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Ultimate List of Yugioh Budget Decks 2023

Most players choose archetypes or card designs they really like for their decks. I know players who have decks based around the likes of Crystal Beasts, generic Warriors and there’s even a Kuriboh deck. Of course, this results in quite a few heavy defeats when they come up against real viable decks. A big problem is a player’s budget, most of us simply can’t afford to splash out huge amounts of cash on the latest and greatest cards.

This is where budget decks come in, they can provide you with a powerful deck for a very small price. It’s actually crazy just how many decks there are, it seems Yugioh is in the most fun state its ever been!

Take a look at the ultimate list of budget decks in 2023, see below each entry for a recommended deck-list and price average!

Structure decks are also an awesome way of obtaining good archetypes and useful generic cards.

Starter decks are much cheaper but they don’t really contain anything too great, only worth getting if you’re brand new to Yugioh!

Competitive decks are relatively difficult to use and expensive. They can however, top locals with ease.

Prices only includes the deck/archetype core, so prices of cards like Monster Reborn/Foolish Burial are left out as well as generic extra deck cards such as Decode Talker.

NOTICE: You’ll notice most of the deck lists contain expensive cards such as Link boss monsters, Raigeki, and Ash Blossom & Joyous Spring. See this list of generic staples to replace them with budget options. Same goes for banned cards like Maxx “C”.

Time Thief

Time Thiefs are a particularly weird control archetype, with plenty of effects to consider.

Their main guy, Redoer (pictured above), is great for stealing cards from your opponent’s deck.

Other monsters utilize cards in either player’s graveyards to gain additional effects.

Other than Time Thief Adjuster, the rest of the cards are really cheap and there aren’t that many required to build the core of the deck.

You can mix them with another archetype if you like.

Some experimenting is still being done to get the most out of Time Thiefs so it’s worth investing in them if you can!

Recommended decklist

Average deck price: $80/£60


Mathmechs are a potent combo deck, activating effects to summon themselves, as well as providing boosts to any monsters that use them as Synchro/XYZ materials.

Take Geomathmech Final Sigma for example.

If you use the right cards, he can be summoned with 6000 ATK, able to attack twice, unaffected by card effects, inflicts double battle damage, as well as the effect to negate one effect activation for that turn.

Pretty insane, but they’re all-or-nothing.

If you put that many resources into one uber-card, you better hope you win.

Otherwise, you’ll be left without much to defend yourself with.

That’s why I pack my Mathmech deck with hand-traps, Solemn traps and other floodgate/protection cards!

Recommended decklist

Average deck price: $70/£50

Paleozoic Frogs

Paleozoic Frogs are the best budget deck you can get in 2018

Paleo Frogs are an incredibly powerful control deck, with Toadally Awesome being their main centerpiece.

The Paleozoic traps all have great effects to banish, negate, or destroy cards.

Whenever a trap is activated during a chain, one of the Paleozoics is summoned from the graveyard.

It’s ridiculously easy to keep these rank 2 XYZ monsters coming, with options to build a strong Link board too.

Recommended decklist

Average deck price: $50/£37


Cubics, one of the best budget decks in Yugioh

You’re looking at one of, if not the most fun Yugioh deck in existence. Obviously it all comes down to preference, Cubics seem to be loved by everyone, though. Very little in the way of negations, Crimson Nova the Dark Cubic Lord (pictured) is an epic boss monster and so easy to summon. In fact, summoning 2 copies isn’t unheard of.

Your plan is to go second, clear back-row and OTK. Crimson Nova boosted with Cubic Wave can have 6000 ATK, and deal 3000 damage at the end of the turn. If your opponent has left a small monster in attack position, with no back-row left to protect it, that’s an instant win.

Since Cubics barely use the extra deck, cards like Eater of Millions fit well. Removing any potential threats and providing some extra cheese. 

All of this for an extremely small price. You could literally pick a Cubic deck up for far less than a booster box. So worth it. Also, it’s a future investment. More Cubic support is coming in the 20th Anniversary Pack!

Recommended decklist

Average deck price: $44/£33


For a long while, Nekroz was an extremely expensive Ritual deck that dominated the competitive scene.

The Forbidden List destroyed their viability though, seeing most of their main cards be banned or limited.

However, many changes have come about in the past couple of months..

The release of the Impcantation archetype has given Rituals, in general, a new lease of life.

Nekroz of Brionac (pictured) went from limited to 1 copy per deck, to unlimited. Shurit was finally unbanned. And reprints of previously rare Ritual Nekroz monsters make this entry a budget-friendly option!

Appearance-wise, Nekroz features some amazing art, optimized by high rarities.

You might recognize some of their names, as Nekroz Ritual monsters tend to be counter-parts of powerful Synchro monsters.

In addition to being powerful foes while on the field, especially against Extra Deck-based monsters, they have some awesome effects when discarding them from your hand!

As an archetype core, Nekroz is an excellent casual budget deck. If you want to get more competitive, adding Pot of Extravagance gives you a major boost!

Recommended decklist

Average deck price: $60/£40

Rank 10 Trains

Rank 10 Trains, one of the best budget decks in Yugioh

Based around the dreadnoughts that are Rank 10 Trains, this deck seeks to spam level 10 monsters on the field, to overlay for powerful XYZ bosses.

As you can see, they tend to have incredible ATK/DEF stats, as well as some nice beat-down effects.

Please be aware that rank 10 trains are a way of life rather than a deck choice.

Playing them will significantly increase your testosterone levels, you may end up with an addiction to oil too.

Recommended decklist

Average deck price: $95/£75


Blackwing, one of the best budget decks in Yugioh

Blackwing Full Armor Master (pictured) is a remarkable boss monster, completely unaffected by other cards’ effects and capable of ridding the field of almost any monster.

Summoning this boss monster is easy, utilizing the multitude of swarming capabilities the Blackwings have at their disposal.

Loved by the Yugioh community for many years, Blackwings finally have a place in tournaments.

Auster the South Wind is another good new card, synergizing well with Full Armor Master to offer a free Lightning Vortex at the end of your turn.

Recommended decklist

Average deck price: $89/£70

Generic Zombie

Doomking Balerdroch

Since the release of the Zombie Horde structure deck, generic zombies have risen once again.

Doomking Balerdroch is insane, being easy to summon and capable of disrupting your opponent’s strategies.

You can have up to 3 copies so consistency-wise, you’ll see it often.

Glow-Up Bloom allows you to summon literally any level 5 or higher Zombie-type monster from your deck. On their own, a purchase of 3 structure decks will be casually viable.

All it takes is a few extra cards such as Vampire Sucker to be a competitive force!

Recommended decklist

Average deck price: $51/£40


Metaphys, one of the best budget decks in Yugioh

All Metaphys monsters other than their Normal monster and Executor (pictured) are happy to be banished.

As they return back to the deck during the next standby phase, only to have another effect such as recycling or searching other Metaphys monsters.

Thematically, Metaphys are Wyrm-type versions of some classic Dragon-type monsters. Such as Metaphys Nephthys being the re-make of Sacred Phoenix of Nephthys!

Recommended decklist

Average deck price: $70/£55

Superheavy Samurai

Superheavy Samurai, one of the best budget decks in Yugioh

One of the most unique archetypes in the entire game, Superheavy Samurais aim to summon their ace Synchro monsters. With huge DEF stats, these Synchro monsters can attack while in defense position, using their DEF stat during damage calculation.

With 4 different Tuner monsters available, as well as their own Pendulum monsters, this archetype has a lot to offer. It’s not uncommon to build this deck without any Spells/Traps at all, so making it doesn’t require expensive staples!

Recommended decklist

Average deck price: $38/£30

Magical Musket

Magical Muskets, one of the best budget decks in Yugioh

With possibly one of the best armories of any archetype in the game, Magical Musketeers offer a ton of fun ways to play Yugioh.

Cross-Domination is an awesome spell card, Magical Musket traps allow you to negate activations, destroy cards and even banish cards from the graveyards.

Just 1 Magical Musket boss monster exists though, in the form of Mastermind Zakiel.

They’re definitely fun to play though and can perform well in local tournaments. Not to mention they’ll likely get support in the future!

Recommended decklist

Average deck price: $102/£80

Pendulum Magicians

Pendulum Magicians, one of the best budget decks in Yugioh

A staple of Yugioh since the release of the XYZ era, Pendulum Magicians are a deck every player should try at least once. No other set of cards can teach you how to swarm via Pendulum monsters anywhere near as much!

Even with Astrograph Sorceror being banned, Pendulum Magicians are still going strong as a rogue competitive deck, or as a fun casual deck. Sporting a great combination of competence, thematic, and mechanics.

New players, in particular, should keep their eye out for Pendulum Magicians!

Recommended decklist

Average deck price: $70/£55


Mayakashi, a great budget deck

So many Synchro monsters, it’s hard for me to get a grasp of this deck, hopefully, you can understand the effects a bit more.

Spamming Synchro monsters seems to be the aim of the game with this deck. When they’re in the graveyard, even high-level Synchro monsters can special summon themselves if another is destroyed.

In practice, this sounds amazing but as far as I can tell, cards like Necrovalley and Called by the Grave completely counter this deck. It does look really fun though, and it’s cheaper than you’d think!

Recommended decklist

Average deck price: $57/£45


Prank-Kids, a great budget deck

A much larger archetype in the OCG, Prank-Kids have finally come to the TCG, albeit with some members missing.

Even then, they’re arguably one of the most fun decks in the entire game right now!

Each Prank-Kids main deck monster have “floating” effects, meaning they have recycling powers upon being sent to the graveyard when used to summon a Prank-Kids Fusion/Link monster.

Those extra deck monsters have effects themselves to bring back main deck monsters.

They can seem daunting at first but overall, they’re an extremely fun budget deck.

Recommended decklist

Average deck price: $76/£60


Orcust, a great budget deck

Lore-wise, the Orcust archetype is linked to Crusadias (see further down the list). You have to appreciate Konami’s attempts at actual lore.

Gameplay-wise, Orcusts fit well with World Legacy cards.

There are quite a few ways you can build them, it’s entirely up to you, making them an awesome archetype for customizing.

Their main boss monster Orcustrion is actually quite insane, countering a ton of meta decks today. For local tournaments, this budget deck is a good choice!

Recommended decklist

Average deck price: $38/£30


Dinowrestlers, a great budget deck

Dinowrestlers go back to the older days of Yugioh, when a duel was decided by the battle phase instead of ending before you get to play your own cards.

Slightly lock-down based too, Dinowresters seek to let your opponent build their monsters up, only to kill 1 each turn and inflict big damage.

Of course, this deck has a ton of weaknesses but in casual duels or even local tournaments, they’re a fun and effective option.

Recommended decklist

Average deck price: $25/£20


Crusadia, one of the best budget decks in Yugioh

Released in the Cybernetic Horizon set, the Crusadia archetype has surprised the entire Yugioh community.

Providing a great budget option for new or returning players, this archetype can OTK for a small price.

As with all archetypes that are semi-viable today, Crusadia contains a bountiful amount of searching, swarming, and recycling capabilities.

You only need the Crusadia core itself, including Crusadia Equimax which is the only expensive card in the set.

If you really enjoy them, you can add competitive hand-traps and Extra Deck monsters!

Recommended decklist

Average price: $65/£50


Salamangreats, a good Yugioh budget deck

As of the release of Soul Fusion, the Salamangreat archetype is a decent set of low rarity cards. Focused on swarming the field, utilizing their effects to clear your opponent’s board, and tribute themselves for cards with the same name.

With the Soulburner structure deck being readily available, a pure Salamangreat is actually competitively viable. So much so it’s currently ranked as the best competitive deck in the game.

Sometimes an archetype gets support and goes from bad to decent. This archetype went from useless to god-like. Not only are their monsters full of strong effects and high ATK/DEF stats, but their Spell/Trap support can also negate anything your opponent tries to do!

Recommended deck list

Average deck price: $120/£90


Vampire, one of the best budget decks in Yugioh

Vampires have always been a pretty awesome Zombie archetype but now, after the release of Dark Saviors, they’re even better. The release of Vampire Sucker gave them a great Link monster, making full of its link arrows by releasing some incredible XYZ monsters in the form of Dhampir Vampire Sheridan and Crimson Knight Vampire Bram.

Continuing the unique theme of Zombie cards is their ability to resurrect themselves, as well as steal monsters from your opponent. Vampires are a blast to play while remaining powerful, high rarity & relatively cheap!

Recommended decklist

Average deck price: $40/£30



Gravekeeper’s are held in high regard by the majority of Yugioh players, mostly because they were the first real archetype to take off competitively.

I remember way back in 2010, my friend had a Gravekeeper’s deck and it was nigh unstoppable. Of course, this archetype’s power has waned throughout the years.

Konami recently released even more support in the form of Gravekeeper’s Supernaturalist, a resurgence can be made.

Such a new monster adds even more depth, giving you some incredible searching power.

A mix of anti-meta, swarming, and beat-down make Gravekeeper’s a viable, fun budget deck in casual duels. A lack of Link support does plague them but as I mentioned before, it’s just a case of waiting for Konami to fix this glaring issue!

Recommended decklist

Average deck price: $73/£56

Mecha Phantom Beast

Mecha Phantom Beast, one of the best budget decks in Yugioh

Personally, I’ve never used Mecha Phantom Beasts, I’ve only ever played against them, and being honest, it’s boring.

On the other hand, my friend who uses them has described Mecha Phantom Beasts as being insanely fun, as their interaction with tokens cannot be found with any other archetype.

Not only this, their boss monsters are remarkable. Mecha Phantom Beast Dracossack (pictured) is one of the best rank 7 XYZ monsters in the game, although its price reflects that.

Capable of stalling, OTK’ing or controlling a duel from start to finish, this archetype is a great choice overall.

In Link format, Qliphort Genius and Bellcat Fighter are mandatory!

Recommended decklist

Average deck price: $60/£45


Ghostrick, one of the best budget decks in Yugioh

Don’t let the pictured Ghostrick monster fool you, it’s an option rather than the main focus of the deck.

Ghostrick’s are some of the most fun monsters in the entire game, with particularly weird and bizarre effects.

No single win condition is focused on, you can stall, burn, mill or bring out powerful beat-stick monsters.

If there is one focus to choose it’s the ability to flip monsters face-down, both yours and your opponents.

Combine this strategy with Ghostrick Mansion for a fairly odd approach that actually works!

Recommended deck list

Average deck price: $60/£44

Lair of Darkness

Lair of Darkness, one of the best budget decks in Yugioh

It really is quite hard to believe how cheap this deck is, you can pick up 3 Lair of Darkness Structure Decks on Amazon for a crazy low amount.

Putting together a deck using the cards in this set will give you a relatively powerful casual deck that can hold its own in tournaments.

The actual Dark/Tribute engine inside can be applied to other archetypes and decks too.

So many variations exist, using the field spell included to turn your opponent’s monsters into the Dark attribute, only to tribute them and devastate their entire hand and field.

Take a look at the pictured boss monster too, with huge ATK and targeting immunity, it’s hard not to crave some darkness!

Looking at the below deck list, I recommend removing 3 of the Virus cards for Sky Striker Ace – Raye.

Then remove 3-4 of the non-budget extra deck monsters for Sky Striker Ace Link monsters.

Raye’s tributing effect proc’s Diabolos’ graveyard effect to special summon itself!

Recommended deck list

Average deck price: $40/£30


F.A., one of the best budget decks in Yugioh

This archetype is so cheap while still being decent and playable casually.

F.A monsters increase their ATK by their levels x 300 and have additional effects that completely shut down your opponent’s strategies if they’re level 7 or higher.

This is easy to achieve due to their level increasing effects.

Additionally, F.As have some nice Synchro-type boss monsters available to them.

Difficulties getting monsters onto the field, especially after Ancient Fairy Dragon was banned, is a problem for F.As at the moment but feel free to have fun with them casually!

Recommended deck list

Average deck price: $40/£30

Weather Painter

Weather Painter, one of the best budget decks in Yugioh

Weather Painters are absolutely stunning aesthetically, with many of them being Secret Rare with beautiful art.

Combining continuous spells/traps with monster effects for devastating effect, Weather Painters banish themselves to bounce/destroy/banish other cards, only to return during the standby phase.

The combination of such varieties of cards allows you to tech the likes of Metaltron XII the True Dracombatant into the deck too.

Recently, Weather Painters were used in my (casual) local tournament and they did very well, only losing out to a full-on meta viable deck. It wasn’t until I checked afterwards did I realise how cheap they are.

Recommended deck list

Average deck price: $80/£60

Abyss Actor

Abyss Actors, one of the best budget decks in Yugioh

A forgotten archetype, one a lot of players will never expect to see. Abyss Actor’s are a variety of Pendulum monsters, all of which have powerful searching and recycling effects. They also have Abyss Script spell cards backing them up, providing yet more valuable support with absurdly strong effects if they’re destroyed while set on the field.

Link format reduced their swarming capabilities quite a lot but getting the required Link monsters isn’t too difficult, Abyss Actors are so fun to use and are surprisingly viable too!

Recommended deck list

Average deck price: $45/£33

Rock Magnet Warrior

Magnet Warriors, one of the best budget decks in Yugioh

Swarming Magnet Warriors is the aim of the game with this budget deck.

You can easily summon multiple level 3 or 4 Rock-type monsters for Link or XYZ summoning.

With backup from Imperion Magnum the Superconductive Battlebot (pictured), your opponent won’t have a clue what hit them.

Most Rock decks are defensive, focusing on using their defensive power to eventually win the game.

If you enjoy the Rock-type while not being particularly fond of the defensive playstyle, Magnet Warriors are for you!

Recommended deck list

Average deck price: $47/£35

60-Card Banish Spam

Banish spam, one of the best Yugioh budget decks

60-card decks took a huge hit when That Grass Looks Greener was banned but this particular variant can still work.

The great thing is, there are so many banish-related milling cards that replacing Grass is a lot easier than it looks. After a turn or two, Gren Maju Da Eiza (pictured) can work up some huge ATK/DEF stats.

With just 20 cards removed from play, it’ll have a mind-boggling 8000 ATK/DEF.

You can easily use this to OTK or go full cheese mode and set it face-down, waiting for your opponent to attack it and lose a ton of life points. This 60-card banish spam deck is a blast to play with and is relatively cheap!

Recommended deck list

Average deck price: $73/£55


Batteryman, one of the best budget decks in Yugioh

Arguably 1 of the 2 half-decent Thunder archetypes, the Batteryman series has gone under the radar for a while but they’re well worth acquiring.

They love to swarm, filling the field full of moderately powerful monsters, sporting decent ATK/DEF stats.

Their true power lies in card effects, being able to destroy entire boards with ease by themselves or with the completely “fair” Short Circuit.

With so many recycling cards added to this archetype, it’s insanely fast with huge boss monsters and great destructive power.

Recommended deck-list

Average deck price: $40/£30

Exodia Draw Stall

Exodia the Forbidden One, one of the most nostalgic Yugioh cards

Of all Exodia decks and strategies available, filling a deck full of stall/draw cards is the best method.

You should be able to go through your entire deck in 3-4 turns, if not sooner, all the while you’re preventing your opponent from attacking.

Obviously, absolutely no one likes to face decks like this but Exodia is so hard to complete nowadays that you have to use strategies like this to do it!

Recommended decklist

Average deck price: $60/£45

Dragon lords

Dragon Lords, one of the best budget decks in Yugioh

This deck’s main cards are Divine Dragon Lord Felgrand (pictured) & Arkbrave Dragon, with Dragon Ravine being the spell that brings them together.

You send these dragons to the graveyard, then use support cards to bring them back to the field.

A huge; no, massive weakness to being banished makes the Dragon Lords pretty much useless against certain decks though. If your Felgrands & Arkbraves get banished, it’s GG.

You can get 99% of the main deck cards required in the Rise of the True Dragons structure deck.

Recommended decklist

Average deck price: $86/£65

Domain Monarchs

Monarch, one of the best budget decks in Yugioh

Monarchs are the embodiment of anti-meta.

Do you dislike people?

Do you enjoy seeing people suffer?

Do you actually hate Yugioh despite playing it?

If you answered “yes” to all of those questions, Monarchs are the only archetype for you.

Full of cards to shut down your opponent’s plays & strategies, there’s nothing quite like seeing the other player say “I can’t even do anything” under their breath.

Sure, you’ll have no friends but you’ll have an awesome deck for a small price!

You can literally buy 3 of Emperor of Darkness Structure Deck and get almost all the cards you need!

Recommended decklist

Average deck price: $53/£40


Krawler, one of the best budget decks in Yugioh

Very few decks swarm like the Krawlers do, as is fitting for their monster type.

One of the few Flip-related archetypes on this list, Krawlers fit snuggly into Link format with their support cards.

No matter how many your opponent destroys, these Insect type monsters will keep coming back.

Flip monsters are pretty slow though, so an experienced opponent will take advantage of such a weakness considerably.

Recommended decklist

Average deck price: $53/£40


Amazoness, one of the best budget decks in Yugioh

The Amazoness archetype has been in the game for a long, long time.

They were always semi-decent in niche situations but a lack of coherency plagued them.

Years later, Konami released some exceptional support, you can search the exact cards you need with ease.

While they lack heavy beaters, Amazoness monsters utilise their spell/trap support alongside their monster effects to devastate the opponent.

If you enjoy lots of searching and swarming, Amazoness is right up your street!

Recommended decklist

Average deck price: $58/£43


ABC, one of the best budget decks in Yugioh

High degrees of consistency make summoning ABC-Dragon Buster (pictured) extremely easy in the first turn. Easily one of the best boss monsters in the entire game, backing it up with a powerful Link monster is recommended.

Since such a small Union engine is required, an ABC deck can be filled with more consistent engines, such as Sky Strikers.

On a budget though, you’re better off running beat-down cards to protect/reinforce Dragon Buster’s destructiveness, as well as hand-traps to disrupt your opponent’s strategies!

Recommended decklist

Average deck price: $90/£67


Dinosaurs, one of the best budget decks in Yugioh

For many years, Dinosaurs were a laughing stock.

They were exactly where they belonged, fossilized in time, forgotten by all.

This all changed when the Dinosmasher’s Fury Structure Deck was released, suddenly they’re a force to be feared.

Ultimate Conductor Tyranno is the flagship Dinosaur, so much so that other decks are adding dinos specifically to get this card onto the field easily.

Being able to flip all of your opponent’s monsters face-down during either player’s turn is crazy good.

A pure Dinosaur deck will do you wonders both casually and competitively.

Recommended decklist

Average deck price: $77/£57.50


Evilswarm, one of the best budget decks in Yugioh

Not to be confused with the closely related Steelswarm, Evilswarm’s are Dark attribute monsters with powerful abilities.

Swarming level 4 monsters for Rank 4 XYZ monsters is what this archetype aspires to do, with Steelswarm Origin being a great Link monster as well.

With how fast they swarm the field, Evilswarm’s can get a good amount of Link monsters on the field to make way for their Rank 4 XYZs.

Recommended decklist

Average deck price: $61/£43.30

Phantasm Spiral

Phantasm Spiral, one of the best budget decks in Yugioh

Insanely cheap for its power, Phantasm Spiral Dragon is a great choice for newer players, or experienced players looking for a cheap fairly viable option.

Summoning beat-stick normal monsters to whittle down your opponent is the aim of the game for this archetype, with some great support cards to make sure these normal monsters can actually do their job.

So many variants of the Phantasm Spiral archetype can be created, it’s completely up to you how viable or fun you want to make it!

Recommended decklist

Average deck price: $40/£30

Skull Servant

Skull Servant, one of the best budget decks in Yugioh

Imagine a level 1 monster with 18,000 ATK, just take that in for a moment.

Filling your graveyard full of Skull Servant cards is so easy because of the support they’ve received in recent years, a ton of cards have been released that are classed as Skull Servant in the graveyard.

They work really well together, strategies flow naturally and other generic Zombie support cards fit in well too.

Unfortunately, a huge weakness to hand-traps and negation boss monsters makes this budget deck horrible in competitive play.

Use it casually though, that way you and your opponent will have an insanely fun duel!

Recommended decklist

Average deck price: $104/£78 (Wightmare takes up almost half of the budget so try and get it cheap somewhere)


Lunalight, one of the best budget decks in Yugioh

Lunalights have turned from an old, obsolete archetype to a meta stomper by the release of Lunalight Fusion.

It’s now remarkably easy to summon the Lunalight fusion monsters, who are exceptional for OTK’ing enemy archetypes.

Best against control decks, summoning a monster who cannot be targeted or destroyed is an instant-win against many strategies.

Lunalights used to be prone to having their strategies cut short by hand-traps or effect negations, but they have so many tools to keep going nowadays.

Recommended decklist

Average deck price: $67/£50


Roids, one of the best budget decks in Yugioh

Over the years, Konami has given plenty of old archetypes some loving touch-ups.

Roids are no exception, being given a few nice support cards based around the Vehicroid series.

Mixeroid was a brilliant addition, giving you more options to summon your Vehicroid fusions.

There’s something satisfying about facing huge dragons, experienced warriors, and complicated machines with cartoon vehicles!

Recommended decklist

Average deck price: $48/£35

Gladiator Beast

Gladiator Beast, one of the best budget decks in Yugioh

Yet another archetype that’s received significant support over the years, with the most recent support propelling them to semi-competitive viability.

Revolving around battling, Gladiator Beasts are quite powerful while also giving your opponent ways of playing around them.

At least, the illusion of fairness, Gladiator Beasts have all the tools they need to be deceptively good.

Recommended decklist

Average deck price: $65/£49

Ancient Gear

Ancient Gears, one of the best budget decks in Yugioh

Of all the Machine archetypes in Yugioh, Ancient Gears are arguably the coolest.

Debuting in Yugioh GX by Dr. Crowler, they’ve since received a tremendous amount of support, Konami is hell-bent on making them viable.

Chaos Ancient Gear Giant is one of the craziest boss monsters in the game, being absolutely monstrous on the field, immune to pretty much everything, and capable of OTK’ing with ease.

Plenty of spell cards are capable of summoning the other Ancient Gear boss monsters, sometimes it feels like it’s easier to summon a 3000+ ATK boss than any other monster!

Decklist is quite expensive but you can cut down on the fusions, one of each is fine for casual play and it’ll reduce costs considerably.

You can also replace Ancient Gear Fusion with Overload Fusion.

Recommended decklist

Average deck price: $113/£85


Kuriboh, one of the best budget decks in Yugioh

Well, Kuribohs aren’t competitively viable in any way, shape, or form.

They are exceptionally fun to play though, as well as considerably cheap.

The element of surprise is what Kuriboh is all about, these level 1 monsters are incredibly weak by themselves but after a few turns, you can get out some epic boss monsters that your opponent never sees coming.

Everyone loves Kuribohs, no doubt you can throw together a fun deck using your spare cards.

They won’t win any tournaments but you’ll have so much fun and also have the perfect deck to use against new players or lower-tier decks.

Recommended decklist

Average deck price: $46/£35


Deskbots, one of the best budget decks in Yugioh 2018

If you acquire a Deskbot deck, get ready for a ton of misplays and bad calculations.

Deskbots swarm the field with ease, playing multiple cards to boost ATK & DEF stats.

Keeping track of such boosts is a huge part of the deck as it has insane OTK potential. Deskbot Base (shown above) is particularly useful, granting you a free Magical Mallet for Deskbot cards each turn, as well as a nice ATK/DEF boost.

Eventually, you can build a board of high attack robots, something that few decks can deal with.

They’re so fun to use, cheap to build, and viable casually.

Recommended decklist

Average deck price: $40/£30

Chain Burn

Chain Burn, one of the best budget decks in Yugioh 2018

In some ways I didn’t want to give chain burn decks any recognition by putting them on the list, they’re absolutely horrible to play against.

If you’re desperately struggling though, chain burn will alleviate your concerns as they can pull out a win against almost any deck out there.

It’s not uncommon for you to win even without summoning a monster, something your opponent will not appreciate as they barely got a chance to play!

Recommended decklist

Average deck price: $35/£26


Lightsworn, one of the best budget decks in Yugioh 2018

Over the years, Lightsworns have continued their meta relevance, although many of them are outside of pure-Lightsworn deck-lists.

Not only is it well worth picking up a bunch of Lightsworn cards because a pure deck is awesome, but you can also port such cards over to other decks in the future, like Zombie-Lightsworns.

This archetype is exceedingly fun to play with, fair for the opponent yet effective!

Recommended decklist

Average deck price: $100/£74


Fluffals, one of the best budget decks in Yugioh 2018

I will always recommend Fluffals to any Yugioh player, there’s something so satisfying about winning with these little creatures.

With a focus mainly on Fusion summoning, you have a ton of options at your disposal as you choose which cartoon-like monster to summon.

Fluffals do have their weaknesses which can be exposed quite badly but overall, they’re a strong deck with the cutest art in the game!

The release of Frightfur Patchwork has been a huge boon for this deck’s viability. It’s now a monster in casual duels and worth using at locals!

Recommended decklist

Average deck price: $75/£56


D/D, one of the best budget decks in Yugioh 2018

Put simply, D/Ds is one of, if not THE hardest archetype to use in the entire game.

The extra deck consists of Fusion, Synchro, XYZ, and Link monsters.

Even with a fairly bad hand, you’ll have a huge variety of combos you can pull off, the skill ceiling is incredibly high.

At the same time, this makes the deck effective against players who are unfamiliar with their cards & strategies.

Also, D/Ds is one of the most fun and satisfying decks in the entirety of Yugioh, no duel is ever the same!

Recommended decklist

Average deck price: $40/£30


HERO, one of the best budget decks in Yugioh 2018

Link format hit HEROs quite badly but they’re still going well, Masked HERO Dark Law (shown above) is the key monster you want to use.

Summoning Dark Law first turn almost always guarantees a victory, single-handedly shutting down your opponent’s strategies.

He isn’t the only Masked HERO available though, there are others available for niche situations.

To summarise what this deck is about, you need to get Dark Law onto the field and protect him as much as you can!

Recommended decklist

Average deck price: $80/£62


SPYRAL, one of the best budget decks in Yugioh 2018

For a long time, SPYRALs were undoubtedly the best deck in Yugioh.

After many of their cards were hit by the Forbidden List, they’ve fallen from grace yet remain relevant.

No longer able to easily steam-roll over anything it comes across, SPYRALs now require another turn or two before they win.

Prices are ramped up by the SPYRAL Super Agent card, other than that it’s considerably cheap to build.

Recommended decklist

Average deck price: $75/£56

Burning Abyss

Burning Abyss, one of the best budget decks in Yugioh 2018

Burning Abyss is a fun archetype with plenty of power, but plenty of ways your opponent can counter.

Rarely do we see such a strong archetype with so many methods of your opponent having a chance and Burning Abyss can be combined with a number of other archetypes.

Considered a fan favorite archetype, Burning Abyss is a great choice for any duelist.

Recommended decklist

Average deck price: $100/£65


Friday 8th of July 2022

You're prices are off pretty hard my guy.

Ryan McKenna

Sunday 21st of August 2022

Prices are right on point for the budget deck cores :) If you look up deck lists they tend to be more expensive due to extra deck monsters, hand-traps, etc.


Sunday 27th of February 2022

id speedroid considered good?

Ryan McKenna

Sunday 27th of February 2022

Not as a deck but they have some nice combos to fit into other synchro archetypes :)

Ronald Dasrich

Monday 27th of September 2021

Thanks you for the list. It was helpful. Some suggestions I have are Speedroids because they are a fun spamable deck that can put up cool boards, and Lyrilusc because they are another level one deck that can spam out xyzs and make interesting boards

Gustavo Jackes

Wednesday 22nd of September 2021

The Kuriboh link doesn't exist anymore, someone have a new one for it?

Ryan McKenna

Thursday 23rd of September 2021

Thanks for the report, I'll add a new link soon :)

Roberto Pato

Friday 21st of June 2019


Out of all these decks, what are the ones that you think are more viable? (Apart from Salamangreats of course)


Ryan McKenna

Monday 24th of June 2019

Orcust and Altergeist really :) Maybe Pendulum Magicians too (especially now with the Order of the Spellcasters structure deck)