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Rust: Top 10 Best Components

Components are a commodity in Rust, used to craft items or recycle for resources.

If you smash a few barrels, you’ll have a bunch of different components in your inventory.

After a few supply runs, you’ll start to get many different varieties in your loot boxes.

Eventually, your boxes will be bursting and it’ll be time to go recycle them.

At this point, many players get rid of components they should keep, seeking the resources you get from recycling them.

It’s always good to recycle a certain amount of most components but there are a few that should never leave their respective loot box, unless you’re using them to craft something.

To help you understand more, here are the top 10 best components in Rust.

By consulting this list, you’ll know exactly how to manage the components in your storage boxes.


10. Metal Blade

Recycles into:

  • 2 Scrap
  • 15 Metal Fragments

Providing little in the way of resources, metal blades are one of the most common components and can be saved up quite easily.

5 stacks will amount to 200 scrap and 1500 metal fragments. 

Since they’re used mostly for tools, you’ll always have plenty spare.


9. Road Signs

Recycles into:

  • 5 Scrap
  • 1 High Quality Metal

Used almost exclusively for road sign armor, this component is easy to acquire en masse and can be recycled for a decent amount of resources.

Found in crates & barrels, you can also smack road signs on the side of the road to get this component.


8. Tech Trash

Recycles into:

  • 20 Scrap
  • 1 High Quality Metal

Tech Trash is the rarest component on this list, used specifically for higher-tier placeables like the computer station & auto-turret.

Recycling for 20 scrap is its main use for newer players, or those who have just joined a server.


7. Metal Spring

Recycles into:

  • 10 Scrap
  • 1 High Quality Metal

Used to craft tier 2 guns and above, metal springs are in dire need once you get a few blueprints.

No matter how good you are at pvp, guns aren’t cheap so recycling metal springs is a complete waste at that stage, unless you have dozens of guns already.


6. Semi Automatic Body

Recycles into:

  • 15 Scrap
  • 75 Metal Fragments
  • 2 High Quality Metal

Useful for all kinds, either recycling or crafting semi-automatic pistols/rifles.

Pretty much the holy grail of the early game, you’ll want plenty of scrap & metal fragments to get a decent base with a workbench 2 and metal doors.


5. Empty Propane Tank

Recycles into:

  • 1 Scrap
  • 50 Metal Fragments

Great for acquiring metal fragments, empty propane tanks are used to craft flamethrowers/flame turrets but can otherwise be scrapped.

1000 metal fragments per stack is pretty crazy, especially since you’ll be saving loads as you don’t use them to craft anything.


4. Metal Pipe

Recycles into:

  • 5 Scrap
  • 1 High Quality Metal

Loved by clans as rockets consume a lot of metal pipes per craft. 

Otherwise used for crafting weapons, or selling a full stack for 100 scrap.


3. Sewing Kit

Recycles into:

  • 10 Cloth
  • 2 Rope

Sewing Kits are a remarkable source of cloth in the early game, with many players taking all the hemp plants in most areas.

Finding a bunch of sewing kits will give enough cloth for a sleeping bag, burlap clothing & enough rope for a crossbow.

Towards the mid-late game, they’re used to craft high tier armor.

You tend to get a bunch of stacks of sewing kits saved up so feel free to recycle bonus stacks.


2. Sheet Metal

Recycles into:

  • 8 Scrap
  • 100 Metal Fragments
  • 1 High Quality Metal

Another rare component, its main use is to craft wind turbines to provide power for big bases.

If you’re a solo player or small group, you’ll likely never need to craft anything with this component.

Best to recycle them, as 100 metal fragments is amazing, especially early on.


1. Gears

Recycles into:

  • 10 Scrap
  • 13 Metal Fragments

Used in a high variety of defensive items, like traps, garage doors, ladder hatches & vending machines.

No other component offers as much usability as a set of gears, with them often being the most sought after component in the game.

Such versatility is off-set by a pitiful 1% chance of getting 2 gears from a barrel.

Never recycle gears!