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10 Best Valorant Discord Servers

Games like Valorant require flawless teamwork, and good communication is the primary element that makes it work. Whether you want to play remotely with your friends or meet new ones, one of the go-to communication mediums for players nowadays is Discord.

In this article, we’re bringing you the 10 best Valorant Discord servers you can join now to sharpen your skills and step up your game.

Discord is a great app to build communities that has anything you’d need in a server: text and voice channels and groups that can help you find new people you can add to your friends list. Valorant players took advantage of these features, and now hundreds of Discord channels exist for the game. But how can you find the right channel for you? 

1. Valorant (Official)

Valorant has its own discord server, which has everything you need to know about the game: news and announcements along with their Esports events, multiple channels for game discussions, and LFG, among many others. Discord bots are also present to disseminate news and updates about the game. 

Currently having 800,000 members, it’s expected that the server will be full most of the time. So if you want to join, you have to have the perfect timing to get in. 

Valorant’s official Discord channel is also many players’ meetup space. You can chat with other players worldwide and find channels with specific communities to talk about the gameplay, join events, and share fanart, among others. Streamers can also use this server to share their links for their own channels. 

Join the Valorant (Official) Discord server here!

2. /r/Valorant

Currently having 22,440 members, r/Valorant is for players and anyone who is interested in the game. The official server of Valorant’s Reddit Subreddit has everything from LFG channels, Esports discussion, and competitive playing channels to player live streams, duo rooms, and memes. 

Join the /r/Valorant Discord server here!


As the name suggests, Valorant Pro is your server for competitive gaming. It currently has more than 38,000 members that are all about ranking competitively. 

This no-nonsense Valorant server doesn’t have channels for free discussion, but they have plenty of mediums for tournament announcements, LFG, coaching, and 5v5 practice games. 

If you aspire to be a cyber athlete for Valorant, this channel is one of the best Valorant discord servers for you.


4. Valorant Server for EU (Europe)

Valorant server for Europe is dedicated to the Europe region and currently hosts 57,000 members. This server will help you find others to play with in your region. You can also talk about any topic, Valorant and non-Valorant alike.

Even if you are a pro or novice player, you can participate in their channels and share strategies or tips that helped you improve your gameplay. 

Join Valorant Server for EU (Europe) here!

5. Valorant Server For Oceania

Having more than 37,000 members as of this post’s writing, the Valorant server for Oceania works just like the Europe server. It encourages players from the Oceania region to discuss gameplay, share tips, and find friends from the same server to play with. The community also hosts giveaways, among many other events.

Join Valorant Server For Oceania here!

6. Valorant LFG

LFG is in the name: Valorant Looking For Group (LFG) is your discord server for finding groups to play the game with. 

It has a massive member count of more than 400,000, which is perfect since it increases the chance of finding friends to play with regardless of your game server. You can also find helpful channels on this server, such as those dedicated to coaching and tournaments. There are also group channels for random discussions. 

Valorant LFG also has a premium membership that gives you access to its private channels and gives you the ability to create channels along with other privileges. 

Join the Valorant LFG Discord server here!


Like Valorant Pro, Valorant Ascent focuses on the competitive aspect of gaming and aims to help you find people to play ranked games with. You can also use this server to keep up-to-date with tournaments and Esports news. They also host channels that will help you find members and channels for Scrims.

Join VALORANT ASCENT – Competitive Discord here!

8. Sentinels

If you are a fan of Sentinels, it’s time to join their discord server, Sentinels. You can meet people, play competitively, and keep up with the latest updates on the Sentinels team. With more than 25,000 others to have fun and discuss with, Sentinels is an effective channel for LFG but also encourages topics like food, pets, TV, music, and more.

There are also players who discuss other games like Fortnite and Wild Rift, as well as all things in the Gamedev industry.

Join the Sentinels Discord server here!

9. Hiko Homies

The eSports team 100 Thieves NA Valorant pro player Hiko created the Hiko Homies Discord server mainly to keep track of Hiko’s games and live streams and help players find teammates.

Hiko also encourages friendly discussions about almost anything (as long as it’s kept appropriate) in his channel.

Join Hiko Homies here!

10. Average Jonas

Average Jonas works with Team Liquid, an ESports EU team. He started his Discord server to build an educational community for Valorant. 

They also have channels for LFG, game discussions, random hangouts, events, memes, and many, many more. It’s a fun and lighthearted server that aims to reach all kinds of Valorant players, both competitive and casual gamers.

So far, the server has accumulated more than 60,000 members and has opened more channels for discussions on different Valorant lineups and even topics on other games.

Join Average Jonas here!

You’re Invited!

However you want to enjoy your game, one (or many) of the best discord Valorant servers we listed will help level up your game experience. With just a few clicks or taps, you can join these channels to improve your skills, enjoy the company of gamers, and share your love for Valorant.

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