Top 10 Best Monuments in Rust

Plenty of monuments already exist in Rust, many of them are interesting to explore and loot. There’s different places for different levels of survivor, the radiation system is a brilliant way of preventing newbies from accessing high-priority areas. When you first get started in Rust, you find it difficult to get going and obtain some juicy loot. If you know the monuments however, filling your loot boxes is not hard to do. This list will take a look at the best monuments in Rust, depending on what they offer to the player both in loot and usable services!

If you want easy access to the best loot, the below entries are the monuments you want to build close to.


10. Power Plant

Power Plant, one of the best momuments in Rust

Large amounts of normal loot crates & barrels can be found here, as well as multiple services like an Oil Refinery and Recycler. The juiciest of loot is the military crates, found on the highest floors of many of the structures. While it is large and easy to loot, it can also take a fair bit of time to locate all loot crates.


9. Train Yard

Trainyard, one of the best momuments in Rust

The above screenshot is taken on the server I play on, I built my base close to a trainyard in the middle of a winter biome. Rarely do I run into anyone, giving me plenty of opportunities to collect all that precious loot. The main building, located slap bang in the middle of the monument, can provide you with 5 or 6 green crates if you get lucky. While at the top, you can also see over the entire monument, allowing you to locate all other crates.

There’s a large tower on the outskirts too which requires a hazmat suit to enter but it’s so worth it, giving you a few military, normal & medical crates!


8. Airfield

Airfield, one of the best momuments in Rust

One of the most popular monuments, there’s almost always a player or two looting this place. Such popularity is justified as the loot is easily accessible and epic. Many green crates can be found all over this monument, from the hangars to the towers. The office building can also contain lots of loot, although it’s always already looted. Make sure you always check underground, the armory is fairly ignored by a lot of players so you can get lots of loot from there!


7. Oxum’s Gas Station

Oxum's Gas Station, one of the best momuments in Rust

My personal favorite, I highly recommend any relatively new players build close to a gas station. It takes a matter of minutes to get in, collect all the loot and get out. A recycler is located in the garage, so any loot you find can be easily recycled. Defending yourself is relatively easy in this monument, as there’s plenty of doors and rooms for you to use as cover.

P.S Green/Loot crates can spawn at the top of the gas station so always check there!


6. Bandit Camp

Rust was made a hundred times easier for solo/casual players with the addition of the Bandit Camp. Many shops are available, giving us solo scrubs an easy way to components, base items, weapons and scrap.

Inside is also a recycler, you can gamble your way to even more scrap or just relax in peace.

Groups don’t tend to build nearby as they prefer monuments they can loot often but for anyone else, building near the Bandit Camp is a great idea!


5. Dome

Dome, one of the best momuments in Rust

Some would say Dome is the best monument in the game, as it provides so much loot that a lot of players don’t bother trying to acquire. The climb up to the top is insanely risky but worth it, several green crates are found on the way and on the top. Underneath you’ll find dozens of red barrels and a few oil refineries. Radiation is relatively low for this monument, allowing semi-geared players to have a shot at the loot!


4. Launch Site

Launch Site, one of the best momuments in Rust

Previously the undisputed king of monuments, launch site was THE end game monument for those who have everything. Providing multiple elite crates is extremely attractive to anyone who can survive its radiation, although said crates have been nerfed recently and the radiation increased in the main building. Loot crates are found all over the launch site, there’s way too many locations to go through.

The reason it doesn’t hit the number 1 spot, despite holding the best loot, is due to the riskiness. All of the elite crate locations are difficult to reach without getting killed, the bradley tank punishes any mis-position hard and other players (particularly groups) love to fight here.


3. Military Tunnels

Military Tunnels, the best monument in Rust

As of Devblog 184, military tunnels now spawn 2 elite crates. The radiation in this monument is huge but the loot generated is absolutely insane. The military tunnels spawn huge amounts of loot in a relatively small space (compared to the launch site) and now spawn 2 elite crates.

A recycler can also be found on the edges of the monument, fairly far away from the entrance. It doesn’t contain as much loot as the next 2 monuments but in terms of reliability and efficiency, no other comes close!


2. Oil Rig

Found way out in the ocean, 2 exist with small and large sizes and neither have any radiation. The largest one contains every kind of crate available, with only one locked crate. Once you activate it though, a scientist chinook helicopter will drop a bunch of heavy scientists. These NPCs are tough to deal with, take them out one by one.

Overall the Oil Rig presents the highest variation of loot of any monument, but not the most amount of high tier loot.


1. Cargo Ship

Known as the CCSC Lazarus, this cargo ship monument contains the most amount of loot of any monuments in the game. Appearing every 2-4 in-game days, it’ll patrol the seas around the map, you’ll need to access it by boat (swimming is way too risky).

After reaching it and defeating the many scientists on board, you’ll have access to 11 military crates, 3 elite crates and even 3 locked crates. Of course, defending such precious loot is extremely difficult. You’ll need a kitted out squad to survive but once you do, a RHIB boat full of fuel will be available for escape at the rear of the ship!

There’s no radiation on the ship, until the alarms go off and it’s ready to leave. Make sure you get out quickly as radiation builds up quickly.


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