Top 10 Best Yugioh Sea Serpent Type Monsters

The Water attribute has a large array of types that fit the ocean theme. Types such as aqua, fish & sea-serpent make water decks difficult to make, there’s just so many options. Sea serpents are arguably the best of them all, having awesome effects and powerful ATK/DEF stats. So if you’re making a water deck, you’ll want to include some powerful sea serpents. To find which ones you should choose, here’s the top 10 best Yugioh sea serpent type monsters!

Please note that this list will not include archetypes, the effectiveness of archetype monsters vary wildly depending on other cards. Instead, the cards on the list will focus only on themselves and what they bring to any kind of water or sea serpent deck.


10. Abyss Dweller

Simple and easy to summon with a good effect and decent ATK/DEF stats. Abyss Dweller is a sea serpent you need in your extra deck, although no more than one. It can really help to shut down your opponent’s strategies or get you in a position to OTK, especially if its combined with the other cards on the list. It’s a bit too situational to get any higher on the list but it is a great sea serpent monster overall.

Packs you can get this card in: Abyss Rising, The Secret Forces & Premium Gold: Infinite Gold

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9. Levia-Dragon – Daedalus

Classic card, no one can deny this boss monster is a legend. I should stress this monster’s effectiveness comes hand in hand with A Legendary Ocean, the field spell reduces Levia-Dragon’s level by 1, allowing it to be tribute summoned with one monster. Then you can nuke the field for a direct attack. It’s not really worth a spot on the list without that combo so it is cheating a bit but with the required field spell, it’s one of the best sea serpents in the game!

Packs you can get this card in: Invasion of Chaos, Dark Revelation Volume 2, Structure Deck: Fury from the Deep & Legendary Collection 3: Yugi’s World Mega Pack

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8. Moulinglacia the Elemental Lord

You’re reading this monster’s effect, you’re thinking “this card is amazing!1!!1”, then you get to the end part. While it can be extremely powerful in the right situations, those situations won’t come around often. I think the ability to discard 2 of your opponent’s cards is awesome but the rest of the effect lets it down. It does look amazing though, that art is fantastic.

Packs you can get this card in: Abyss Rising

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7. Spined Gillman

If you can swarm 2 or 3 Spined Gillmans on the field then your opponent will have a really difficult time. The ATK increase isn’t limited to just one Spined Gillman, if you have three on the field then your other water monsters will have a nice 1200 ATK boost (so long as they meet the type requirement of course). This monster works extremely well with the likes of Gravity Bind and it can be used to XYZ summon too, if you don’t need the ATK boost.

Packs you can get this card in: Raging Battle, Realm of the Sea Emperor Structure Deck & Battle Pack 3: Monster League

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6. Armed Sea Hunter

Are you sick and tired of monster effects ruining your plans? Don’t worry, there’s a card for you! Armed Sea Hunter is spectacular for such situations, your opponent will be all smug with his face down flip monsters, until they see you summon this card of course. I might be reading the wording wrong but, from what I can see, Armed Sea Hunter negates the effects permanently after any battle. So any monster who dares to attack this card will lose their effects until they leave the field and/or graveyard.

Packs you can get this card in: Ancient Prophecy & Realm of the Sea Emperor Structure Deck

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5. Sea Dragoons of Draconia

You wouldn’t really put Sea Dragoons of Draconia in a water deck but the pendulum spell effect can be useful in a myriad of other decks. The low level, high DEF & high pendulum scale make this card extremely versatile, which is the main reason why it makes the top 5 of the list. I know “Draconia” is technically an archetype but there’s only a few of them and they don’t really have “support”, so I thought this entry would be fine.

Packs you can get this card in: Crossed Souls

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4. Number 32: Shark Drake

Now we’re getting to the big boys, this monster can be a tad difficult to summon as it requires 3 level 4 monsters but it’s worth it.  With 2800 ATK, you can guarantee Number 32: Shark Drake will deal some heavy damage, especially when you consider its effect. Have you just destroyed a monster? Use Shark Drake’s effect to summon it, reduce its ATK and then battle again. Easy!

Packs you can get this card in: Galactic Overlord, Star Pack 2014 & Premium Gold

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3. Bahamut Shark

Only two level 4 monsters required to make this XYZ monster, that’s incredible. Using its effect allows you to summon another XYZ monster from your extra deck, although it won’t have any XYZ materials. But does that matter? Yes and no, you can combine this effect with a card like Number 47: Nightmare Shark or to summon Tri-Edge Levia. You can also use the summoned XYZ monster to XYZ summon a card like Full Armored Black Ray Lancer. So many combos, so many things you can do. Bahamut Shark has 2600 as well, so it’s powerful even if you don’t use its effect!

Packs you can get this card in: Abyss Rising & Premium Gold: Infinite Gold

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2. Number 37: Hope Woven Dragon Spider Shark

I genuinely can’t believe I only found out about this card while researching entries for the list. I have two water decks, I need three of these cards for each deck!

Getting two level 4 water monsters on the field is so easy, turning them into a 2600 ATK monster with an insanely good effect? Wow, this is so good. Even when it gets send to the graveyard, it’ll bring back literally any other monster. Such a powerful card has to be a staple in any water deck!

Packs you can get this card in: Premium Gold: Infinite Gold

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1. Deep Sea Diva

There’s a reason this card is limited to 1, it’s exceptionally useful. As a level 2 tuner monster, any kind of effect that summons another monster will always be good. So if you give it the ability to choose any level 3 or lower sea serpent monster from your deck, without even negating the summoned monster’s effects, then you have the best sea serpent monster in the entire game!

Packs you can get this card in: Raging Battle, Realm of the Sea Emperor Structure Deck & Duelist Saga

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