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Top 10 Water Attribute Monsters in Yugioh

The water attribute is surprisingly awesome, plenty of archetypes and individual water cards are powerful. Many players don’t like the thematic of water monsters, as they obviously represent monsters found in the sea. Dragons and warriors are much more popular but that’s fine, it leaves the best water monsters for us who enjoy them!

This list will take a look at the 10 best water attribute monsters in Yugioh, taking raw power into account as well as general reliability. Most, if not all monsters on this list will slot right into any water themed deck out there!


10. Coral Dragon

Coral Dragon, one of the best water attribute monsters in Yugioh

Coral Dragon isn’t just a great water monster, it’s a great synchro monster for a majority of decks. The ATK stat is decent but this card’s usefulness comes in the form of versatility. It can be used to clear your opponent’s field, as an attacking monster or as another synchro material, as it’s a tuner type too!


9. White Aura Dolphin

White Aura Dolphin, one of the best water attribute monsters in Yugioh

It can be argued White Aura Dolphin isn’t as good as the previous entry but for a water deck, it is significantly better. Having the ability to half the ATK stat of an opponent’s monster is handy and can help take down big boss monsters. If White Aura Dolphin gets destroyed, it can come straight back onto the field by banishing another water monster from the graveyard. After this, it’ll be treated as a tuner to help get another monster from the extra deck.


8. Tri-Edge Levia

Tri-Edge Levia, one of the best water attribute monsters in Yugioh

Don’t let the requirements of 3 level 3 monsters dissuade you from making use of Tri-Edge Levia. In the right situations, this card can easily win you the game as it can banish any monster it destroys by battle. The secondary effect is incredible too, being able to negate an opponent’s monster’s effects is downright ludicrous in the right situations. Reducing that monster’s ATK stat by 800 can help you get rid of boss monsters and banish them for good.


7. Bahamut Shark

Bahamut Shark, one of the best sea serpent type monsters

Just 2 level 4 water monsters are required to get Bahamut Shark onto the field, there it’ll serve you well as a 2600 ATK beater. It can also be used to get another XYZ monster from the extra deck, although it would have no XYZ materials. You can summon the previous entry if you like, making for a good combo and opportunities for an OTK in the next turn.


6. Number 37: Hope Woven Dragon Spider Shark

Number 37: Hope Woven Dragon Spider Shark, one of the best sea serpent type monsters

Yet another 2600 ATK beater that has pitifully easily requirements to summon. While it is vulnerable to card effects, it’ll contribute significantly to the battle phases your monsters are involved in. If this monster gets destroyed, it’ll grant you the ability to summon any other monster in your graveyard. Overall, Number 37: Hope Woven Dragon Spider Shark is definitely one of the best water monsters in Yugioh.


5. Deep Sea Diva

Deep Sea Diva, the best sea serpent type monster!

The only non-synchro or non-xyz monster on the list, Deep Sea Diva is way too good to leave out. It’s a guaranteed level 2 XYZ monster as it summons another sea serpent type monster from the deck. It’s also a tuner, as you can see there are a plethora of ways you can manipulate this card to achieve victory!


4. Number 101: Silent Honor ARK

Number 101: Silent Honor ARK, one of the best aqua type monsters in Yugioh

While it has a fairly low ATK stat compared to the other rank 4 water monsters, Number 101: Silent Honor ARK’s effect is much, much stronger. The XYZ material requirements aren’t limited to water monsters so this card will fit into any deck that contains level 4 monsters. The look on your opponent’s face when you attach their best monster as an XYZ material is hilarious and makes using this card much more fun.


3. White Aura Whale

White Aura Whale, the best fish type monster in Yugioh

What an insanely good card, not only does it have a crazy effect, it looks glorious too. Appearance isn’t a factor for many duelists nowadays but upon seeing this card, they’d have to be amazed. Capable of dealing heavy damage each turn, White Aura Whale will have no problem demolishing your opponent’s life points as it attacks twice per turn and deals piercing battle damage. When your opponent finally gets rid of it, you can banish another water monster to special summon it back too. This water monster fully deserves to reach the top 3 of this list!


2. Mistar Boy

Mistar Boy, one of the best water attribute monsters in Yugioh

Multiple copies of Mistar Boy should be added to any water deck that aspires to be viable in the new Link format. Any 2 water monsters are needed to summon Mistar Boy, there it’ll provide you with two linked monster zones to summon more cards from the extra deck. The 500 ATK/DEF boost isn’t Mistar Boy’s main strength but it’s a nice addition. This monster won’t likely stick around for long so the ability to get a water monster back to your hand is a good consolation.


1. Toadally Awesome

Toadally Awesome, the best aqua type monster in Yugioh

The number 1 spot had to go to the meta-breaking Toadally Awesome, a card so bizarre and powerful it shook the Yugioh world upon release. You can completely ignore Toadally Awesome’s first effect, its true power comes in the form of negating your opponent’s card effects, then setting that card to your side of the field. Literally any card, regardless of it being a spell, trap or monster. To make things worse, you get a water monster back to your hand when Toadally Awesome gets sent to the graveyard.

This card is undoubtedly the best water monster in Yugioh!