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Top 10 Best Yugioh Winged Beast Type Monsters

The winged beast type is mostly known for their famous archetypes like Harpie & Blackwing, there are plenty of great winged beast cards that don’t fit into such archetypes. These cards are either great in any winged beast deck or in a number of other decks that don’t utilise winged beast type monsters. The top spot on this list for example is a card that almost every deck should have in its arsenal.

This list will be all you need for a winged beast deck but you’ll also find some cards that, if you were previously unaware of, will surprise you as to how good they are!

Disclaimer: Archetypes have been avoided. Lets be honest, you already know the best archetypes. This list will focus on lesser known and/or ‘independant’ cards.


10. Battlestorm

Battlestorm, one of the best yugioh winged beast type monsters

Battlestorm is an awesome level 4 monster, even if you ignore its first effect. It’ll provide you with a high ATK, easy to summon beat-down card to clear your opponent’s field and deal heavy damage. You can’t really go wrong by sticking this into any deck that revolves around winged beast type monsters. If not for the fact this card is a dark attribute, it’d be higher up the list.

Packs you can get this card in: Raging Battle, Battle Pack 3: Monster League.

9. Hunter Owl

Hunter Owl, one of the best yugioh winged beast type monsters

With a maximum ATK stat of 3500, Hunter Owl is so good in any wind attribute deck. While it might be a tad underwhelming if you don’t have any other wind monsters on the field, the situations where it makes full use of its effect will make up for such a drawback. I’ve faced this card many times and every time I do, I have trouble defeating it.

Packs you can get this card in: Dragunity Legion Structure Deck.


8. Crane Crane

Crane Crane, one of the best yugioh winged beast type monsters

A free rank 3 XYZ monster, not really much else to say. That’s the only use of Crane Crane, although you could combine it with a level 2 tuner monster to get a level 8 synchro on the field. It’s exceptional in a lot of situations, providing options not many other cards can give. It only gets its effect when its normal summoned though, which is a slight disappointment.

Packs you can get this card in: Premium Gold,  Wing Raiders.


7. Ice Princess Zereort

Ice Princess Zereort

Having trouble with a boss monster? Ice Princess Zereort will sort you out. It’s quite difficult to summon as it requires two level 5 monsters but if you plan your strategies correctly, it shouldn’t be too much of a hassle. Then you have its effect which is capable of turning even the strongest monsters into whimpering babies!

Packs you can get this card in: Judgment of the Light.


6. Phantom Gryphon

Phantom Gryphon, one of the best yugioh winged beast type monsters

Sometimes it’s nice to have a low level, high ATK monster as an option. The 2000 ATK stat means just four direct attacks are all that’s needed to defeat your opponent, I highly suggest you put Phantom Gryphon into your winged beast or wind deck. The viability of such a card cannot be understated, I guarantee it’ll help you win more than it makes you lose.

Packs you can get this card in:  Crossed Souls, 2016 Mega-Tin Mega Pack.


5. Totem Bird

Totem Bird, one of the best yugioh winged beast type monsters

This card looks incredible in the rarity shown (Secret rare? Parallel rare? I get mixed up sometimes), I’d be lying if I said I didn’t want to put it higher because of its art. In terms of dueling effectiveness, Totem Bird is epic. While it doesn’t have the highest ATK, the ability to negate a spell or trap card is game-winning at times. It’s so easy to summon as well, only two level 3 wind monsters are required, which is no problem for any wind deck.

Packs you can get this card in: Lord of the Tachyon Galaxy, 2014 Mega-Tin Mega Pack.


4. Number 49: Fortune Tune

Number 49: Fortune Tune, one of the best yugioh winged beast type monsters

Not just a great winged beast monster, Number 49: Fortune Tune is an overall amazing rank 3 XYZ monster. With absolutely painless summoning requirements, this monster will get out on the field quickly and provide a number of great effects. It’ll give you life points, stay on the field to help defend from attacks and even go back to your extra deck when it finally gets destroyed. This works perfectly with monsters that gain power depending on how many other winged beast monsters you control.

Packs you can get this card in: Number Hunters.


3. The Atmosphere

The Atmosphere, one of the best yugioh winged beast type monsters

Such an awesome card and one that might be a bit hit or miss. Personally I see this card as amazing, while you might disagree quite heavily. Banish two monsters on the field and 1 in your graveyard to summon this, then steal an opponent’s monster and gain its ATK/DEF stats. It’s definitely a tad situational but I believe you’ll make use of it thoroughly. The look on your opponent’s face would be priceless as well!

Packs you can get this card in: Judgment of the Light.


2. Vortex the Whirlwind

Vortex the Whirlwind, one of the best yugioh winged beast type monsters

I know what you’re thinking, this card doesn’t look that good. Think further, it’s a reliable synchro monster with a variety of uses. As a level 5, it can be used to synchro summon even further or act as an XYZ material. If you decide to keep it on the field, it can destroy your opponent’s monsters and get a monster back if its destroyed in battle. Overall I think this card has more uses than anything before it on the list.

Packs you can get this card in: Storm of Ragnarok.


1. Castel, the Skyblaster Musketeer

Castel the Sky Blaster, the best Yugioh winged beast type monster

Had to be Castel, it’s head and shoulders above everyone else. It’s almost a necessity to have nowadays, its effect is so immensely powerful for its summoning requirements. With a respectable ATK stats to back it up, it’s uses extend further than a “shuffle into the deck” bot. I don’t actually own a Castel IRL, I desperately need a good 4-5 copies of it though. This monster is definitely the best winged beast type in the entire game!

Packs you can get this card in: Duelist Alliance,  Astral Pack Seven, 2015 Mega-Tins, Premium Gold: Infinite Gold, Duelist Saga.