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Yugioh: Top 10 Best Dinosaur Monsters

Just me who was buzzing when dinosaurs got a new structure deck?

They’re one of the coolest types you can find in Yugioh, yet they’ve barely received any support over the years. We’ve seen the likes of Evolsaur and Jurrac but dinosaurs are still extremely lacking. The recent structure deck did give them a nice boost though, there’s a much larger pool of awesome dinosaurs than there was before.

Dinosaurs are now fairly viable, at least in the casual scene. So if you’re thinking of making a dino deck, you’ll want to see this list of the best dinosaur type monsters in Yugioh!

Note: This list does not contain archetypes.

10) Babycerasaurus

Babycerasaurus is a simple card that was released way back in 2006. It was largely ignored until the new wave of dino support in 2017.

Now, it acts as a combo extender, offering itself as fodder to summon dinosaurs before summoning a dino itself.

Many dino decks run multiple copies of Babycerasaurus for its ability to consistently out-put dinosaur monsters.

9) Tyranno Infinity

Tyranno Infinity, one of the best yugioh dinosaur type monsters

Another classic, who can forget the 10,000 ATK Tyranno Infinity? Not me, that’s for sure. I remember winning many games via my opponent using this card, it has a big weakness to the likes of Magic Cylinder.

It’s a powerful dinosaur monster that’s really satisfying to use, entire decks can be built around it. Even then, most dino decks banish their monsters so having a single rogue Tyranno Infinity can be a gamechanger.

8) Petiteranodon

Similar to Babycerasaurus, only it grants you a higher-level monster. It’s great for summoning your usual big dinos like Black Tyranno and Ultimate Tyranno.

Although they can’t attack, they can be used as fodder for link or XYZ summons.

Most players only have one or two copies of this card in their deck.

7) Dinowrestler Pankratops

Not restricted to a dino deck, Pankratops is one of the best hand-traps in the game right now.

Plenty of versatility in the form of a 2600 ATK monster who can be summoned at will, or destroy itself to destroy a card your opponent controls.

A lot of decks have innate protection from “destroy” effects though, so it needs to be used sparingly. With that being said, Pankratops fits right into dinosaur-based decks for its type and level.

6) Animadorned Archosaur

What a busted card, capable of searching the insanely good Evolution Pill spell cards from your deck.

Alongside cards that have extender effects when destroyed, this has quickly become a potent dinosaur monster for any dino deck.

5) Giant Rex

Giant Rex, one of the best yugioh dinosaur type monsters

Giant Rex is used specifically to special summon itself for more link, synchro, or XYZ fodder.

It also works perfectly as a sacrifice for Double Evolution Pill, giving you a high level dinosaur monster before returning Giant Rex to the field.

Extenders are always important for any combo deck like dinosaurs and Giant Rex makes your strategies a lot easier to complete.

4) Evolzar Dolkka

Easy to summon with a powerful anti-monster effect negation. Every dinosaur deck needs a few copies of Evolzar Dolkka, it can even stop monster effects activated in the hand or graveyard!

Use it to back up the more powerful dinosaur monsters (in terms of ATK) to protect them from pesky monster effects.

3) Miscellaneousaurus

Miscellaneousaurus, one of the best yugioh dinosaur type monsters

The only limited card on this list, Konami restricts this card to one copy per deck for good reason.

Miscellaneousaurus dumps itself to the graveyard to grant protection to dinosaurs during the main phase. However, that is just a formality, its real power comes in the form of its special summoning ability.

Banishing itself and another dinosaur (like Giant Rex) will summon a level 8 dinosaur from your deck, without using any spells, traps, or even a normal summon.

2) Souleating Oviraptor

Souleating Oviraptor, one of the best yugioh dinosaur type monsters

Souleating Oviraptor is an essential dinosaur card for searching and summoning other dinosaur monsters.

A modest 1800 ATK is a nice touch to give additional options when it comes to utilising this card.

It comes in handy for destroying monsters as we’ve seen other cards (further up the list) search or summon even more dinosaurs for you to use.

1) Ultimate Conductor Tyranno

Ultimate Conductor Tyranno, by far the best dinosaur type monster in Yugioh

One of the best bosses in Yugioh, Ultimate Conductor Tyranno should be at the forefront of any dinosaur deck.

Ridiculously easy summoning conditions allow you to get this monster on the field on your first turn consistently, especially when combined with search/summon cards like those previously mentioned on this list.

The ability to flip all enemy monsters face down during either player’s turn is amazing as it can shut down combos before they even happen, as well as provide a nice option for dealing with big enemy monsters.

Thanks to such few cards being needed to summon UCT, you’ll have plenty of resources like over to go into your extra deck to back this boss monster up.

Overall, no other dinosaur monster is as mandatory as Ultimate Conductor Tyranno.

It is available in one of the best structure decks in the game, Dinosmasher’s Fury!


Thursday 3rd of December 2020

Overall it’s actually a much better list than I expected. Everything above 4th place (Giant Rex onward) is pretty decent and some of the best dinosaur cards ever made. My only complain is that many of the monsters below that are kinda meh, basically pack filler. Babycerasaurus or petiteradon are definitely better than megalosmasher x or grenosaurus. I understand that you or the page probably wanted to Just use big beaters/boss monsters instead of cute tiny dinos so I get it.

Ernesto Roa

Friday 23rd of October 2020

no gilsaurus it considered a special summon when summoned. dark driceratops it deals piercing damage to defending monsters. black tyranno when opponent only has monsters in defense mode it can attack directly.