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10 Best CS:GO Discord Servers

Even if you’re an experienced and newbie CS:GO player, you need good teammates, mentors, or trading partners so you can enjoy the game even more. And where else can you find these people but through a platform like Discord?

Discord has everything you’d need: from text and voice chat, and custom channels to giveaways and member-exclusive events. You can use these servers to queue with high and low-skill-level teammates so you can improve your CS experience.

Here are the 10 best Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Discord servers you can join to find other players invested in CS:GO.

1. CS:GO Discord Server

CS:GO Discord server might not be the official CS:GO server, but it’s one of the largest and most active servers out there, with 117,687 members as of writing.  

There are so many things you can do on this server. There are seasonal events like Halloween contests and giveaways, tournaments, team channels, exclusive trading channels, art channels, self-promotion channels, and many more. 

You can also donate to become a VIP and access more exclusive channels on the server, premium giveaways and rewards, and enjoy other benefits.

Join the CS:GO Discord Server here!

2. Official Reddit r/GlobalOffensive Discord

The official Discord of CS:GO subreddit Global Offensive is also one of the largest and most active Discord servers of the game. The server has 157,759 members, with thousands online at any given time. 

You will find players from all skill groups here. They also have channels for tech support, updates about eSports, private groups, strategy channels, CS:GO discussion channels, LFG, finding players in different regions, or general chats that talk about things from any other topic.

There’s also a matchmaking complaint channel where you can air your concerns about your game experience.

Join the Official Reddit r/GlobalOffensive Discord server here!

3. r/learnCSGO’s Discord Server

r/learnCSGO is another subreddit Discord server. It is focused on teaching players and improving teamwork in the game. Currently having 41,477 members, it’s a friendly channel that continues to grow and stay active.

In this server, you can ask questions to high-level gamers who are all approachable and willing to teach. You can also visit channels with guides on gameplay. 

They also have LFG groups, media-sharing channels, coaching channels, subreddit notifications, mic chats, exclusive chats, and more.

If you want to know the latest updates on the learnCSO community, you can also check out their subreddit.

Join r/learnCSGO’s Discord Server here!

4. Trade Central | Rocket League / CS:GO

Trade Central is one of the well-known trading channels for games like CS:GO. They currently host 91,489 members on their server, with a goal to give you a safe and secure trading platform.

Trade Central is proud of their middleman system to help you trade safely on the server. They can also help you get reputation information about your trading partner and verify the users.

You can also join their community channels for general chat, talk about anime, keep up with the latest news about technology, share your gaming clips, join LFG channels, giveaways, and many more.

Join Trade Central | Rocket League / CS:GO here!

5. CS:GO Trading Community

CS:GO Trading community is another CS:GO trading server currently having 7,980 members as of writing. 

Despite being a smaller server, you can safely trade or get good advice regarding trades in their channels. They also have giveaways, among other voice and text channels. However, they are an English-only trading server.

To get started on this server, they require you to first get verified through their verification channel.

Join the CS:GO Trading Community here!

6. Yo Gaming Discord

Yo Gaming is a Discord channel that focuses on updates on different games, including CS:GO. The server currently has 62,075 members  as of now.

On this Discord server, you can find eSports announcements and channels focused on building a friendly one-stop server for gamers. 

You will also find a forum discussion channel on the server, as well as exclusive chats, and discussions on gaming, LFG, recruitment, promotions, LFG, and others. 

Join the YoGaming Discord server here!

7. The Void

The Void is a multi-game Discord server that promotes a non-toxic player community with 28,607 members. They are also on Twitter, Youtube, and Instagram.

The Discord channel aims to provide a healthy environment where you can socialize with other players and talk about LFG, pets, promotions, food, anime, livestream channels, music, and join game lobbies.

Join The Void Discord server here!

8. ProSettings Discord

As the name suggests, ProSettings is a Discord server focused on finding the best settings and gears to elevate your gaming experience. They currently have 81,491 members aiming to improve their setup for competitive gaming.

ProSettings have channels for game discussions on different games like Fortnite, Valorant, CS:GO, and other games. 

They also have channels dedicated to gaming peripherals, gear talk, and setup discussion, as well as general and off-topic chats to make friends. 

Join ProSettings Discord here!

9. Voo’s Discord Server

Voo is a CS:GO gaming Youtuber and Streamer with 226,000 subscribers. Voo’s Discord server contains every update about the streamer’s new videos and schedule. It’s currently a small community with 2,552 members. 

Voocord Discord server hosts discussions about eSports, LFG, self-promotion, bootcamps, and other channels. Voo also shares his latest game tips, Youtube uploads, and stream announcements on this server.

Join Voo’s Discord Server here!

10. is another multi-game Discord channel for CS:GO, Valorant, Fortnite, Apex, etc. It currently has 18,516 members focusing on creating a community to find like-minded players to talk to and play these games with.

This discord server aims to help you find teammates while avoiding toxic players. They also have giveaways, game updates and announcements, and general discussions.

Join here!


Multiplayer FPS games are better played with a team you’re familiar with. With the 10 best CS:GO Discord servers we listed for you, we hope we have helped you whether you want to find a team, trade, or just chat with fellow gamers. 

Good luck and have fun!

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