Top 10 Worst Structure Decks in Yugioh

Fury from the Deep, one of the worst Structure Decks in Yugioh
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  1. Avatar Evan Dilkes says:

    Rise of the dragon lords is an awesome deck, my dad has beaten me with it many times while i play with more up-to-date summoning methods like fusion and xyz.

    1. Ryan McKenna Ryan McKenna says:

      My mate who was brand new to the game bought 3 copies of the structure deck. Our whole dueling circle changed, he smashed everyone 😛

      1. Avatar antony says:

        what decks do your mates run?

  2. Avatar Joshua Patterson says:

    When I saw Endymion I thought I had a useless deck but I have a better version that works.

  3. Avatar Rich says:

    Bro most of these are under 2010. Obviously its not gonna be that good during the current meta… or for any meta for that matter.

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