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9 Best Hogwarts Legacy Discord Servers

Whether you’re a beginner to Hogwarts Legacy or not, online communities like Discord are worth looking into. Whether you want to connect with other players around the world, learn tips and strategies, and keep up to date with the latest news and events, there’s a Discord server for you.

For new RPG games like Hogwarts Legacy, it’s always fun to share your gaming experience with other Potterheads. Since the game was released last February 10, 2023, new Discord servers have started to pop out.

Joining a Hogwarts Legacy Discord server can be a great way to enhance game immersion and meet great players who share your passion for the game. To get started, here’s 9 best Hogwarts Legacy Discord servers if you want to get the most of your experience.

1. Official Hogwarts Legacy Discord

The official Hogwarts Legacy Discord server has 186,687 members at the time of writing. It has everything from game help and questions, builds, theories, spoilers, to off topic threads designed for members to have fun. 

With thousands of people online at a time, you can talk to other Potterheads and share gameplay tips and tricks to navigate the game and progress faster.

2. Harry Potter

Harry Potter Discord is another active Harry Potter community server currently having 17,171 members. Upon accepting the invite, you can choose what house you want to join (Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, or Slytherin). They also have different channels talking about not just Hogwarts Legacy but also casual conversations and even roleplaying.

3. Harry Potter: Gaming Community

With 4,957 current total members, Harry Potter: Gaming Community Discord server has all things Harry Potter. They want to maintain a fun environment for players enjoying the recent Harry Potter games, making new friends, getting game updates, datamines, and more.

The server offers a great opportunity to make friends and belong to a growing community. Aside from Hogwarts Legacy channels, there are also channels for Magic Awakened, Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery, and even Minecraft.

4. Hogwarts Legacy Spoilers

Hogwarts Legacy Spoilers have 1,112 members at the time of writing. They have fun features for gamers that love the Harry Potter culture such as the “sorting hat” to choose your house, mods, news about upcoming DLC, updates, and patches, guides and tutorials; all packed in an active community of welcoming people.

However, the channels also talk about leaks and spoilers for the game so you have to be careful if you don’t want to know them.

5. Hogwarts Legacy Modding Community

Hogwarts Legacy Modding Community is a fairly new server currently having 750 members. They discuss everything about the game Hogwarts Legacy, keeping their members up to date on the mods from Nexus Mods. They promote a SFW modding community for enthusiastic Harry Potter Legacy gamers.

6. Hogwarts Duelist

Hogwarts Duelist is a Discord Server formed around Hogwarts Legacy. With 575 members, you can engage with a friendly community that shares your interest with the game and can share tips and tricks on the gameplay, different topic discussions, and other activities related to Harry Potter.

Upon joining, they have a sorting hat that allows you to get sorted into your house. They also find other ways to make their community more engaged such as holding fun games such as regular Trivia nights. 

7. FriendsByNight

FriendsByNight Discord Server is a haven for players of games like Hogwarts Legacy. Currently having more than a thousand members, the community lets you choose a faction where you can hang out and share tips and tricks for the games you play. They also have giveaway events you can join, along with text chat, and voice chat options. 

8. Ancient Luna

Established in May 2018, Ancient Luna is an international community for all gamers around the world. This Discord server is not only for Hogwarts Legacy, but also hosts channels for many other games where you can have casual discussions and share your gaming experience. 

Ancient Luna is a respectful community that welcomes new joiners. They also host virtual dinner meetups and late-night study sessions. 

9. Hogwarts Legacy Gaming

Hogwarts Legacy Gaming is a small Discord server for Hogwarts Legacy with less than 100 members. Also called Hogwarts Legacy Gamers, it has everything from choosing houses, game help, spoilers, trivia, modding, and off topic channels discussing books, movies, music, memes, even pets, and self promotion.

It has everything you’d want for a Hogwarts Legacy Discord server for gamers and Potterheads alike.


Hogwarts Legacy is more fun when you share your experience with other people. With these 10 best Hogwarts Legacy Discord servers, you can choose a community that will bring the best in your gaming experience. And who knows, you might meet new friends and gamers you can explore more games with.

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