Top 10 Best Dragon Type Monsters in Yugioh

Yugioh Felgrand art, Dragon monster
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  1. Avatar Christian Bourke says:

    I’m surprised something like Montage Dragon isn’t on this list. If you get a lucky draw then you can get an extremely powerful monster out on the first turn.

    1. Ryan McKenna Ryan McKenna says:

      Montage Dragon is indeed a powerful monster but as you said, you need the right cards 🙂 If its summon is negated or anything then you have 2 cards left in your opening hand lol

      Definitely not a bad card, just the others on the list are more reliable!

  2. Avatar Jack says:

    Why gandora not on this list?

    1. Ryan McKenna Ryan McKenna says:

      No offense if you like him (because it is an awesome card(s)) but Gandora sucks :/

  3. Avatar Some kid says:

    I know this was posted a long time ago but do you think beelze is better than beelzeus or?

    1. Ryan McKenna Ryan McKenna says:

      Beelze is easier to summon so I’d probably go with him!

  4. Avatar Nicholas says:

    Are they really in that high demand cuz ive got two diffrent forms of him one with 3000 atk and def and one with 4000 atk and def

  5. Avatar Ernesto Roa says:

    totem dragon it is treated as two tributes when summoning a dragon type. chaos dragon emperor envoy of the end.

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