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10 Best Monuments – Rust

Plenty of monuments already exist in Rust, many of them are interesting to explore and loot.

There’s different places for different levels of survivor, the radiation system is a brilliant way of preventing newbies from accessing high-priority areas.

When you first get started in Rust, you find it difficult to get going and obtain some juicy loot.

If you know the monuments, however, filling your loot boxes is not hard to do.

This list will take a look at the best monuments in Rust, depending on what they offer to the player both in loot and usable services!

If you want easy access to the best loot, the below entries are the monuments you want to build close to.

10. Mining Outpost

Utilities: Recycler & Repair Bench

Crate Spawns: Crates & Primitive Crates

Considered by many to be the ideal starting point when you first join a server, Mining Outposts provide low tier loot and access to a recycler. As well as no radiation at all.

Containing no keycards or high tier crates, many groups or high geared players avoid this monument. It’s just not worth the time, for them.

Plenty of windows, as well as roof access, give you plenty of opportunities to defend yourself if you get caught out.

During night time, you can sneak up on enemy players easily, ambushing them for their loot!

9. Satellite Dish

Utilities: Recycler & Research Table

Crate Spawns: Crates & Ration Boxes

Providing little in the way of accessible loot, Satellite Dish is arguably the best place to get blue keycards.

The few loot crates that spawn are easy to find, but render you vulnerable to fire from many angles.

To find the blue keycard, you need a fuse and green keycard. Find the 2 metal shacks, insert the fuse, flip the switch, use the green keycard on the green door lock.

Low radiation is found here, so at least Burlap clothing is needed.

8. The Dome

Utilities: Oil Refinery

Crate Spawns: Crates & Military Crates

The Dome is a dangerous place to visit, requiring a decent aptitude in parkour to reach the summit. There you’ll find 4 military crates.

Along the way, you’ll also encounter multiple normal crates.

For Low Grade Fuel, the Dome is exceptional. Multiple Oil Barrels spawn underneath the Dome, with an Oil Refinery located in a shack nearby.

No radiation is found underneath the Dome but a large amount of protection is needed when you enter it.

7. Sewer Branch

Utilities: Recycler & Oil Refinery

Crate Spawns: Crates, Military Crates & Ration Boxes

At the top of the pipeline in the middle of Sewer Branch, you can get between 0-3 military crates and 3-5 normal crates.

Getting there is no easy feat, with difficult parkour challenges to overcome. Not to mention you being exposed to enemy players while doing so.

Where the true loot lies is the green room puzzle, granting you access to multiple crates of different varities, as well as a blue keycard.

6. Airfield

Utilities: Recycler, Oil Refinery, Research Table & Repair Bench

Crate Spawns: Crates, Ration Boxes & Military Crates

Building close to airfield is recommended thanks to the huge size of this monument. You can easily run in for some quick loot before escaping without running into anyone.

Miltiary crates can be found in the office building, hangars, and underground.

You’ll need both a blue and green keycard to access the underground, there you can find the elusive red keycard.

5. Military Tunnels

Utilities: Recycler

Crate Spawns: Crates, Military Crates & Elite Crates

Currently the only way of acquiring elite crates without a keycard.

Military Tunnels requires you to defeat scientists, though. Make no mistake, they can surprise you.

One guards the bridge entrance. 2 more are found in the first section, after entering. You’ll need to defeat at least 6 more to access the elite crates.

If you have fuses and keycards to hand, you can attempt the puzzle. Inside the red room, you find a considerable amount of extra military & elite crates.

High radiation level means you need a lot of protection.

Due to all the gun-fire, other players will be alerted to your presence in the tunnels, so keep an eye out for counters!

4. Abandoned Supermarket

Utilities: Recycler

Crate Spawns: Crates, Ration Boxes, Vehicle Part Toolbox & Military Crates

Abandoned Supermarkets are great for a quick loot and go. You’ll have a constant supply of loot and food/water.

There’s only one door to the recycler so it’s easy for other players to camp it. Quite a problem on high population servers as this monument ends to have many players visiting it.

3. Train Yard

Utilities: Recycler, Repair Bench, Pump Jack & Oil Refinery

Crate Spawns: Crates, Med Crates, Ration Boxes & Military Crates

Containing a ton of loot, Train Yard is an amazing monument that I highly recommend you build near.

Containing a green and blue puzzle, you can obtain a red keycard, as well as up to 10 military crates per run.

Also found is plenty of medical crates and ration boxes, topping up your health and food/water.

Plenty of high points allow you to survey the area before you enter. There’s a tunnel system located underneath if you need to hide or escape a fire-fight.

Always having a road leading into it, you can start off by hitting barrels, loot the whole train yard and leave with 400+ scrap. Every time!

2. Oil Rig

Utilities: Recycler

Crate Spawns: Crates, Military Crates & Oil Rig Locked Crate

One of the most challenging monuments to hit, but one that yields insane rewards.

No radiation protection or fuses required. Instead, a boat is needed to get to the base of the oil rig.

After that, you’ll fight 16 oil rig scientists. They hit hard but also drop plenty of ammo and meds.

Then, simply use the blue & red keycards to access the locked crate. That’s when the fun begins.

Up to 10 heavy scientists will be dropped off by a Chinook, and these guys have 300 HP, armed with M249 machine guns, or the SPAS-12 shotgun.

No doubt you’ll have players countering, so watch out for approaching boats. Use long-range weapons to shoot them before they reach you.

1. Oxum’s Gas Station

Utilities: Recycler

Crate Spawns: Crates, Ration Boxes, Military Crates, Mine Crates & Vehicle Part Crate

Boasting a tightly packed myriad of crates and boxes, this monument should be the aim of any Rust player.

Due to the recycler being held in a small room, defending it with a shotgun is easy work.

Oxum’s Gas Station is the best monument in Rust. Access to loot of almost all tiers, vehicle parts, food & a recycler. Easy to defend, create ambushes or escape.

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