Top 10 Hardest Minecraft Achievements

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  1. Avatar a says:

    it seems that nobody’s heard of “how did we get here?”

  2. Avatar e says:

    there is a quest where you have to apply all potion effects

    1. Avatar B E A N S says:

      and another one where u need to have every effect at the same time

  3. Avatar afafafafaf says:

    I don’t agree it’s not hard to deflect a ghast’s fireball and the achievement “How did we get here?” is not on the list which is weird because to get the achievement you must be under every effect at the same time.

  4. Avatar r/iamverysmart says:

    well now we have the achievement that comes with the newest snapshot: Almost there..
    which is visit 1B of the new dimensions.
    If you visited one dimension per second, that would, of course, be 1B seconds.
    1B seconds ~ about 31 years
    TL;DR: There’s an achievement in minecraft that takes more than 31 years to complete.

  5. Avatar SubToBlazeyude says:

    To ALL the people talking about “how did we get here” or the new 1B world ones, they are JAVA ADVANCEMENTS. This page is talking about BEDROCK ACHIEVEMENTS. There IS a difference. Java ADVANCEMENTS u earn in every world so you can “complete” Minecraft in one world, then go in another with 0 advancements. Bedrock ACHIEVMENTS u earn only once per account, and u can do it over multiple worlds

  6. Avatar Ryan says:

    Pffft! I have all of these! You guys are noobs!

  7. Avatar JelloBlob says:

    I feel like the trading for 1000 emeralds is the hardest. You need to get a ton of zombia villagers, get a automatic farm, afk a lot, and trade with villagers every 20 minutes for over 20 Minecraft days. It is definitely the hardest achievement in my opinion

    1. Ryan McKenna Ryan McKenna says:

      5+ farmer villagers are insane for earning emeralds, like you can legit get 100+ every Minecraft day 🙂

  8. Avatar tt says:

    you know the hardest one is probably supersonic. I have wasted over 100 hardcore worlds trying to do it.

    PS. I use a hardcore mod, don’t think I am stupid trying to do this on Java

    nvm, I finished it

  9. Avatar EHX says:

    Nope, 1B worlds is definitely not a Java advancement. I’ve looked through all of them several times when modifying them with datapacks, and there’s no “travel between dimensions X times”. Also, I remember MCWiki listing that one as Bedrock achievment. Last but not least, 1B dimension travels on a single world would be absolutely riddiculous. (BTW, why is this site’s comment feature such jank on mobile???)

  10. Avatar Vaibhav says:

    For me, the easiest is actually the Beaconator. Got it on my third day of Minecraft Hardcore.

  11. Avatar Vaibhav says:

    But I was doing a speedrun.

  12. Hardest achievement
    Getting Wood

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