Top 10 Best Hand-Traps in Yugioh

Yugioh was once a game of two halves, whoever goes first sets their board up and the next player must try to break said board with their own. As soon as players started to realise that preventing board building is as good as breaking boards, strategies changed. Konami ended up releasing hand-trap monsters that can completely shut down your opponent’s combos before they happen and they’ve become staples in almost every deck you can imagine.

These hand-traps are well sought after, each one has their own specific situation to dominate. It’s important to have a large collection of hand-traps if you’re playing competitively, simply having a play-set of the right card can auto-win you a match.

Take a look at the 10 best hand-traps in Yugioh, you should absolutely get your hands on these cards if you can!


10. Artifact Lancea

Artifact Lancea, one of the best hand traps in Yugioh

Are you having trouble with those pesky Felgrands? What about 60-card banish spam decks making an unbeatable Gren Maju da Eiza? Or is Called by the Grave stopping you too easily? Not anymore, with Artifact Lancea being able to prevent banishing until the end of the turn.

If you can side this in against decks that require banishing, your opponent will have no choice but to end turn and try again later, giving you a huge advantage.

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9. D.D. Crow

D.D. Crow, one of the best hand traps in Yugioh

Very situational but in the right moments, D.D. Crow can be devastating. Pretty much every deck needs cards in their graveyard, they help to extend combos or bring back boss monsters you’ve already destroyed. This hand-trap serves as an out to such cards, especially ones like Return of the Dragon Lords & Pantheism of the Monarchs which are crucial to their respective decks.

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8. Battle Fader

Battle Fader, one of the best fiend type monsters in Yugioh

Particularly effective in stall decks, Battle Fader can save a duel at times. Swift Scarecrow is a suitable alternative but Battle Fader offers even more, it stays on the field to be used as tribute or Link fodder. We all get bad hands sometimes, they can lead to some very embarrassing and quick defeats. Having Battle Fader as an option allows you to wait another turn and go again.

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7. PSY-Framegear Gamma

PSY-Framegear Gamma, one of the best hand traps in Yugioh

PSY-Frame Driver is required for you to actually utilise this hand-trap but it’s an affordable option for those without cash to splash. Most viable in going-second decks, PSY-Framegear Gamma can negate the first monster effect your opponent tries to use as well as destroy the monster.

Waiting until your opponent is half-way through their combo to drop this hand-trap is hilarious, they have no idea how to continue and usually just end their turn with all of their cards used up.

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6. Ghost Reaper & Winter Cherries

Ghost Reaper & Winter Cherries, one of the best hand traps in Yugioh

Picture this, you’re facing an ABC deck, you’ve sided this hand-trap and ABC-Dragon Buster in before the duel. You go second, you see your opponent summons all the required materials and then you drop Winter Cherries, banishing all 3 of their ABC-Dragon Busters. That’s literally GG, of course your opponent will have other options but their deck has had 90% of its effectiveness removed.

The same strategy applies to other decks revolving around a single extra deck monster. You do need the relevant extra deck monsters yourself which is a problem for budget players but if you’re looking for an easy way to get around 1 or 2 annoying decks, Ghost Reaper & Winter Cherries is a great option!

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5. Ghost Belle & Haunted Mansion

Ghost Belle & Haunted Mansion, one of the best hand traps in Yugioh

Well, this hand-trap hasn’t been released yet but it will be out very, very soon. Players should know about it too, as it has all the tools it needs to be a success in the Yugioh meta-game. With a huge variety of potential negation capabilities, Ghost Belle & Haunted Mansion will soon be a must-have staple for any duelist worth his salt.

The middle effect will likely be the most used option, so many decks summon from the graveyard, especially meta decks!

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4. Ghost Ogre & Snow Rabbit

Ghost Ogre & Snow Rabbit, the best psychic type monster in Yugioh

A lot of meta players are reporting Ghost Ogre & Snow Rabbit isn’t the greatest hand-trap right now but it’s still a card everyone should own a play-set of. So many archetypes have continuous spells/traps or field spells that are integral to their strategies, this hand-trap has no problem getting rid of them.

A downside is the inability to negate as Ghost Ogre only destroys the card, this can lead to some awkward situations where you don’t particularly get too much out of using it. Against the likes of Dinosaurs, Monarchs and Dracos though, this hand-trap is extremely good.

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3. Effect Veiler

Effect Veiler, Yugioh Spellcaster Type Monster

One of the more budget options on this list, Effect Veiler is one of the oldest hand-traps yet it’s still one of the best. Nice and simple, straight up targeting a face-up monster and negating its effects. I doubt you’ll see a normal monster in the game for a while so Effect Veiler will always be useful, being capable of helping to take down boss monsters or negate a combo starter before it can get the ball rolling.

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2. Droll & Lock Bird

Droll & Lock Bird, one of the best hand traps in Yugioh

Every deck is filled with draw cards, consistency is key and if an archetype doesn’t have built-in draw support or doesn’t fit well with other engines that do, it won’t be viable. Droll & Lock Bird is almost completely required nowadays, stopping your opponent’s game of solitaire in its tracks, forcing them to play with what they have and pass the turn over to you. Yugioh duels have essentially become a battle between who draws this in their first hand and who doesn’t.

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1. Ash Blossom & Joyous Spring

Ash Blossom & Joyous Spring, one of the best Yugioh zombie type monsters

Without doubt the greatest hand-trap in Yugioh is Ash Blossom & Joyous Spring, arguably one of the best cards to be released in many years. Look up any deck list for almost every archetype, every single one will recommend a play-set of this hand-trap. The 3 choices you get is enough to topple any strategy before it even begins to take form, while also being possible to bait out, hence fair for the opponent (likely why it isn’t banned or even limited).

A single copy will make a huge dent in your wallet though 🙁

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3 thoughts on “Top 10 Best Hand-Traps in Yugioh

  • August 15, 2018 at 8:26 pm

    which one better? dd crow or ghost belle?

    • Ryan McKenna
      August 27, 2018 at 10:53 pm

      Ghost Belle but D.D Crow is a fine budget option 🙂

  • October 7, 2018 at 3:18 am

    Try buying shadows in Valhalla I got 3 ash blossom and joyous springs out of one booster box


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