My Top 10 Best Yugioh Decks

Having played for over 15 years, you can imagine the size of my collection. I do enjoy pondering over my many thousands of commons, keeping them instead of throwing them away or selling as bulk.

Due to this, my deck counts stands at nearly 50. Only a dozen or so are viable even competitively to be fair, with the others being either too old or based on terrible archetypes (looking at you, Harpies, Vehicroids & Six Samurais).

Personally, using a wide variety of decks is the optimal way to enjoy Yugioh. Investing your budget into 1-2 competitive decks is the best way to win matches and compete in tournaments for sure but I play casually.

To give you an idea of what kind of decks I play against, here’s the ones I see most often:

  • Felgrand
  • ABC
  • Monarch
  • Paleozoic Frog
  • Lunalight
  • Ancient Gear
  • Twilight Dragons
  • Lightsworn


Extra: Burning Abyss Sekka

Sekka’s Light is an interesting card that can act as a Pot of Greed in the right decks. It wasn’t until Thomas Rose won the UK National Championship did I realise how awesome Burning Abyss are, due to them making use of Sekka’s Light.

Technically I did just copy his decklist although I’ve made my own version, which is very similar but is missing a lot of the main hand-traps as I don’t have them. I’ve used this deck a few times now and it’s very confusing, I have a huge problem with the lack of spell/trap removal which is causing me to lose games.

Will update as I test it more.


Value: £113.65


10. Magnet Warrior

Magnet Warriors were given some great support in Yugi’s last Structure Deck. About time too, Konami hit the nail on the head with what they released. Imperion Magnum is an epic boss monster, capable of negating any effect once per turn. A massive 4000 ATK/DEF stats make this deck extremely powerful if you can summon it 1st or 2nd turn, in a casual duel anyway.

Swarming the field of level 3 Rock type monsters is another benefit and awesome reason to use this deck. I tend to whip it out when I’m facing someone new, as it’s a good deck that can challenge high tier decks, yet not run over lower tier decks like those further on this list.

A lack of consistency plagues this archetype though, summoning Imperion Magnum can be impossible one duel and easily achieved in the next.


Value: £47.90


9. Battlin’ Boxer

Bet its been a long, long time since you last laid eyes on this archetype!

Yep, Battlin’ Boxers are still around. After being power-creeped over the years, I’ve mixed my Battlin’ Boxer core with generic Fire attribute support cards, as well as 3 copies of Magic Cylinder.

On paper, this sounds like an inconsistent mess but in a duel, it actually works. Obviously, this deck would get creamed by an actual meta deck but against casual or even rogue decks, it can surprise everyone.

Summoning Lead Yoke (pictured) should be achievable first turn, almost every duel. Then it’s a case of protecting him with the likes of Magnum Shield, Safe Zone and Torrential Tribute (which doesn’t destroy Lead Yoke due to his effect). Using burn cards as a secondary win condition makes for a nice combo.

I’ve included some bonus content after this list that proves how good Battlin’ Boxers are!


Value: £17.98


8. Amazoness

Amazoness has always been an archetype I’d love to try, it lacked cohesiveness over the years so I avoided them. The likes of Chainmaster, Swords Woman, Queen & Sage all offer unique and powerful effects, especially for how old they are.

The second I was made aware of their new support back in 2017, I knew it was the next deck for me to build. Amazoness Onslaught is the MVP of the deck, giving you some breathing space against decks you’d usually struggle against.

Seeing as there’s so many continuous spells/traps, Waking the Dragon is an excellent decoy card to bait your opponent into!


Value:  £36.46


7. Cyberse

Konami seems determined to make Cyberse a strong type, they’ve already received 2 Structure Decks and 1 Starter Deck based around them. Believe it or not, there’s already more Cyberse monsters in the game than there are Dinosaurs, Fish, Sea Serpents & Wyrms!

Looking like they’ll be a jack-of-all-trades archetype, my Cyberse deck variant focuses on swarming to get Transcode Talker and Knightmares co-linked. Once you get a few co-links going, your board becomes almost unbreakable and while it lacks OTK power, consistency is key.


Value: £31.50


6. Deskbot

Deskbots are an awesome casual/rogue option for players on a budget. Every member of this archetype is a common, so they tend to be extremely cheap yet Deskbots can function well against a variety of decks. Of course, meta decks worth hundreds will still beat them though.

Full of swarming, Deskbots seek to bring out their friends and boost the ATK of all machine monsters. It’s not difficult to have a 10,000 ATK boss monster by your 2nd or 3rd turn. Speedroid Menko was added for some protection, Deskbots are fragile so having a backup option to survive another turn is so helpful!


Value: £23.06


5.  D/D

After playing at least 50 duels with this deck, as well as taking it to my first locals, I’m still not really sure what I’m doing. There’s so much you can do with even a small hand, honestly it is kind of overwhelming.

In Link format, the D/D archetype takes an extra turn to get their board set up and they’re massively weak to disruption. Too many combo pieces are required, I miss the days of summoning 4-5 Extra Deck monsters in 1 turn.

Despite all of these problems, this deck is still really fun to play and barely made a dent in my wallet too. I’m desperately hoping for future support, D/Ds are incredibly fair with a ton of counter-play!


Value:  £27.90


4. Spellcaster

Typical Dark Magician deck with nothing special to be honest, other than the fact I don’t own a single copy of the mandatory Apprentice Illusion Magician. I make these wizards work anyway, their special summon spam combined with Dark Magical Circle is potent enough.

I like to include Secret Village of the Spellcasters and Magician’s Right Hand to lock my opponent out of their own spell cards which is surprisingly good. Overall though, I haven’t invested much in this deck and I don’t plan too, it’s just really strong anyway!


Value: £44.10



Currently waiting for the upcoming Legendary Decks before I bother to set up my HERO decklist. Right now though, it’s basically a Dark Law turbo with a ton of protection for him. Dark Bribe, Recall and Solemn traps all prevent your opponent from playing Yugioh when combined with Dark Law’s effects.

I very rarely use my HERO deck, Dark Law counters so many of my friends’ strategies and archetypes it’s bizarre. Literally just summoning this guy is GG against a huge variety of opponents.

Decklist (none yet, waiting for the HERO Legendary Decks)

Value: N/A


2. Cubic

Cubics are absolutely insane, you can build my decklist for just £40 and you’ll have a rogue deck that can OTK literally any other deck in the game. Summoning Crimson Nova (pictured) is surprisingly easy, with so much searching power in the form of Cubic Karma. Activating Cubic Wave to double its ATK and halve the ATK of an opponent’s monster before attacking and ending turn is incredible!

Eater of Millions is in there for non-targeting removal of crazy boss monsters. Both Eater of Millions and Crimson Nova are massively vulnerable to spells and traps though, justifying my additions of 2 Cosmic Cyclones and 3 Mystical Space Typhoons/


Value: £39.30


1. Blue-Eyes

Of all my decks, none can consistently output such beefy boards as Blue-Eyes. Possibly the most fair deck on this list too, my Blue-Eyes build doesn’t deviate too far from the standard set-up. Unfortunately, I don’t own a Skill Drain.

Summoning 3000 ATK beaters is absolutely not a problem, I can get 1-2 on the field each turn easily. Backrow is a huge problem though, so I added Heavy Storm Duster to aid my offensive efforts. Completely “go hard or go home”, I absolutely adore the Blue-Eyes archetype for its power and fairness.


Value: £107.83


Personal Tournament

As sad as this sounds, I had a ton of time to kill so I grabbed my 32 best decks and pitted them together in a knockout tournament. During the Quarter & Semi finals, you had to win a best out of 3 to progress. The final and 3rd place winners were determined by a best of 5 match.

Here are the results!

Unfortunately I don’t have deck lists for them all (honestly at least half are pretty terrible anyway) and all duels had both decks being controlled by myself.

I’ll detail a few decks I was surprised by..

Battlin’ Boxer: When I first obtained this archetype, I was so happy as Battlin’ Boxers were very strong back then. Ever since, their main boss monsters have been power-creeped down to obscurity. At least, that’s what I thought!

Non-destruction removal isn’t too common nowadays so Lead Yoke can survive for a while, huge ATK boosts make battling other high beater decks a breeze. Blue-Eyes is far more consistent though, with it being capable of running over Lead Yoke. The fact Battlin Boxer’s took down the Deskbots (a deck I was sure would reach the semi-finals) is crazy!

Cubic: I knew they would get far but not win the entire thing. Consistency is key for Cubics, sometimes they can OTK the best decks while other times they falter to some crappy old rogue strategies. Since I’ve changed them up myself, adding in cards such as Foolish Burial Goods, Cubics have become a formidable deck.

Zombie: A mix of vampire, Shiranui and generic Zombie support. Resigned to the backlines, my Zombie deck was never supposed to do anything of notice. After trouncing the Spellcaster deck though, I realised just how storng they are.

I consider my Spellcaster/Dark Magician deck to be my 2nd or 3rd best deck so for them to go out in the round of 16 is bizarre. Zombies only just lost to Battlin’ Boxers too!

Burn: My burn deck was thrown together with random cards and personal strategies, but it actually works!

Sure it lost to my fairly bad Kuriboh deck but it was very, very close. I’ll be taking another pass at my burn deck at some point, hopefully turning it into a rogue casual deck!

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