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Top 10 Funniest Yugioh Cards

With the many thousands of cards in Yugioh, the artists & creators must have got a bit bored and snuck in a few funny cards.

Whether it’s the name or the art, there are cards that are absolutely hilarious to behold.

Most of them are completely pointless in a gameplay sense, offering nothing but humor so I’m confident you’ve never seen these cards before.

I’ve looked through so many cards, taking notes on each one that made me giggle. 

10. Humpty Grumpty

Humpty Grumpty, one of the funniest Yugioh cards

Clearly a nod towards Humpty Dumpty, this zombie-type monster is both bizarre and funny.

What’s with those little wings? I highly doubt they’d be able to lift that massive zombie creature.

9. Doom Donuts

Doom Donuts, one of the funniest Yugioh cards

Out of all the different foods in the world, they chose a donut to make evil.

You’d think something else could have taken the “evil food” spot, like a sausage roll or a grapefruit but no.

This doesn’t even take into account the hilarity of Doom Donut’s effect which is laughably bad!

8. Tatsunootoshigo

Tatsunootoshigo, one of the funniest Yugioh cards

This normal monster’s description puts it perfectly with the word bizarre, that’s exactly what this monstrosity is.

The fact that it’s smiling indicates it isn’t utterly depressed from its appearance, which makes it even more bizarre!

7. Overworked

Overworked, one of the funniest Yugioh cards

Likely the trump card of any office worker, Overworked has a horrifically bad effect but a funny image.

It’s obviously an extension of Kozaky‘s trap line, which features him getting up to all kinds of different things.

6. Papa-Corn

Actually not even that bad of a card, 2200 ATK for a 4-star monster is pretty nice if you meet the effect conditions.

Food-based card arts are always hilarious and I really hope a whole silly archetype is released someday.

Available in the Abyss Rising set, you know you want 3 copies.

5. Hip Hoshiningen

Based on the classic Hoshiningen released in 2002, it was really good seeing Konami modernise a lot of the old cards, like Wee Witch’s Apprentice and Duelittle Chimera.

Witness this star in all its glory, serenaded by bright colors, shiny boots and even a crown!

They could have made it a lot cuter but no, deciding on a weird grin seems preferable apparently.

4. Goblin Decoy Squad

Goblin Decoy Squad, one of the funniest Yugioh cards

Goblins are usually portrayed as stupid but completely evil, preferring to feast on their slain enemies and attack in droves.

In the world of Yugioh however, they’re a completely different race, represented as comic relief.

You fully know their decoy plan will never work anyway.

3. D-Boyz

D-Boyz, one of the funniest Yugioh cards

Watch out, d-boyz are coming. Yeah, you’ll never hear anyone say that in a real duel.

While D-Boyz’s effect isn’t as bad as others on the list, you simply can’t take this card seriously and you’ll have a hard time encountering these gangsters in a duel.

2. People Running About

People Running About, one of the funniest Yugioh cards

Believe it or not, this isn’t the most ridiculous card in the game.

How would they even work in battle? You summon this ‘monsters’ and they trample their enemies?

Doesn’t make sense to me, although it explains why it has low ATK/DEF stats.

1. Hungry Burger

Hungry Burger, the funniest Yugioh card

I thought Doom Donuts was bad enough, it has nothing on the stupidity and amusement of the Hungry Burger.

It even has the toppings like lettuce & tomato, how did this monster even come into creation?

On second thought, I really don’t want to know.

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Tuesday 5th of March 2019

This is a great list. Thank you for making it.