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Top 10 Cutest Yugioh Decks/Archetypes

So many archetypes exist in Yugioh, it seems every player can find something they like. Fire dragons, hulking warriors, ghosts, dinosaurs etc, it’s all there. Some of the best archetypes in Yu-Gi-Oh! offer unique and powerful abilities that can give players an edge in battle, such as the ability to negate effects, manipulate the top cards of the deck, or swarm the field with powerful monsters.

Sometimes though, you want a different kind of deck.

One that offers a completely different thematic to those listed above. Or maybe you’re looking to start Yugioh, but you want something a bit more heart-warming.

Cute archetypes are plentiful, with different levels of viability.

Of course, the majority of wholesome archetypes won’t top tournaments. However, there are at least 10 of decent power levels and even a few that can compete.

If you want to build one or more cute decks, this list will give you everything you need to know!

Viability levels are there to show you how powerful they are, there are 5 levels:

  • Non-existent: Absolutely terrible
  • Budget: Can at least function
  • Rogue: Has some viability
  • Competitive: Can be taken to tournaments
  • Meta: Can top tournaments

10) Sylvan

Sylvan, one of the cutest Yugioh archetype/decks

Viability: Budget

Deck Price: $39/£30


With a wide variety of cute monsters in their arsenal, Sylvans are a great archetype with plenty of high rarities to bump up their aesthetics.

Gameplay-wise, Sylvans seek to mill Plant monsters, with their effects activating in the graveyard.

Of all archetypes in the game, few manipulate the top cards of your deck like Sylvans. Surprisingly good, you can even take them to local tournaments!

9) Exosister

Viability: Rogue

Deck Price: $150/£120


Exosisters seek help from other monsters such as Inari Fire and Dynatherium. Together, they can out-put a bunch of Exosister XYZ monsters that are all really cute.

Against decks that like to manipulate cards in the graveyard (basically most decks nowadays), Exosisters have tons of self-protection and ways to special summon monsters.

They are a sort of mix between combo and control strategies, making them really fun to play!

8) Windwitch

Windwitch, one of the cutest Yugioh archetype/decks

Viability: Rogue

Deck Price: $65/£50


Despite having a relatively low card pool, Windwitch’s certainly deserved a place on this list. You won’t use them as a pure deck, due to the lack of cards available. However, this archetype is an engine on its own, fitting snugly into almost any deck you can imagine.

If you’re looking to top up an already cute deck, Windwitch is perfect!

Summoning Ice Bell (pictured above) allows you to summon Glass Bell, adding another Windwitch to your hand. Then you can Synchro summon Winter Bell, entering the battle phase and using its effect to summon the Windwitch you added to your hand (usually Snow Bell).

From there you can summon Crystal Wing Synchro Dragon, an extremely powerful boss monster which, thanks to Snow Bell, can’t be destroyed by card effects!

7) Raccoon

Raccoon, one of the best budget decks in Yugioh

Viability: Budget

Deck Price: $77/£57


It’s a special feeling when you take down the likes of Blue-Eyes & Lightsworns with level 2 Beast type monster.

Raccoons may be regarded as pests in general society but in Yugioh, they’re both cute and powerful. With fairly non-existent ATK/DEF stats, you’ll rely on controlling the field and shutting your opponent out.

Until you can summon Number 64: Ronin Raccoon Sandayu anyway. For how easy it is to get on the field, you have plenty of room to give it some backup!

6) Ghostrick

Ghostrick, one of the best budget decks in Yugioh

Viability: Rogue

Deck Price: $60/£44


Having remained fairly meta since their release, Ghostrick’s are one of the best budget decks you can get. Based around flipping monsters on both sides of the field face-down, cards like Ghostrick Night prevent your opponent from doing anything in return.

Why is this strategy so good? Any XYZ monsters will lose their materials, but it just works so well as the flip-down effects don’t target. Huge bosses who have destruction/negation immunity are no problem for Ghostricks. 

To win the game, you can stall for Angel of Mischief’s (pictured above) win condition, or build up enough monsters to OTK with the help of Ghostrick Mansion.

5) Naturia

Naturia, one of the cutest Yugioh archetype/decks

Viability: Budget

Deck Price: $50/£38


If you love nature based archetypes/creatures, you don’t need to look any further on this list. More control based, a pure Naturia deck is a great starting point for any newer or more casual players.

Even their boss monsters are cute, such as Naturia Dragonfly which can accrue a rather high ATK stat.

Variety is key, Naturia monsters have all kinds of effects. Draw power, negation, ATK/DEF reductions, stalling capabilities, they have everything.

Due to this, you can create many different strategies by mixing with other archetypes!

4) Madolche

Madolche, one of the cutest Yugioh archetype/decks

Viability: Budget

Deck Price: $70/£55


Returning back to the deck when they’re destroyed by your opponent, Madolche monsters are certainly unique. Considered a fan favorite for their cute artworks and fun demeanour.

Based almost completely on different desserts and puddings, it’s hard not to love them.

You’ll want to use their excellent recycling and search power to grind resources and spam extra deck monsters.

Few decks can live as long as Madolche, if you find yourself struggling to keep up with other decks, Madolche might be perfect for you!

3) Kuriboh

Winged Kuriboh, one of the cutest Yugioh cards

Viability: Budget

Deck Price: $46/£35


Recognised worldwide, Kuriboh is pretty much Yugioh’s answer to Pikachu. You’d be surprised how fun a Kuriboh deck is, with many different strategies and playstyles available.

My favorite is to stall, getting as many Kuriboh monsters in the graveyard. Then use Kuribohrn to bring them all back, ready to be tributed for boss monsters. 

You might notice, Winged Kuriboh LV9 & LV10 are missing. They are too difficult to summon and clog up your hand.

Feel free to add them in for more casual duels but if you want to have a chance of winning, leave them out!

2) Frog

Treeborn Frog, one of the best aqua type monsters in Yugioh

Viability: Rogue

Deck Price: $50/£37


Mostly for Toadally Awesome, which is one of the best monsters in the entire game. You can mix frogs with Paleozoics for an incredible meta deck, at a small price. Pure frogs are cuter, more fun and easier to use though.

Treeborn Frog (featured above) comes back every turn, even multiple copies if you resolve their effects at the same time.

1) Fluffal

Fluffals, one of the best budget decks in Yugioh 2018

Viability: Rogue

Deck Price: $75/£56


By themselves, Fluffals are easily the cutest, most wholesome archetype in the entire game of Yugioh. However, paired with Edge Imp cards, they do turn into Frightfur fusion monsters.

Focused almost completely on Fusion summoning, Fluffals have a ton of draw/search cards to help in this regard.

Keeping your hand topped up is no issue, making them a reliable and efficient archetype!


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