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Top 10 Best Fusion Monsters in Yugioh

Fusion monsters are the oldest cards to make use of the extra deck, way before Synchro or XYZ monsters existed. So over the years, many Fusion monsters have been released. Some are awesome, while others are absolutely terrible. The requirement of a Polymerisation card is a bit of a hassle at times, even despite the myriad of cards that allow you to search for it. Even then, summoning Fusion monsters is a really satisfying part of the Yugioh game, something I believe everyone should have a deck based around!

Take a look at the best Fusion in Yugioh. I’ve tried to keep it non-archetype specific, as cards like D/D/D Wave Oblivion King Wave Caeser Ragnarok are amazing but they’re not relevant to the majority of my readers!


10. Five-Headed Dragon

Five-Headed Dragon, Yugioh Dragon type monster

You know it’s going to be an amazing list when this card appears at a lowly 10th place. While this Fusion monster’s effectiveness has waned over the years, it’s still a great choice for any Dragon deck, especially when combo’d with Future Fusion. Dumping 5 Dragon type monsters into your graveyard from your deck is a huge advantage and after 2 turns, you’ll get this 5000 ATK/DEF beater!


9. Odd-Eyes Vortex Dragon

Odd-Eyes Vortex Dragon, one of the best fusion monsters in Yugioh

Of all the Odd-Eyes cards available, I feel like variant is the most suitable for this list. Don’t get me wrong, there’s plenty of other great choices, I wanted to limit Odd-Eyes appearances to 1 though. This Fusion monster is particularly strong and should be in any Pendulum deck you can fit an Odd-Eyes monster into.


8. The Last Warrior From Another Planet

The Last Warrior From Another Planet, one of the best fusion monsters in Yugioh

What a creative name. The oldest card on the list is insane, just read that last effect. Players will definitely be put off by its requirements, as you’ll need to stick either Zombrya the Dark or Maryokutai in the deck and something like The Earth – Hex-Sealed Fusion too. However, if you can summon this card, it’ll help stall for a while or deal some serious damage!


7. Rainbow Neos

Rainbow Neos, one of the most powerful Yugioh monsters

One of my old friends obtained this card in Ghost Rare, he didn’t even play Yugioh, just decided to buy a pack. I was so jealous, the luck of some people baffle me. Rainbow Neos is actually amazing, with a plethora of ways to go about your turn. Victory is almost guaranteed if this card can hit the field safely, especially when it’s combined with a card like Safe Zone.


6. Masked Hero Dark Law

Masked Hero Dark Law, one of the best fusion monsters in Yugioh

If you’ve ever read my article regarding my 10 best decks, you’ll know I’m a casual player. At no point would 99% of my decks ever last more than a turn or two in a real tournament. My Masked Hero deck is another story, all because of Dark Law. You wouldn’t think a 2400 ATK/1800 DEF monster would be worthy of almost reaching the top 5 but Dark Law can completely shut down the strategy of loads of decks.


5. Mirror Force Dragon

Mirror Force Dragonone of the best fusion monsters in Yugioh

“If your opponent tries to play Yugioh, destroy all cards they control”

Dear god, this card is strong. In all fairness, it requires The Fang of Critias in a deck which is a huge downside by itself. There’s not much your opponent can do though, other than use a card that doesn’t target. For how easy it is to summon, it’s not a big problem if it does get destroyed!


4. Sea Monster of Theseus

Sea Monster of Theseus

A lot of Yugioh players thought this card would break the game upon release, piddly summoning requirements for a level 5 tuner monster is understandable. Sea Monster of Theseus didn’t break anything, yet it’s still an amazing Fusion monster that every player should have. Something like Instant Fusion can get it out easily, increasing your deck potency seven-fold.


3. Imperion Magnum the Superconductive Battlebot

Imperion Magnum the Superconductive Battlebot, one of the most powerful Yugioh monsters

Honestly it was truly awesome to see the Magnet Warriors get some support, it was long overdue as the archetype had been loved for a long time. Valkyrion the Magna Warrior was simply too difficult to summon in the past, now you have a reason to put it in your Magnet Warrior deck. It’s not uncommon to summon this Fusion monster in your first turn, there you’ll have a huge advantage and the game pretty much in your favor!


2. Chaos Ancient Gear Giant

Chaos Ancient Gear Giantone of the best fusion monsters in Yugioh

In the days of old, cards like this would have awkward or demanding summoning conditions or drawbacks. Not Chaos Ancient Gear Giant though, who can decide a game instantly. Any 4 Ancient Gear monsters are needed to fusion summon this card, something which is barely a strain on the deck. Only monster effects will get rid of it, good luck trying to get a monster with more ATK. Overall its game-deciding potential makes it one of the best Fusion monsters in the game!


1. Supreme King Z-Arc

Supreme King Z-Arc, the best level 12 monster in Yugioh

Had to be this card, no other Fusion monster is quite on the same level as Supreme King Z-ARC. To give Konami some credit, there is some counter-play as meeting the requirements is a fairly arduous task. If it hits the field, though, victory is guaranteed. This monster is arguably even better in the Pendulum Zone, as it’ll prevent your opponent’s Extra Deck monsters from using their effects and shut down any non-draw-phase drawing.

Logan Lahr

Friday 14th of February 2020

I feel as though ultimate knight shoulda made the list.

Duelist Joseph

Monday 10th of December 2018

i feel as Blue Eyes Twin Burst should've been on this list, that's a great card.

Ryan McKenna

Monday 10th of December 2018

There are several very good fusion monsters I had to leave out unfortunately :(

Thomas Hunt

Saturday 24th of November 2018

There should be at least one Frightfur on this list. Especially stuff like Frightfur Kraken or Frightfur Daredevil don't have to be archetype specific, as some fusion decks use Frightfur Patchwork and Edge-Imp Chain anyway. Just throw a The Dark - Hex-Sealed Fusion for stuff like Frightfur Tiger or Frightfur Leo, and then you don't need their respective Edge-Imps. A good combo could be a simple Fluffal Owl and Fluffal Dog used; Owl being generic enough for common usage as a Poly search and Dog used to search Owl. This could be effective as board destruction and powerful effect damage in any fusion deck, especially if you also use Frightfur Sanctuary to pump up the attack power of all your Fusion monsters. Frightfurs are a win-win in any fusion deck.