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Yu-Gi-Oh: Top 10 Best Rank 4 XYZ Monsters

Rank 4 XYZ monsters have been a staple of any Yu-Gi-Oh player’s collection since their release back in 2011.

With over 150 different rank 4 XYZ monsters in the game, it can be tough to find which ones to acquire.

I’ve put together a list for you, acquiring 3 copies of each of these cards will give you all the generic rank 4 XYZ monsters you’ll ever need!

Level 4 monsters are the most common out of all monster levels/ranks/link ratings, with over 2000 individual monsters existing in the game.

It’s fair to say most decks will run at least a few of them, so they should have a few rank 4 monsters to summon too.

Note: These are generic XYZ monsters that can slip nicely into any deck, rather than archetype/type/attribute specific XYZ monsters.

10. Maestroke the Symphony Djinn

Maestroke the Symphony Djinn, one of the best Rank 4 XYZ Yugioh monsters

Puny ATK/DEF stats are required to make this card even remotely balanced.

As any long-term player will know, Book of Moon used to be a staple in any deck.

The ability to flip an opponent’s monster face-down is surprisingly effective, shutting down a number of strategies.

Due to this, Maestroke the Symphony Djinn is an epic card that can be used to switch 2 monsters to face-down defense position.

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9. Photon Papilloperative

Photon Pailloperative, one of the best Rank 4 XYZ Yugioh monsters

Pretty much the opposite of the previous entry, only it’s much better as an attacking threat.

Defense position monsters cannot catch a break when this monster is on the field, as it’ll reveal them for all to see and reduce their ATK stat.

Photon Papilloperative is great for OTK combos or for shutting down defensive decks.

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8. Utopia Series

Number 39: Utopia, one of the best Rank 4 XYZ Monsters in Yugioh

Technically not 1 monster, the Utopia series of XYZ monsters is an excellent toolbox that any duelist should own.

Duelists all over the world are fond of this series of Utopia monsters, the myriad of options available are too good to pass up.

No matter the situation, a Utopia monster is a reliable and foolproof method of bailing you out or extending a victory.

Perfect for budget players due to their low cost, getting your hands on these cards is a breeze and they’re some of the best Rank 4 monsters in the game!

List of Utopia XYZ monsters:

Number 39: UtopiaAmazon

Number C39: Utopia RayAmazon

Number S39: Utopia Prime  – Amazon

Number S39: Utopia the LightningAmazon

Number 39: Utopia BeyondAmazon

Number 39: Utopia DoubleAmazon

7. Number 101: Silent Honor ARK

Number 101: Silent Honor ARK, one of the best aqua type monsters in Yugioh

Few moments are more satisfying than equipping your opponent’s best monster to Silent Honor ARK, the look on their face is priceless.

You can run out of options at times, some monsters take a long time to get rid of.

When battling or destructive effects fail, equipping them to your own monster is the next step.

The ATK/DEF stats are quite low but Silent Honor ARK’s power is in its effect!

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6. Steelswarm Roach

Steelswarm Roach, one of the best Rank 4 XYZ Yugioh monsters

Prevent your opponent from special summoning any high-level monsters with this XYZ monster that requires any two level-4 monsters.

Seems a bit cheap but Steelswarm Roach is very, very effective.

It’ll prove particularly useful when you already have the upper hand, giving your opponent absolutely no chance to turn the game around.

Most decks are rife with high level monsters, being able to shut down their board before it even gets going is huge.

It’ll have no effect on Link or XYZ monsters though, so only include it when you’re against decks that don’t rely on them.

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5. Number 41: Bagooska the Terribly Tired Tapir

Number 41: Bagooska the Terribly Tired Tapir, one of the best Rank 4 XYZ Monsters in Yugioh

Bagooska is a crazy card, meager material requirements usually result in a less powerful monster but this one is particularly savvy.

Capable of shutting down your opponent’s plays completely, a Bagooska in defense position is a nightmare for anyone on the opposite side of the field.

Summoning this first turn is extremely easy and will guarantee an advantageous position for the early stages of the duel!

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4. Castel, the Skyblaster Musketeer

Castel the Skyblaster Musketeer, one of the best Rank 4 XYZ Yugioh monsters

As discussed before, returning cards to the deck is incredibly powerful and a monster with such an effect should be hard to summon.

This card is so easy to call upon and has the potential to win you the game there and then.

It can return a card back to the deck, or switch 2 monsters to face-down defense position over the course of two turns.

Castel can target spells/traps too, some of them are extremely valuable to many decks so forcing them to waste a few cards getting them back can be devastating.

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3. Tornado Dragon

Tornado Dragon, one of the best Rank 4 XYZ Yugioh monsters

Clearly a monster variant of Mystical Space Typhoon, Tornado Dragon will contribute heavily to the destruction of your opponent’s spell/trap cards.

Particularly useful again stalling decks, this XYZ monster is invaluable in the right situations.

Since it works in either player’s turn, you can interrupt your opponent’s combos after they’ve already invested cards.

Lair of Darkness, for example, is a great card to shut down with Tornado Dragon.

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2. Time Thief Redoer

Up there with some of the most annoying cards to face against in Yu-Gi-Oh history. Time Thief Redoer has a weird but powerful effect, stealing your opponent’s cards and having a few bonuses once he has them.

Even just being able to draw 2 cards is an absurd effect as you’ll have stolen two spell cards. Decent ATK/DEF stats and self-protection if you detach a monster is just the icing on the cake.

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1. Daigusto Emeral

The only card on the list to make an entry on the Forbidden List, being limited to 1 copy per extra deck.

Daigusto Emeral is used in several big combos for its effect to special summon a normal monster in the graveyard.

I personally love the monster recycling effect, as it also provides a bit of draw power.

Low ATK/DEF is fine as you won’t be using it in battle, you’ll mostly use it to supplement the rest of your deck’s strategies.

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Wednesday 6th of November 2019

Where are the wind-up or madolche xyz? tiaramisu is soft once per turn double non-targeting removal while recycling your cards, and it removes both backrow and monsters, sending them to the deck, wich very few decks can actually deal with.

Yuri arc-v fan

Wednesday 14th of November 2018

Why isn’t dark rebellion xyz dragon on here?


Saturday 19th of May 2018

This list seems...kind of outdated? No mention of Bagooska or Utopia seems odd

Ryan McKenna

Monday 21st of May 2018

You're right mate, this list is massively out-dated. Currently editing it as we speak :)

Jeffrey Ku

Saturday 24th of March 2018


Ryan McKenna

Monday 26th of March 2018



Jeffrey Ku

Saturday 24th of March 2018



Friday 23rd of March 2018

I would have put Cairngorgon or Utopia instead of Pearl.

Ryan McKenna

Friday 23rd of March 2018

Yeah both of those are great and could easily replace Pearl!