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Top 10 Best Level 1 Yugioh Monsters

Higher level monsters are always going to be popular in Yugioh, players love summoning big boss monsters and arranging epic combos. Level 1 monsters are usually a staple in most decks, bringing good effects to the table and allowing players to get their higher level monsters on easier. For some of us, using these low level monsters on their own is both fun and rewarding. While they’ll never win a tournament, level 1 monsters are interesting to say the least and there’s plenty of options out there!

I’ll be taking a look at the 10 best level 1 monsters in Yugioh and I’ll be avoiding archetypes as much as I can. D/D Savant Kepler is an example of an awesome level 1 monster but I’d prefer to leave him out, in order to show you some level 1 monsters that aren’t limited to a specific deck (as much, anyway).


10. King of the Skull Servants

King of the Skull Servants, one of the best level 1 monsters in Yugioh

A deck based around the Skull Servant cards has to be one of the most fun in all of Yugioh, albeit fairly weak. There’s something so satisfying about using such meager cards effectively, King of the Skull Servants is the cream of the crop. Having up to 5000 ATK for a level 1 monster is insane, despite how difficult it is to pull off. Such a deck is simple to create and use, so I recommend every Yugioh player gives it a shot!


9. Copycat

Copycat, one of the best level 1 monsters in Yugioh

One of the oldest cards on this list, yet it still holds up well today. Being able to take on the ATK/DEF stats of an opponent’s monster is undervalued in my opinion, as it can put a stop to your opponent’s boss monsters. Copycat does struggle against cards that can’t be targeted which is a shame and likely the reason it isn’t used much but if you’re making a deck of level 1 monsters, this card should fit like a glove.


8. D.D. Sprite

D.D. Sprite, one of the best level 1 monsters in Yugioh



7. Torque Tune Gear

Torque Tune Gear, the best union monster in Yugioh

Torque Tune Gear is surprisingly awesome, very few Union monsters warrant a place on any top 10 list. Not only does it grant the equipped monster 500 ATK/DEF, it also turns them into a Tuner monster, opening the door for plenty of extra deck summoning opportunities. It’s a tuner itself, so if you need a synchro monster, you don’t have to use its equipping effect.


6. Relinquished

Relinquished, one of the most nostalgic Yugioh cards

I might be a bit biased for putting Relinquished on this list, personally it’s one of my favorite cards of all time. While its lost some of its effectiveness over the years, it’s absolutely perfect in any deck based around level 1 monsters like a Kuriboh deck. Sometimes it can be hard to deal with an opponent’s monster, whether it’s a stall card or a boss. Having the option of equipping it can get around “cannot be destroyed” effects and it’s well worth using for this reason!


5. Flamvell Guard

Flamvell Guard, one of the best tuner monsters in Yugioh

One of the highest DEF level 1 monsters had to make the list, very few level 1 monsters have half-decent ATK/DEF stats. Flamvell Guard is unique in the fact that it’s also a tuner, making it a great addition to any Dragon or low level deck. The 2000 DEF allows you to use this card to stall if needed, Flamvell Guard is quite versatile.


4. Scapeghost

Scapeghost, one of the best Yugioh zombie type monsters

You can summon a maximum of 4 tokens when this card is flipped face-up, these tokens can be used as tribute or synchro materials. If you flipped it in your turn, it’s essentially a free level 5 synchro monster if you control no other monsters. Great for play-making, stalling or tribute summoning, you can’t go wrong with Scapeghost. It’s definitely one of the better level 1 monsters in Yugioh.


3. Meklord Emperor Wisel

Meklord Emperor Wisel, one of the best level 1 monsters in Yugioh

This card is a fairly niche pick that can be devastating in the right situations, capable of shutting down plays and carrying your deck to victory. Meklord Emperor Wisel requires a monster to be destroyed by a card effect to be summoned but if those reasonably easy requirements are met, enjoy your win. It can prevent your opponent from activating a Spell card, once per turn, which is crazy good!


2. Millenium-Eyes Restrict

Millenium-Eyes Restrict

Slightly cheating, Millenium-Eyes Restrict isn’t actually available in English just yet (card image found on Just in case you have trouble reading this card’s effect, here it is:

Requirements: “Relinquished” + 1 Effect monster

Effect: “Once per turn, when an opponent’s monster activates its effect (Quick Effect): You can target 1 Effect Monster your opponent controls or in their GY: equip that target to this card. Gains ATK/DEF equal to the combined ATK/DEF of the monsters equipped to it by this effect. Monsters with the same name as a monster equipped to this card by this card’s effect cannot attack, also negate their effects”

What a ludicrous card, it’ll be amazing to see how this card shakes up the meta, if at all. Regardless of its viability on the competitive scene, I’ll be getting this card as soon as possible and you should too!


1. Effect Veiler

Effect Veiler, Yugioh Spellcaster Type Monster

Hand-traps are considered to be the most broken cards in Yugioh right now, as they have limited counter-play to make up for their powerful effects. Effect Veiler is no different, being the go-to choice for most decks ever since its release. You’ll rarely actually use this card as synchro materials, being a tuner type, but in terms of versatility I don’t think there’s a better level 1 monster in Yugioh!

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Friday 15th of February 2019

Lyrilusc-Independent Nightingale. Damn its OTK and stall abilities


Friday 2nd of November 2018

Droll &lock bird my man


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Give me a treeborn frog or give me death


Sunday 3rd of June 2018

5 um... NO, Charcoal inpachi is better

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Has slightly more DEF yeah but it isn't a tuner :O