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Epic Seven: Ultimate Hero Promotion Guide 2021

No matter how long you’ve played Epic Seven, we all struggle to 6-star our best and most favorite heroes.

It’s a common problem, we summon heroes that we don’t have the resources to level, gear up, and promote.

This is especially true when you get your instant 6-star potion, many new players don’t know who to use it on.

That being said, you can promote to 6-star frequently if you’re efficient enough and are aware of the right tips.

I’ve scoured all over Reddit & YouTube for information but in the end, the fastest ways to promote heroes aren’t common knowledge.

This article will detail the best and most efficient ways to promote your heroes. It covers everything to do with fodder, penguins & which heroes to promote.

For reference, I’ve been playing for just 6 months, yet I have 17 6-starred heroes!

Choosing Which Hero to Promote

We all have so many heroes we want to 6-star!

Choosing the best hero to promote is as simple as recognizing which gaps are missing from your roster, as well as the best heroes to fill those gaps.

For example, if you’re struggling to farm Wyvern 13 efficiently, you’ll want to promote General Purrgis or Angelica.

If you’re unable to climb past Silver in Arena, you’ll want to promote a powerful PvP hero like Violet or Researcher Carrot.

Maybe you don’t know which heroes are best to add to your roster.

I’ve written many lists regarding the best heroes for various aspects, such as PvP and specific classes, all of which are below:

To help climb in Arena, as well as hold your own in Guild Wars.

Great for PvP cleave teams (cleave = AoE attacks). Also really good for clearing PvE content.

Almost exclusively used in PvP. Perfect for defense teams.

Used as tanks or healers, depending on what you need. Every player should have multiple Soul Weavers geared and promoted.

Some of the best front-liners in the game.

Always reliable.

Mixture of utility and offense, good for PvP but even better for PvE.

Tend to be powerful offensive heroes with a lot of speed and trickery.

Very gear-hungry to build but are well worth it, if you have the resources.

Wyvern farming is a staple of Epic Seven. If you’re not farming at least Wyvern 11, you’re way behind the curve.

Not all healers require tanky stats to be effective, some work even better with a lot of speed.

Basically a requirement for PvE teams, you need tanks to soak up damage and protect allied heroes.

How to Get Fodder Efficiently

Fodder is a term used to describe heroes or creatures you sacrifice to promote your heroes.

There are 2 different types of fodder, named “creature” and “hero” fodders respectively.

Creature Fodder

Creatures like these make perfect fodder

Creature fodder is obtainable by completing Adventure Missions, growing dogs in the Sanctuary, purchasing from the Secret Shop & friendship summons.

Creatures can either be the dogs (Phantasmas) or the other random creatures you can encounter.

They are absolutely vital to any promotion you wish to attain.

During my time in the Epic Seven community, I’ve seen many players complain about how many creatures they get, and how often they have to transmit them.

Do not sell/transmit them!

If you have too many creatures with no phantasmas to use them with, simply level up the creatures themselves and use them in place of phantasmas.

Such a method costs a fair few dozen more penguins but it’s far more efficient than simply.

If you have the gold (over 5,000,000), make sure to buy any fodder in the Secret Shop.

Using Stigma to raise phantasmas in the Forest of Souls is a good way of getting extra fodder, although the Stigma cost is quite high so I’d only recommend doing so when you have at least 5000 surplus Stigma.

Hero Fodder

Promoting heroes with copies of themselves make for easy 4-star fodder

Hero fodders are exclusively acquired through all summons except friendship summons.

I see most new players and even some veterans are not aware of this method of promotion.

If you have 4 copies of Elson, you can level him up to 30, then use the other 3 Elson copies to promote him to 4-star. Then use that 4-star Elson as fodder for a 5-star promotion.

We tend to get tons of hero copies from summons so this is an effective way of increasing your fodder collection.

Best & Fastest Ways to Get Penguins

Get dozens of penguins from the Forest of Souls

Penguins are one of the most important resources to consider when trying to promote heroes and fodder.

If you don’t have any penguins, you won’t be able to increase fodder levels to promote to higher stars and eventually reach that 5-star level to promote your heroes to 6-star.

Leveling heroes/fodder through battles is extremely inefficient, you’re just wasting energy.

Penguins are gained by completing Adventure missions while your entire team is max level and cannot gain any more experience.

You can also gain them as rewards for events, chapter clears, and by raising them in the Forest of Souls.

I recommend raising 40 penguins for every 10 phantasmas you raise, totaling around 5500 Stigma each time.


Overall, these steps provide the best method for promoting heroes to 6-star as efficiently as possible:

  • For every 5500 Stigma, raise 10 phantasmas and 40 penguins in the Forest of Souls
  • Purchase fodder from Secret Shop while your gold is above 5,000,000
  • If you’ve run out of phantasmas, level/promote creatures instead
  • Use hero copies as fodder
  • Never use battles to level your fodder

Few players know these steps so save yourself a ton of time and resources to get ahead of the curve and follow these steps consistently!