Yugioh: Top 10 Best Hand-Traps

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  1. Avatar blackwing9260 says:

    which one better? dd crow or ghost belle?

    1. Ryan McKenna Ryan McKenna says:

      Ghost Belle but D.D Crow is a fine budget option 🙂

    2. Avatar Minor Seisce says:

      Depends what you’re using it as. In my opinion dd crow is better since it can do ghost belles job, is cheaper and can also act like called by the grave to negate hand traps.

  2. Avatar Alex says:

    Try buying shadows in Valhalla I got 3 ash blossom and joyous springs out of one booster box

  3. Avatar Minor Seisce says:

    Where’s maxx c. Best hand trap by far, it’s banned for a reason.

    1. Ryan McKenna Ryan McKenna says:

      Yep but it’s banned so I don’t want to recommend it to players 🙂 Will update as soon as it leaves the banned list, if it does!

      1. What happend with Nibiru and Infinite Impermance is a better Veiler

      2. Maxx C will never leave the ban list in the tcg but its unbanned in the ocg

  4. Avatar Johnas says:

    In my opinion Infinite Impermanence is by far the best handtrap since it cant be negated by called by the grave.

  5. Avatar gunner 2020 says:

    ghost reaper is only good if u got the space and fader is it a joke u never play it en lest if u play monkey or final countdown and if u have the beget get inper and nibiru is good to and Phantazmay to and skull mister

    1. Ryan McKenna Ryan McKenna says:

      Yep this list was out-dated, now fully updated it 🙂

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