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Top 10 Best Yugioh Themed Gifts

Yugioh players are always easy to buy gifts for, you could spend thousands of dollars on Yugioh gifts and they still wouldn’t have a complete collection.

I can speak for the Yugioh community when I say, do your research before you buy. It’s always nice to receive any kind of Yugioh themed gift but if it’s full of cards we don’t need, it’s kind of a waste of money.

Thankfully, some gifts are always welcome, regardless of the Yugioh player. Finding them in such a huge hobby is tough, so I’ve put together this list to help you find the perfect Yugioh themed gift!


10. Starter Decks

Link Strike, the best starter deck in Yugioh

On a budget, starter decks are great gifts. They don’t contain that many good cards, but they do come in a nice storage box with a rule book, game mat and pre-built deck. Even experienced players like receiving starter decks, it’s more shinies to add to their collection and more commons for deck building.

You should look at the best starter decks and decide which one looks best, although I’d highly recommend any of the top 2!


9. Custom Card Sleeves

Custom card sleeves, one of the best gifts in Yugioh

Nothing says “I love you” more than plastering your face on the back of some card sleeves, ready for your family member or partner to add to their main deck. Plenty of stores online will create them for you, although I have no experience with doing so.

Please, if anyone gets any custom card sleeves, let me know the quality and where you got them from!


8. Structure Decks

Zombie Horde, the best structure deck in Yugioh!

Structure decks are amazing, giving you a wide variety of cards in a pre-built deck. In prior years, structure decks were something to be built upon but nowadays, they’re already strong on their own!

It’s highly recommended to buy a set of 3 of the same structure deck. For example, 3 x Zombie Horde would cost $29, yet would result in a truly powerful deck, ready to be taken to a tournament.


7. Tins

Yugi Mega Tin 2017, one of the best collector tins in Yugioh

Yugioh tins contain a small pack of promo cards, as well as booster or mega packs. Old tins always came with a few booster packs but nowadays, tins come with mega packs full of awesome cards.

What I like most about them is their storage capacity, each tin can hold hundreds of common Yugioh cards. Being able to safely store common cards is essential.

I’ve already ranked the best collector tins in Yugioh here so feel free to pick any one of them!


6. Custom Game Mats

Custom game mat, one of the best gifts in Yugioh

I rank a custom game mat over card sleeves due to how often you’d use it, being able to use the game mat during every duel you have. You can get literally anything put on a mat, from cool art to family pictures.

Please, if anyone gets a custom game mat, let me know the quality and where you got them from!


5. Gold Series Boxes

Gold Series, one of the best gifts in Yugioh

Many players hate Gold Rare cards so make sure the gift receiver doesn’t hate the rarity. If they don’t, Gold Series boxes tend to have outstanding collector value. Many cards have never been released previously and likely won’t be afterwards. Considered the “Premium” version of Yugioh sets, they cost a pretty penny!

Take a look at all of the sets and their prices here.


4. Booster Boxes

Booster Boxes, one of the best gifts in Yugioh

Depending on what the booster box contains, this entry could possibly be the most rewarding on this list, containing as much as 24 packs per box.

If you’re unfamiliar, each booster box contains 1-3 Secret Rare cards that tend to hold huge amounts of value. Infinite Impermanence for example sells for $90, with the booster box selling for $95. Most booster boxes contain what we call “chase” cards like that!

Pack openings are honestly one of the more enjoyable things you can do in Yugioh. A booster box plus something else Yugioh related would make for an amazing gift set!


3. Legendary Collection Boxes

Legendary Collection, one of the best gifts in Yugioh

A collector’s dream, Legendary Collections always contain some epic promo cards, as well as mega packs holding rare cards. Arguably the greatest thing about them is how Konami upgraded fan-favorite, nostalgic cards with nice rarities, such as the Secret Rare Scapegoat. See below for a full list of collections.

Honestly they’re all kind of expensive, due to how many incredible cards they obtain. Each box will provide enough cards to delight any Yugioh player, but collectors and/or nostalgic players will enjoy this entry the most!


2. Legendary Decks Boxes

Legendary Decks, one of the best gifts in Yugioh

Of all previous items on this list, none of them come close to this one in terms of value for money. There are 3 different Legendary Deck Boxes available:

Choose Yugi’s Legendary Decks if the receiver is looking for nostalgia, the decks provided aren’t too strong in terms of dueling power. However, they come with a large variety of original cards, which were last released over 10 years ago!

The Legendary Decks 2 box is similar to the Yugi Box, only it contains brand new support for Yugi, Kaiba and Joey. Those 3 were the main characters in the original series, older fans would appreciate this set quite a bit.

Legendary Dragon Decks box contains arguably the best of all 4 in terms of dueling prowess. Cyber Dragons and the Dark Magician series of cards can both be upgraded to tournament-level decks.

Also, the Legendary Hero Decks offer some fun but lackluster Warrior based decks. I’d only recommend the box to newer players who aren’t familiar with previous Yugioh formats.


1. Individual Cards

Ash Blossom & Joyous Spring, one of the best Yugioh zombie type monsters

Trust me, no Yugioh player wants any of the previous entries if they have the chance of getting singles they need instead. So many of us have trouble finishing some decks, or obtaining staples we need to play competitively.

I guarantee you’ll make someone’s year if you can get them a play-set of an incredible hand-trap. Or a deck core such as Crusadia. If you badly need helping finding some good singles, there’s a list of staples here and honestly, buying any amount of any of them would be amazing!

If you’re clueless about Yugioh and have no idea what cards the receiver needs, forget about buying singles.