards aren’t too amazing, mostly focusing on re-summoning Mathmechs. I outfit my deck with plenty of anti-summon traps to prevent my opponent from summoning a rival for Final Sigma.

4. Sky Striker

Sky Striker Mobilize Engage, a main card in Sky Strikers, one of the best competitive decks in Yugioh


Full of variety and counterplay, Sky Strikers are the perfect deck for casual players who love to branch into the competitive scene.

Having previously dominated tournaments across the world, Sky Strikers are now a fairly off-meta archetype to pick up, yet are still fun and functional casually.

Sky Strikers are based around having no monsters in the main monster zones, spells are the go-to method of achieving victory.

Utilise various link monsters to slowly whittle down your opponent with a control-based strategy.

Opponents can still work their way around Sky Strikers with anti-spell effects, as well as by banishing any cards sent to the graveyard.

Overall, Sky Strikers are a very fun and fair deck for all!

3. Blue-Eyes

Blue-Eyes White Dragon, the most nostalgic Yugioh card


Perhaps the most recognisable card in trading card game history, Blue-Eyes White Dragon has a myriad of support to build a deck around.

Summoning huge dragons with powerful effects is the aim of this deck with plenty of 1-star tuners to summon level 9 synchro monsters.

Or you can swarm the field with level 8 monsters and go for the rank 8 XYZ summons.

Pure Blue-Eyes is also effective as 3000 ATK is no slouch, especially when there’s 2 or 3 of them bearing down on your opponent.

On the other hand, these dragons are weak to strong boss monsters with decent protection. Using this deck against other high-powered offensive decks make for some epic duels.

2. Cubic

Cubics, one of the best budget decks in Yugioh


My favorite deck of all time, Cubics are the epitome of well-balanced power.

Crimson Nova (pictured) is capable of OTK’ing any deck in the game. Excessive search power makes summoning him a breeze.

With that being said, he is vulnerable to spells or traps, even a Magic Cylinder can essentially win a duel against Cubics.

They really don’t need an expensive extra deck to fulfil their role, it’s simply a case of assigning cubic counters to prevent effects and attacks, as well as summoning Crimson Nova to win the game.

Cubics can be built for a tiny price with even the highest rarities selling for the same price as your average common card.

1. Character Deck


This comes down to you, your favorite characters from any particular medium.

For example, if you enjoyed Harry Potter, you might appreciate a Dark Magician deck.

Similarly, if your favorite show is Game of Thrones, you might like a Noble Knight deck.

Check out the list of best archetypes of every Yugioh type if you need help finding your perfect deck!

Character specific decks are great if you’ve watched any of the series.

Elemental Heroes, Yugi decks, Blue-Eyes/Dragon Cannons, etc. They all work casually and it’s best for you to decide what you want 🙂