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Top 10 Best Level 9 Monsters in Yugioh

Right in-between the power of level 8 monsters and the absurdity of level 10 monsters are another group of monsters. Often wielding great strength, these level 9 monsters are powerful in their own right, while being slightly easier to summon than their higher level counter-parts. You’ll see exactly what I mean on this list, which will detail the 10 best level 9 monsters in Yugioh!

Hopefully you’re here to find an option or two for your extra deck, rest assured there are plenty of choices available. Many of these monsters are well worth obtaining if you can get your hands on them. I have tried to avoid monsters that only work with specific archetypes/decks, pretty much excluding them from the list!


10. Vermillion Dragon Mech

Vermillion Dragon Mech, one of the best level 9 monsters in Yugioh

Upon reading its effect for the first time, you’d be forgiven for wondering why Vermillion Dragon Mech has made the list. Flexibility is the main reason, as the synchro summoning requirements aren’t limited to anything specific. A strong effect propels it further into consideration, it’s not the greatest monster but if you have nothing else available, it’ll serve you well. Adding a tuner monster back to your hand is actually an awesome little bonus too!


9. Pot of the Forbidden

Pot of the Forbidden, one of the best Rock type Yugioh monsters

One of my personal favorites, you could argue any kind of Flip monster has no place on a list like this but I think Pot of the Forbidden is so epic, it has to be. Giving you a choice of 4 insanely good effects is amazing, although it does have huge drawbacks in the form of requiring 2 tributes to summon. In an Exodia deck, or any stall deck, this card will serve you well with the huge DEF stat and drawing power!


8. Giganticastle

Giganticastle, one of the best level 9 monsters in Yugioh

Nice and simple, Giganticastle is all about straight up ATK/DEF stats. If you’re looking for a huge beat-stick level 9 synchro monster, this entry is all you’ll ever need. Of course, having a monster with no real effect can be a bit detrimental in some situations. In the right situation though, Giganticastle will win you the game with the sheer amount of ATK/DEF stats to shore up your defenses or clear your opponent’s field.


7. First of the Dragons

First of the Dragons, Yugioh Dragon type monster

Crazy to believe this level 9 monster has such low summoning requirements. Any 2 normal monsters are needed to get First of the Dragons onto the field, there it’ll serve you well until a spell/trap effect gets rid of it. 2700 ATK is rather low for a level 9 monster and normal monsters are seldom seen anymore, reducing this monster’s shout for a higher spot. If you haven’t got a copy of this card, they’re really cheap and definitely worth getting.


6. Metaltron XII, the True Dracombatant

Metaltron XII the True Dracombatant, one of the best level 9 monsters in Yugioh

Metaltron XII is genuinely one of the most badass looking cards in all of Yugioh, I seriously doubt there’s more than a few monsters who’d feel good going into a fight with this guy. To maximise this card’ effectiveness, you’ll need to tribute a monster as well as a continuous spell and continuous trap card. After that, it’ll stay on the field until an opponent’s monster is brave enough to attack it. Once Metaltron is gone, things only get worse, as you can summon another monster from your extra deck.


5. Elemental Grace Doriado

Elemental Grace Doriado, one of the best level 9 monsters in Yugioh

There are 7 attributes currently in Yugioh (including Divine), giving Elemental Grace Doriado a potential ATK/DEF stat of 3500 (3000 is more realistic though). In spite of this level 9 monster’s summoning conditions, it’d be ludicrously good in a deck that can use it, especially if you have multiple copies. Plenty of decks manipulate multiple attributes which is why this card hasn’t been excluded from this list. Special summoning is mandatory in 99% of decks nowadays, so having a monster that can prevent special summoning is important!


4. Crystron Quariongandrax

Crystron Quariongandrax, one of the best level 9 monsters in Yugioh

I’ll be referring to this card as “Crystron Q” so you don’t have to read its name again. You’ve likely read Crystron Q’s effect by now, please un-drop your jaw as you realise it requires at least 2 tuner monsters. Even then, what a crazy card. You’ll be able to banish at least 3 monsters when you summon this level 9 monster. If Crystron Q gets destroyed? So what? Just bring back one of the monsters you banished. This is how a high-level Yugioh monster should be, difficult summoning conditions with strong effects.


3. Cloudcastle

Cloudcastle, one of the best level 9 monsters in Yugioh

Cloudcastle is next to useless in a fast-paced attacking deck which can put people off, understandably. In a defensive deck, it’s the best card you’ll ever put in your extra deck. If you have a level 9 monster in your graveyard, you essentially have an easy rank 9 XYZ monster to summon too. So it’s not a huge liability overall, the one thing I can question is its typing. Why is it a machine type?


2. Crystron Phoenix

Crystron Phoenix, one of the best level 9 monsters in Yugioh

Another Crystron monster, these guys have some epic synchro monsters. Imagine having a Crystron Phoenix on the field and another in your graveyard, your opponent will have severely limited options regarding their tactical approach. This level 9 monster would easily be the best of its level in the entire game, if not for its summoning conditions. Something like Formula Synchron and a level 7 synchro monster would do the job, though.


1. Trishula, Dragon of the Ice Barrier

Trishula Dragon of the Ice Barrier, the best level 9 monster in Yugioh

A long time ago, the Yugioh world rejoiced as Trishula, Dragon of the Ice Barrier got hit by the latest iteration of the Yugioh Forbidden List. That age of peace didn’t last long as Trishula would eventually emerge, seemingly as strong as he was before. A player’s hand is usually the most untouchable place to keep your cards as very few effects affect it, at least without a huge cost that isn’t worth taking. Then you get this dragon monster, who will happily hand the victory over to you as soon as it steps foot on the field!