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10 Best League of Legends Discord Servers

League of Legends Discord game discussion channels have useful tips and tricks that can be used by new and old players alike for some dose of good wins. And that’s not all they have to offer.

Here are the 10 best League of Legends Discord servers to join so you can up your skills and make new friends:

1. /r/LeagueOfLegends 

Anyone who has been on the famous site would know this name format. Reddit LoL gamers have brought their community over to the Discord world for wider and more interactive channels. 

Since the League of Legends subreddit has over a million subscribers, it’s no wonder the Discord server is also teeming with more than 460,000 members. Find teammates to play with on any region, join trivia games and tournaments, or strike up a conversation with your fellow gamers on this active server. 

Join r/LeagueOfLegends here!

2. League of Legends

With over 280,000 members, this League of Legends Discord server sees no signs of declining activity anytime soon, so you are sure to find active teammates and a diverse set of additional channels. 

Look through their Community channels for some cosplay and streaming content. Gamers who are keeping up with e-sports tournaments can take their place in the e-sports discussion text channel. 

They also have a dedicated text channel for new players and lore discussion, making easing into the LoL lifestyle much easier than it could be. 

Join the League of Legends Discord server here!

3. TeamFight Tactics

TeamFight Tactics (TFT), a cross-platform game mode of LoL, requires a lot of strategies. And joining the TeamFight Tactics Discord server is a good move for aspiring TFT supremes. 

With over 71,000 members and 16,000+ online members at a given time, dominating TFT can be as easy as checking out their coaching channels and joining LFGs. You can also always see teams of 2-5 people in their gaming lobbies and double-up voice channels, playing in real-time.

For some extra fun, pet channels and cooking channels are also added into the mix. 

Join TeamFight Tactics here!

4. Tarzaned’s Jungle 

Tournaments are all the hype here in Tarzaned’s Jungle. Be notified of their upcoming 1v1s through the upper left event board on the Discord application. Tourneys even come with money prizes!

The gym and fitness text channel and the selfies and pet pics channel stand out as unique features of this server. Over 36,000 members are free to talk about working out or taking their pets out on a walk. 

These are good additional activities that encourage other hobbies in addition to LoL gaming which involves a lot of sitting down. 

Check out their Join To Play voice channel and Poker Night channel to find new server friends. 

Join Tarzaned’s Jungle here!

5. League of Mentoring 

Learning a game like League of Legends as a newbie may be difficult if you don’t have anyone showing you some tips and tricks. 

The League of Mentoring Discord server has almost 8,000 members. It specifically connects mentors and students for a one-stop shop for LoL tutoring. And it’s free of charge!

Whether you’re on a mentor or newcomer level, League of Mentoring is a good place to meet new teammates and friends. Also, it’s a safe space to make rookie mistakes (as we all do) because the server is specifically for learning LoL. 

Join League of Mentoring here!

6. r/League Connect 

League Connect, like r/LeagueOfLegends, started as a sub-Reddit and has now been brought over to Discord. This server is well-moderated, so rules about foul language, name-calling, and promotions are upheld to make your gaming sessions clean and friendly. 

An off-topic text channel lets almost 4,000 members of the server talk about anything aside from LoL. They also have special voice channels for casual hangouts out-of-game and live streaming the Worlds.

Join r/League Connect here!

7. League of Legends UK 

League of Legends UK, with more than 1000 members, is the biggest server for League of Legends players in the United Kingdom. It is the best place to keep updated on e-sports news and LoL events, aside from the usual LFG. 

This server takes its users’ privacy and consent very seriously, and rules that do not allow the leaking of personal information are strictly enacted. Furthermore, paid coaching is also entertained on their voice channels so mentors and students can comfortably do tutoring sessions as they wish. 

English is the main language used, and members are encouraged to use English only to avoid miscommunication in public channels.

Join the League of Legends UK Discord server here!

8. TK League of Legends: Wild Rift 

For players who enjoy League of Legends: Wild Rift, you’re going to enjoy this.

With more than 80,000 members, TK League of Legends: Wild Rift is easily one of the biggest LoL Discord servers out there. It has only been four years since its establishment in October 2018, but it’s already thriving with member interactions. 

If you’re on the lookout for an all-around Discord server with tournaments, game advice, fanart, and looking-for-group/games (LFG) channels, check out TK League of Legends: Wild Rift. It has about 3,000+ members online at a given time and is safe for work (SFW). 

Join TK League of Legends: Wild Rift here!

9. RiftQ – League of Legends EUW

RiftQ – League of Legends EUW isn’t too far off with 77,000+ members in its Discord server. It is originally catered for Wild Rift gamers in the EUW (European West), but anyone can join their server through the invite link above. 

Different text and voice channels were created for server tutorials, giveaways, media (including a pet gallery!), and gamer rooms. Strategize with your teammates in real-time with their tailored duo, three-man, four-man, and team rooms. Or, you can opt for live game coaching through their dedicated twitch streams. 

Gamers can also enjoy browsing through the channels in their non-gaming time through e-sports watch parties and discussions. 

Join RiftQ – League of Legends EUW here!

10. Rift Palace | LoL community 

League of Legends gamers come from every region of the world. Rift Palace | LoL community is there to make LFG easier for any of their members, wherever they may be. And if you prefer a server that has fewer members, Rift Palace may be for you.

This smaller and tight-knit community of nearly 500 members puts together all the great features commonly found on LoL servers: discussions, coaching, highlight, fanart, game news, and many more. 

Members also get access to some of the content related to League of Legends: Wild Rift. These are in the form of memes and shows, and non-game-related content like the gamers’ pets and birthdays. 

This makes it a well-rounded gaming community that you can personally identify with.

Join the Rift Palace | LoL community server here!

League of Legends Thrives on Discord!

League of Legends is a game best played with other friends.

Coach or be coached, participate in or watch tourneys, and share some of your daily lives with members on the right LoL Discord server for you. 

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