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Top 10 Best Level 2 Monsters in Yugioh

In the early days of Yugioh, a low level monster meant a weak monster. Pitiful ATK/DEF stats and mostly useless effects made them not worth a second look, particularly monsters with levels as low as 2. Nowadays however, monster level is barely related to their effectiveness. Of course a level 8 monster will have better ATK/DEF stats than your average level 4 or lower monster but the cards on this list are amazing. Take a look at the best level 2 monsters in Yugioh!



10. Crowned by the World Chalice

Crowned by the World Chalice, one of the best level 2 monsters in Yugioh

Nice and simple to start off, Crowned by the World Chalice has the highest DEF stat out of any level 2 monster in the entire game. A huge stat of 2100 would be considered bizarre a few years ago, whereas now it is strong but nothing to be scared of!


9. Digitron

Digitron, one of the best level 2 monsters in Yugioh

The previous entry focused on the DEF stat, this entry will focus on ATK. Digitron has the most ATK for a level 2 monster, 1500 is surprisingly good for its level.

You could argue Atlantean Pikeman deserves this spot more as it synergises better with cards relevant to it, but I wanted to choose the monster with the most base ATK.


8. Puralis, the Purple Pyrotile

Puralis The Purple Pyrotile, one of the best level 2 monsters in Yugioh

Low-level Synchro monsters are surprisingly useful, as they’re easy to summon and often come with great effects. Puralis the Purple Pyrotile isn’t like that, but it does offer a reason or two to stick him in your extra deck. As a Tuner type, it can open the door for some extra plays, although there are better options as you’ll see..


7. Apprentice Piper

Apprentice Piper

Flip cards have taken a back-seat in recent years, not really being able to have an impact in their games. With so many abilities available to destroy, banish or return monsters, you don’t really want to place any face-down and hope they survive.  Apprentice Piper though is definitely worth a shout, as his effect is so damn good. If your opponent attacks it and doesn’t negate its effect, you can summon up to 2 monsters from your hand. Crazy.


6. Nimble Momonga

Nimble Momonga, one of the best level 2 monsters in Yugioh

Nimble Momonga might be making an appearance due to bias, as I love this card. I wanted to give it some recognition though, in the right deck they can cause some serious trouble or even save the duel. Up to 3000 life points can be gained if they’re all attacked but they have great flexibility overall. They can be used as tribute materials, as your opponent might not attack them for fear of you gaining life points. If needed, they can get a good amount of direct damage too if they manage to attack!


5. Celestial Double Star Shaman

Celestial Double Star Shaman, one of the best fairy type Yugioh monsters

Not only one of the best level 2 monsters, Celestial Double Star Shaman is one of the best fairy type monsters. This card is perfect in any deck containing level 2 monsters, as you can potentially get a level 10 synchro monster straight away. The lack of special summoning said monsters from the deck can let it down though, which is why it only just breaks into the top 5.


4. Fabled Raven

Fabled Raven, one of the best level 2 monsters in Yugioh

Syngerising best with the Dark World archetype, this level 2 monster is awesome in a number of different decks. Discarding cards is not something you want to do often but in a deck that can make use of this ability, Fabled Raven is amazing. Just add to these advantages with the fact its a tuner type and you have a card deserving of this list!


3. Deep Sea Diva

Deep Sea Diva, the best sea serpent type monster!

Deep Sea Diva is limited for a reason, this card absolutely breaks Atlantean/Mermail decks. Being able to get an instant level 3 monster, after summoning a level 2 tuner monster, is insane. Back when this card was unlimited, it’d definitely be number 1 on this list but it being limited to 1 per deck kinda ruins it a bit. Overall though, it’s so good and so influential that it had to make the top 3.


2. Formula Synchron

Formula Synchron Yugioh Machine monster

The shining jewel of low level synchro/tuner monsters, Formula Synchron’s effectiveness is unparalleled. The ability to draw a card after its summoned is really good, keeping your hand topped up. You can also use this monster to synchro summon during your opponent’s turn, Formula Synchron is so versatile when it comes to how you want to use it!


1. Maxx “C”

Maxx C, the best Yugioh insect type monster

Considered to be one of the few staple cards to have in every single deck, Maxx “C” is 1st on this list by some distance. Upon playing this card, your opponent has 2 choices – Don’t special summon and have a disadvantage or special summon and have a disadvantage. That’s all there is to it, using Maxx “C” badly is very rare. Only against decks that don’t special summon much (Monarch for example) would this card not be epic but even then, it’s still useful!