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Top 10 Loot Locations in Rust

We’ve all had the difficulties of sitting in your base, wondering where to go and what to do. This is a trait of newbies in particular, you’re not sure what you need or where to get the stuff you need. I’ve found the best thing to do is go out and start hammering loot locations, collect as much stuff as you can and bring it back. Over time, you’ll begin to understand exactly what drops and where they drop. This is a lengthy process though, it’ll take many hours of farming to get the items you need.

So to help alleviate your concerns, this list will look at the best loot locations and what you actually obtain by going to them. Your in-game troubles should come to a swift end after reading this!

Note: Airdrops don’t make this list due to how hard they are to get. They definitely provide the best loot but the average player will get an airdrop once for every 20 times they get to loot the number 1 entry.


10. Food Crates

Food Crate, one of the best loot locations in Rust

Wherever you find barrels, you’ll find food crates. They’re a great place to find food, water and even metal fragments. If you find a tin of food, you’ll be given the empty tin upon consuming it, which can be smelted at a campfire into 15 metal fragments. For late-game, you’ll want to avoid food crates as you have no need for any of the items it contains.


9. Cave Carts

Cave cart, you can find loot there in Rust

Believe it or not, you can find anything from low grade fuel to high quality metal in these containers. If you’ve built your base near some mines, make sure to visit them frequently to make sure you get the most of this loot. You’ll often find pickaxes, salvaged icepicks and even hatchets too, which are all useful no matter what stage of the game you’re in.


8. Red Barrels

Red Barrel, one of the best loot locations in Rust

This barrel is a godsend for the early game, each red barrel will give you some crude oil and low grade fuel. A big issue with the early game is obtaining a furnace, at least for me, so finding a few red barrels can make your survival much, much easier!


7. Blue/Yellow Barrels

Blue Barrel, one of the best loot locations in Rust

Barrels are the bread and butter of Rust, you’ll have to destroy quite a few before you become established on your chosen server. They’re found in abundance around roads and monuments, they spawn frequently and it won’t take you long to find some. You shouldn’t go near barrels too quickly after spawning though, as other resources are required first. Granted, you can get wood in barrels but it’s not a reliable method of obtaining it.


6. The Floor

Picking loot up from the ground on Rust

Every now and then, go out naked and run for 10 minutes or so, picking up anything you see. You’d be surprised how much resources you’ll obtain by doing this, many floor items are completely ignored. I highly recommend doing this once you first spawn, it’s quicker and safer than hitting a rock with a tree, all you need to do is find a bit of wood & stone to make yourself a stone hatchet.


5. Loot Crates

Loot Crate, one of the best loot locations in Rust

Always visit every single loot crate you see, they almost always contain something of value. You can find laptops, CCTV cameras, tools, items to recycle for high quality metal etc. If you’re lucky, you might even find a crossbow or mace. To locate this container, look for barrels as loot crates commonly spawn with them!


4. Blue Military Crates

Blue Military Crate, one of the best loot locations in Rust

I’m not sure how much different (if at all) the blue military crate is over the loot crate but my own experiences have told me this entry provides better loot. This container seems to give tools, weapons and items like the binoculars much more than any previous entry. Clothing is also acquirable via the blue military crate, you should always loot these when you can.


3. Green Military Crates

The green military crates are amazing for loot in Rust

For newbies, getting a bolt-action rifle or an assault rifle can seem an impossible task. It took me way too long to realise you can only get the required components in two different types of crates. The green military crate is one of those, giving the player lucky enough to find it some amazing loot. Maybe it’s just me being a noob but I’ve only managed to find one military green crate in my near 100 hour playtime so they are quite rare.



2. Elite Loot Crate

The elite loot crate is one of the best in Rust for loot

Sorry but unless you’re an established player, you won’t find one of these containers. The elite loot crate is exactly as it sounds, providing extreme loot to rival hours of farming barrels. It pretty much just gives you the same items as the green military crate but in more amounts. Imagine finding a rifle body, SMG body and supply signal all in one crate..


1. Monuments

Monument, one of the best loot locations in Rust

In general, if you’re going out geared with the intention of coming back with a ton of loot, monuments are the place for you. They always have barrels surrounding them, making them a good place for farming if there’s no one else nearby. Some monuments also have green military crates so if you’re persistent, you can stock up on rifles if you visit them often. Then you get the launch site, which is guarded by a tank for good reason, there you can find the elite loot crates.

I suggest crafting a map, as that’ll allow you to see all nearby monuments (labelled on the map) and get to looting up!