Top 10 Best Fusion Monsters in Yugioh

Mirror Force Dragon, one of the best fusion monsters in Yugioh
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  1. Avatar Thomas Hunt says:

    There should be at least one Frightfur on this list. Especially stuff like Frightfur Kraken or Frightfur Daredevil don’t have to be archetype specific, as some fusion decks use Frightfur Patchwork and Edge-Imp Chain anyway. Just throw a The Dark – Hex-Sealed Fusion for stuff like Frightfur Tiger or Frightfur Leo, and then you don’t need their respective Edge-Imps. A good combo could be a simple Fluffal Owl and Fluffal Dog used; Owl being generic enough for common usage as a Poly search and Dog used to search Owl. This could be effective as board destruction and powerful effect damage in any fusion deck, especially if you also use Frightfur Sanctuary to pump up the attack power of all your Fusion monsters. Frightfurs are a win-win in any fusion deck.

  2. Avatar Duelist Joseph says:

    i feel as Blue Eyes Twin Burst should’ve been on this list, that’s a great card.

    1. Ryan McKenna Ryan McKenna says:

      There are several very good fusion monsters I had to leave out unfortunately 🙁

  3. Avatar Logan Lahr says:

    I feel as though ultimate knight shoulda made the list.

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