Top 10 Best Player Homes in Skyrim

Every Dragonborn needs a cool home, a place he can store his loot and retreat to in times of need. With plenty of homes available, choosing one can be daunting as if you change your mind later on, it’ll be a pain to transfer everything over. This is where this list comes in, giving you everything you need to know about the best player homes in Skyrim.

As there are less than 10 purchaseable player homes, dwellings provided by spouses will also make the list. As 99.9% of viewers are male and will most likely have male characters, only female spouses have been taken into account. If you use a female character feel free to drop a comment and I’ll recommend a few male spouse homes 🙂


10. Ysolda’s House

While Ysolda’s house is pretty much a little shack, it’s one of the first residences you can obtain. You at least get a nice bed and a few containers. Thankfully, this home is right next to several merchants, stalls and shops.

How to acquire: Speak to Ysolda to obtain the Rare Gifts quest, she’s available to marry after completion, you can then move in with her.


9. Viola Giordano’s House

Located in Windhelm, Viola Giordano’s house is huge, with 2 large floors available. Tons of food can be discovered all around the house, as can a few coin purses and potions. I sound like an estate agent here but the house is just a short walk away from the main markets in Windhelm. Downsides come in the form of travel time, as you have to run a fair distance from the main gate and the storage chests, despite there being quite a few, are spaced far apart.

How to acquire: Complete the That Was Always There quest, you can then marry Viola Giordano and move into her house.


8. Uthgerd’s House

Located in Whiterun, Uthgerd’s house is fairly close to the main gate, allowing you to get in and out easily. Inside you’ll find plenty of storage space, with barrels, chests and drawers close to each-other for effective item sorting. Overall the house is fairly small so if you have a lot of items to hoard, you’ll find it difficult to keep track of them all.

How to acquire: Beat Uthgerd in a brawl, you’ll be able to marry her and move into her house afterwards.


7. Sarethi Farm

The greatest benefit of moving into Sarethi Farm is the abundance of potatoes, gourds and even nirnroot. Avrusa Sarethi, the owner of the farm, cultivates these plants, giving you a huge supply. You don’t need to move in to farm these resources but if you do move in, you’ll visit the farm often, giving you more opportunities to dig up those precious plants.

Outside the main house, you’ll find a tanning rack to convert all those pelts you find on your adventures. Inside the main house is full of food, alchemy materials and even an alchemy table. A distinct lack of storage options is a huge downside though, you have the one chest to store items in, with a few barrels/cupboards around the place.

How to acquire: Complete the Smooth Jazbay quest, you can then marry Avrusa Sarethi and move into the farm.


6. Abandoned House

Any new save should absolutely take advantage of the Abandoned House in Markarth. Not only is this place huge, it has a huge variety of foods, weapons and clothes at your disposal. With a bed included and more than enough chests, cupboards and barrels to store your loot in. In fact, this home has the most amount of storage options in the entire game!

A pickaxe and woodcutting axe are also included, which are great items for obtaining ore/wood. Unfortunately, as you do not technically own this house, you can’t move any followers or spouses into it. For the early stages of your adventures though, there’s no house better in Skyrim.

How to acquire: Complete the House of Horrors quest, it can then be used as an alternative home.


5. Breezehome

The classic itself, Breezehome is one of the most popular player homes in Skyrim. Not because of what it offers, its more to do with how early on players can obtain it. With a decent amount of space, plenty of storage and resources, this house is well worth choosing early on.

For just 6800 Gold (purchase cost + upgrades), you’ll have literally everything you need to house your loot and family. The missing Tanning Rack is no issue, there’s a whole forgery next door you can use at your leisure!

Please be aware you can either have the Alchemy Lab OR the children’s bedroom, you can’t have both!

Full upgrade cost: 1800 Gold

Tanning Rack: No

Alchemy Table: Yes

Cooking Pot: Yes

Enchanting Table: No

How to acquire: You are able to purchase this house for 5000 Gold in Whiterun after becoming Thane of Whiterun.


4. Honeyside

Honeyside comes equipped with 2 points of entry. You can enter this home from the front door, inside Riften, or you can go through the back door, which is accessible via your personal dock (yes, really). Outside the front door you’ll find a number of barrels in your garden, which are excellent drop-off points. Crops & alchemy plants are also littered throughout the garden after you’ve upgraded it.

The interior leaves a lot to be desired, a fairly small ground floor is offset by a large basement area. Honeyside is the only purchaseable home with a Tanning Rack. Overall, this house is an excellent home for the price.

Full upgrade cost: Up to 4850 Gold

Tanning Rack: Yes

Alchemy Table: Yes

Cooking Pot: Yes

Enchanting Table: Yes

How to acquire: You are able to purchase this house for 8000 Gold in Riften after earning a good reputation (by helping local citizens).


3. Vlindrel Hall

While this house is quite large with a ton of potential upgrades and a myriad of rooms, its location is abysmal. You’ll have to climb countless steps to reach it, which gets tedious after the first few times. If you can cope with this, Vlindrel Hall is highly recommended as the combined cost offers a great mid-game home. You’d have to get used to storing items in anything other than chests though, as you only get the 1 chest.

Full upgrade cost: 4200 Gold

Tanning Rack: No

Alchemy Table: Yes

Cooking Pot: Yes

Enchanting Table: Yes

How to acquire: You are able to purchase this house for 8000 Gold in Markarth after earning a good reputation (by helping local citizens).


2. Hjerim

One of the largest homes in the game, justifiably by the huge cost. The display area upgrade is very nice, giving you a huge room full of racks, display cases and mannequins to store your best gear.  Prior to purchasing upgrades, Hjerim is almost completely empty so it’s highly recommended you have a massive coin purse before fully moving in.

An upside is the ability to use it as a home without purchasing it, although you won’t have much to use. If you’re in desperate need in the early stages, you can use it as a home until you have the gold to purchase ownership and start upgrading!

Full upgrade cost: 9000 Gold

Tanning Rack: No

Alchemy Table: Yes

Cooking Pot: Yes

Enchanting Table: Yes

How to acquire: You are able to purchase this house for 12,000 Gold in Windhelm after earning a good reputation (by helping local citizens)


1. Proudspire Manor

An insanely high cost means an insanely good home. I have to point out the silliness of its location, deep into Solitude forcing you to sprint a fair distance to get to it. Other than that, Proudspire Manor is simply the best player home in Skyrim. You can almost get lost in this house, with 3 floors containing several rooms, all of which can be upgraded. Outside one of the 3 entrances is a small drop-off point, giving you the ability to throw some loot into a barrel to sort later.

I shouldn’t tell you this but you don’t even need to purchase Proudspire Manor to live in it. You can pickpocket a Fletcher Key from Fihada or Jawanan, which works for Proudspire Manor for some reason.

Of course you won’t get the upgrades until you purchase ownership though.

Full upgrade cost: 14,000 Gold

Tanning Rack: No

Alchemy Table: Yes

Cooking Pot: Yes

Enchanting Table: Yes

How to acquire: You are able to purchase this house for 25,000 Gold in Solitude after completing 2 quests, The Man Who Cried Wolf & Elisif’s Tribute.

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