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Top 10 Best Level 4 Yugioh Monsters

Level 4 monsters have always been the backbone of most decks, they usually have the ATK/DEF stats required to perform well after being summoned.

Some of them have powerful effects that can help turn the tide of a duel or further secure a victory.

The best level 4 monsters tend to have both but some have so much ATK/DEF or such amazing effects that they pip others in terms of power.

So if you’re looking to spice up your decks and make your friends hate you, check out the top 10 best level 4 Yugioh monsters!

10) Steel Cavalry of Dinon

Steel Cavalry of Dinon, one of the best level 4 monsters in Yugioh

If you have a stall or defensive deck, you might find yourself using monsters like Destiny Hero – Defender and Big Shield Gardna.

Time to switch them out as there’s a much better version of both of them, this card has a decent ATK and really high DEF at 2600.

Of course, it has a drawback, Pendulum monsters can destroy it easily but it’s still an amazing card and arguably the best level 4 defensive monster.

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9) Goblindbergh

Goblindbergh, one of the best level 4 monsters in Yugioh

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Among the best monsters for easy access to a powerful rank 4 XYZ monster is Goblindbergh, a great option for decks containing level 4 monsters that have effects when special summoned.

A staple such as this is great for many different casual decks, although it does take up a normal summon that could be spent on better cards if you’re playing competitively.

8) Dino-Sewing

Dino-Sewing, one of the best level 4 monsters in Yugioh

Another great defensive card, Dino-Sewing cannot be destroyed by battle but unlike other cards that have this, it comes with even more.

If its attacked 3 times it’ll have 3000 ATK, imagine this with a deck that forces your opponent to attack.

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7) Inspector Boarder

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Quite a confusing card, Inspector Boarder prevents monster effects from activating if there are none of the specified types on the field. If a fusion and XYZ monster are on the field, each player can use up to 2 monster effects per turn.

Used as a stall card to shut your opponent out for a turn or so, with 2000 ATK/DEF to prevent them simply summoning a monster and beating over it.

6) Astraltopia

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Essential in many Utopia decks but also great in any XYZ-based decks.

Astraltopia gives itself up as another free material for XYZ summoning. Alongside a Number or Utopia based archetype, it can be even more invaluable.

These packages have been commonplace in previous years and you never know when they could become useful again. So I’d definitely recommend picking up a few copies of this card if you can.

5) High ATK Normal Monsters

Gene-Warped Warwolf, one of the best level 4 monsters in Yugioh

Maybe you’ve viewed this list to see some great normal monsters for whatever reason. There’s a fair few with 2000 ATK, being able to summon such a high ATK monster immediately is great.

Here is a list of all known high ATK normal monsters:

4) Armageddon Knight

Dark Warriors, the best competitive deck in Yugioh as of November

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Commonly featured in the competitive scene and currently limited to one copy per deck on the forbidden list.

While Armageddon Knight doesn’t do too much on his own, his ability to dump a Dark monster can start entire combos that can result in a board full of monsters.

Every player should own at least 3 copies.

3) Denko Sekka

Denko Sekka, one of the best yugioh thunder type monsters

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Denko Sekka absolutely invalidates many different deck types, especially those based around traps, such as Paleofrogs.

Particularly effective when going first or while running decks containing no traps, this card is definitely a level 4 staple for any collector.

Very good in niche situations but there are a few other monsters that see a lot more versatility.

2) Beatraptor

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Decent ATK/DEF stats bolstered by a floodgate anti-Link effect. Most decks rely on their first Link monster to function so shutting it down can be game-winning.

Of course, there are ways to do this without investing some deck slots in Beatraptor but it can fit into Dino decks (which are common nowadays, especially among beginners) and casual decks.

1) Skull Meister

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Currently, the only generic level 4 monster that sees competitive play, Skull Meister is also one of the best hand-traps in the game.

Graveyards are pretty much just an extra hand in today’s Yu-Gi-Oh game, with cards constant activating their effects when sent to the graveyard, or triggering them when they’re already in the graveyard.

Skull Meister can shut it down straight away and leave your opponent trying to think of what to do next.


Saturday 21st of March 2020

Some other names you may have forgotten: Thunder king rai-oh, inspector boarder, denko sekka, lightning rod lord, zap mustung, fossil dyna pachycephalo, thunderclap monk, diana spirit of light, wattgiraffe, vylon prism, guiding ariadne, honest, barrier statues, doomcaliber knight, etc.