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Top 10 Best Warrior Archetypes in Yugioh

In a world full of huge dragons, possessed spirits, bizarre fiends and super-machines, your average human wielding a sword and shield seems spectacular. In fact, the Warrior type is massively represented, with plenty of archetypes available to players.

Almost every player I’ve met has at least 1 Warrior themed deck. They’re never the best but they always put up a fight, like real warriors should do.

This list will go through the 10 best Warrior archetypes available in Yugioh. Giving you all the options you need if you’re planning on getting a Warrior based deck yourself!

Note: Isolde, Two Tales of the Noble Knights is pretty much required in any of these decks.


10. Flower Cardian

Flower Cardian Paulownia, one of the best level 12 monsters in Yugioh

With perhaps the least fitting art of any Warrior monsters in Yugioh, Flower Cardians are completely unique in their play-style and appearance. Most of them can be special summoned easily, so long as you stick to Flower Cardian monsters only, as well as providing some nice draw power.

Players have a soft spot for this archetype though, it’s a breath of fresh air in a game full of cut & paste strategies. With a unique set of effects come niche situations of competence, the Flower Cardian series are 95% fun and 5% strong. Bricking is a massive issue unfortunately.


9. Six Samurai

Six Samurai, one of the best warrior archetypes in Yugioh

Around the release of the Samurai Warlords Structure Deck, the Six Samurai archetype was one to be feared. At the time, they had crazy good consistency and search power in the form of Gateway of the Six, which is still limited to this day.

Konami has provided some new support over the years which helps but overall, the Six Samurai archetype are a bit past their prime. For fun and/or casual duels, feel free to play them as they can function well and destroy other fun decks.


8. Heroic

Heroic, one of the best budget decks in Yugioh

My personal favorite, Number 86: Heroic Champion – Rhongomyniad is in my opinion, one of the most badass warrior boss monsters in the entire game. Capable of taking on entire decks on his own with 5 materials, the Heroic archetype focuses on swarming level 4 monsters for XYZ summoning.

The introduction of Link monsters has drastically reduced this archetype’s effectiveness but even now it’s a great casual choice!


7. Buster Blader

Buster Blader, one of the best warrior archetypes in Yugioh

The Yugioh community rejoices when old archetypes get some touch-ups, Buster Blader is an even bigger Dragon slayer nowadays. A swathe of “Buster” themed cards were released back in 2016, in the Breakers of Shadow set.

Capable of performing well as an anti-meta deck. The Buster Destruction support cards can be equipped to a Buster Blader to lock your opponent out of using their extra deck. A re-train of the original Buster Blader offers more variety too, and more consistency when it comes to getting a Buster Blader onto the field!


6. Elementsaber

Elementsaber, one of the best warrior archetypes in Yugioh

Technically not specifically a Warrior archetype, all of the Elementsabers are Warrior type but they work best with the Elemental Lords and Attribute Knights. If you’re a hardcore Warrior fan, you won’t get much better as a collection of all Elementsabers will open the door for 5 or even 6 decks.

Spell/Trap negation is featured in this archetype, as well as some dumping and recycling powers. This adds up to some nice consistency but your ending board is a tad underwhelming. Only seek out this archetype if you like multiple attributes!


5. Black Luster Soldier

It really is quite unbelieable to think Black Luster Soldier – Envoy of the Beginning is unlimited, you can have 3 in your deck. While it doesn’t particularly mix well with the ritual series of Black Luster Soldiers, the raw power behind the featured card is well worth mentioning.

You can also invest in the ritual side of this archetype, with Black Luster Soldier – Super Soldier remaining a formidable boss monster, especially if it was ritual summoned using the likes of Beginning Knight and Evening Twilight Knight.


4. Noble Knight

Noble Knights, one of the best warrior archetypes in Yugioh

Of all Warrior archetypes in the game, Noble Knights are undoubtedly the most generic with their appearance. Seemingly based on medieval times, featuring even in the legendary Merlin. Swarming Warrior type monsters is easy with this archetype, which works perfectly with their equip spells that re-equip when they’re sent to the graveyard.

At the moment, it’s way too easy for your opponent to get rid of all the equip spells, rendering your monsters useless. Konami seem to have a personal mission to make them strong though, so expect some great support in the future!


3. Phantom Knights

The Phantom Knights of Cursed Javelin, one of the best rank 2 XYZ monsters in Yugioh

Hold off on making a Phantom Knights deck until the Legendary Hero Decks are released. Not only does this archetype get some nice new support in that set, the more expensive cards will be re-printed, saving you some money.

As their archetype name suggest, The Phantom Knights monsters don’t take death seriously, having effects in the graveyard. Most of them can send a Phantom Knights spell/trap from the deck to the graveyard and they have effects too. Fog Blade for example just shows how strong the traps are!

Cards like Necrovalley and Ash Blossom & Joyous Spring make life difficult for The Phantom Knights though.



Masked Hero Dark Law, one of the best fusion monsters in Yugioh

Masked HERO Dark Law can counter almost every non-meta deck in existence, so much banishing on your opponent’s end is crazy. Summoning him is easy, using the rest of the HERO cards like Shadow Mist. All you need to do after that is keep him on the field, with the help of Dark Bribe (Dark Law’s hand banishing effect activates), Recall, Honest Neos, Solemn cards and hand-traps.

Like I mentioned with the previous entry, HEROs are getting some more support in the Legendary Hero Decks too!


1. Gouki

Competence in the meta game is defined by how you build Gouki. You have the options of a pure version (more casual) or a Knightmare version (competitive). Even then, the pure build will still destroy any casual and/or fun decks.

Nearly all Gouki monsters search another monster when they’re sent from the field to the graveyard, even if they’re sent as Link materials. Knightmares have plenty of draw power and strong effects if you can keep your hand topped up, which is easy with Gouki’s search power and Divine Sword – Phoenix Blade.

Several Gouki supports cards have yet to be imported from the OCG, it’s fair to say they’re safe to purchase and will be viable for a long time!


Sunday 15th of September 2019

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