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10 Best Minecraft Discord Servers

If you’re into online multiplayer games, joining discord servers helps a lot in leveling up your gaming experience. There are tips and tricks you can only learn by being part of the gaming community. Moreover, what’s more fun than interacting through voice or chatting with people who enjoy the same games you do?  

If you’re into Minecraft, you’re in for a treat! Here are 10 of the best Minecraft discord servers you can join in 2023. These servers surely won’t disappoint, so let’s go ahead and go through this list below. 

1. Minecraft Official

Minecraft Official Discord Server

In terms of popularity and the number of members (over 1M), Minecraft Official tops the list. This is somewhat expected as it is the official discord server for Minecraft. The sheer size of the server might hinder you from actually joining, as you’ll often get the “This server is currently full. Please try again later.” error on a few tries. Patience is the key to getting in. 

However, since it is the official discord server, you can chat with the developers, get sneak peeks on any upcoming feature, plus still participate in all tournaments and events while meeting new people with similar interests. All worth the effort of joining, don’t you think?

Join Minecraft Official here

2. Hypixel

Hypixel Discord Server

To join the Hypixel server, you would need to connect using your Minecraft account. 

Members of this community talk about the latest news about Minecraft, connect and look for a support system from other gamers. 

It’s a large community of Minecrafters with almost 489,431 members.

Join Hypixel here!

3. ChillBar

ChillBar Discord Server

Up next is ChillBar Minecraft Discord Server, a safe space to chill and bask in good vibes. 

This is the ideal discord server for Minecraft enthusiasts to meet new people, hang out and chat. Are you into gambling? They have specific channels that help you do just that! They offer a vast array of clubs so whether you’re interested in anime, music, or other games aside from Minecraft, the community will welcome you. 

With 262,169 Members, you are bound to find people that hold the same interests as you. 

Join ChillBar here

4. SkyBlock Simplified

SkyBlock Simplified Discord Server

This Minecraft server is the largest Minecraft Hypixel Skyblock Community that has the reforge optimizer bot. It’s where you can search for guild, player, auction house, prices, ping for skyblock events, give reputation for in-game Skyblock transactions, report scams and more. It drives members to join because one can trade, craft and serve sections for SkyBlock. It’s a friendly place for any age. 

It’s definitely a huge community at Discord as it’s approaching almost 100,000 members. 

Join SkyBlock Simplified here!

5. Mantle

Mantle Discord Server

Mantle is a place where artists can actually monetize art for capes and cosmetics. Yes! Aside from connecting with the community and playing games, this server has an online store that goes live. It’s where Minecrafters like to access a plethora of awesome capes through its free and easy access. 

It has over 77,000 members who definitely love vanity at Minecraft. You can gain access to a number of giveaways like gems, capes, and cosmetics. 

Join Mantle here!

6. Mineplex 

Mineplex Discord Server

Upon joining, members can propose new ideas for Mineplex, submit feedback, or just chat with other members. It’s like a Minecrafters’ kingdom where ranks are offered as roles. The highest rank official is the Admin and the Bot. Other members are called Nitro Booster, Immortal, player, and many more. 

Members are now at 54,800 and continue to grow! 

Join Mineplex here!

7. Mystic

Mystic Discord Server

Giveaways happen in discord servers and in Mystic, they happen often. Mystic is an all-around server that supports PS5 and gaming PC giveaways. On top of that, there are also many Minecraft mods that can be accessed from the server. 

For these reasons, the server brags about having over 45,204 members and an active community who’s into regularly sharing gameplays and ideas about the game.

Join Mystic here!

8. Purple Prison

Purple Prison Discord Server

Purple Prison is a safe haven where members can chill, hang out with others via chat and listen to music. The server is also sensitive to spam, acts of bullying, and general toxicity between players. Anyone caught is banned by the bots and admins. Plus, they hold massive Nitro premium giveaways too!

The server has existed since 2014, currently has 40,000 members and is still growing. 

Join Purple Prison here!

9. Cosmic Craft

Cosmic Craft Discord Server

Aside from Minecraft, Cosmic Craft hosts a lot of online gamers too including GTA, SkyBlock, Creative, Hunger Games, Survival Games, and Towny to name some. They are friendly to newbies and are known for holding daily Nitro giveaways. 

This server currently has over 22,000 members and has thousands of active online members to connect daily. 

Join Cosmic Craft here!

10. The Vent

The Vent Discord Server

The last in our list is The Vent. They are a budding community compared to the other servers with only 18,000 members. Members can play, earn perks, and socialize. It has lots of giveaways for those who are active in the group. 

Socialize, chill, do art, enjoy music, share memes, join events and a whole lot more in this server.

Join The Vent here!

Wrapping up

Have you decided which discord server to join yet? It can be difficult to zone in on just one since they all feature something that others don’t. When you can’t decide, why not just join all of them and see which server you’d be able to chill and have fun the most? There’s no harm in doing so as long as you get to find friends, enjoy the game and spend your time wisely. Have fun! 

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