Top 10 Most Bizarre Yugioh Cards

One of the most awesome parts about Yugioh is the ability to fill your deck full of monsters you enjoy using. A deck containing cards you find thematically cool makes the game much more enjoyable. However, Yugioh is all about fun so making a deck that contains random and bizarre cards is actually quite amusing, although they’re rarely viable. Konami have released tons of weird cards over the years, which is unsurprising when you consider the fact Yugioh has thousands of cards, some bizarre variants have to sneak their way in at some point. If you want a weird deck or are simply interested, here’s the top 10 most weird & bizarre Yugioh cards!



10. Tongue Twister

You can tell they really ran out of ideas when they thought of this. A card based on the popular words “tongue twister”, they could have made it some kind of trickster spellcaster but no. Instead they drew a tongue, twisted the bottom then added a huge eye and teeth.


9. Tongyo

Tongyo is a really old card, first released in the Metal Raiders pack in 2004. Weirdly enough, I’ve never actually seen this card before. I’m glad about this though, such a bizarre creature should stay far, far away from my eyesight.


8. Water Spirit

While the Water Spirit is actually a decent monster as its a tuner, the art is completely ill-favored. It’s a watery blob with a skull-like face, no one would surely fight this thing if it was real. They should have given it at least a half completed face, rather than just the skull!


7. The Judgement Hand

I just can’t understand why this card would come into creation. It’s just a hand, how can it possibly be “all-powerful” like its description specifies? I have so many more questions, who does it belong to? Why does it have so much ATK?


6. Ojama Green

All of the Ojamas are creepy and grotesque but Ojama Green is on another level completely. As seen in the Yugioh series, this monster constantly has its tongue out so he slobbers everywhere. That huge eye is awful and WHY IS HE WEARING SWIMWEAR UNDERPANTS?! I have no idea what goes on inside the mind of Ojama Green’s creator.


5. Twin Long Rods #2

Maybe this monster isn’t too bad but the angle its depicted in the art is both bizarre and hilarious. It looks like it’s just seen a naked Dark Magician Girl, those eyes popping out and stone-like teeth are too much to behold.


4. Curtain of the Dark Ones

Yugioh is home to god-like dragons, ancient spellcasters and….evil curtains.

Curtain of the Dark Ones is another monster who was released during the early Yugioh days, Konami had a huge amount of options to explore in terms of monsters yet they choose creatures like this.


3. Tatsunootoshigo

Even this monster’s description agrees with me, Tatsunootoshigo is utterly bizarre and funny. I mean, a horse/fish hybrid would be weird enough but the fact its smiling signifies it isn’t anything other than horrified at its appearance.


2. Dice Jar

I can understand the whole concept of evil jars, powerful effects are upon you when their contents are released. I can also comprehend them having some kind of face, they are monsters after all. What I can’t forgive is Dice Jar’s face, it looks madly insane and creepy as anything.


1. Hungry Burger

This card has been a meme between duelists for years. Monsters based on food can never be anything short of bizarre,  not least the Hungry Burger. Out of pure curiosity, I’d actually love to see an archetype based on food. The Hungry Burger, the Doom Donuts, the Bearded Banana, the Wicked Steak etc. That’s a deck type I’d love to play!

2 thoughts on “Top 10 Most Bizarre Yugioh Cards

  • March 20, 2018 at 2:18 am

    You forgot Carrotweight champion of the world! :O

  • April 14, 2019 at 12:29 pm

    Actually “tongue twister” was one of the few cards that was designed by a fan from a contest.


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