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Top 10 Best Fights in Red vs Blue History

Red vs Blue is one of the most popular machinimas on the internet and is easily the longest running show. It’s loved for the incredible story, engaging characters and epic action sequences. I recently learned that the first animator, Monty Oum, passed in 2015 RIP. Monty produced amazing animation, providing viewers with some of the greatest fights in Halo history. Lets take a look back at the top 10 best fights in Red vs Blue!


10. Reds vs Washington

This is the first time we see the Reds actually put up a fight against a Freelancer. It’s also the first time we see custom animation in Red vs Blue. Washington was never the best Freelancer but he is still far better than a simulation trooper, how does he compare against two? You’d think it’d be easy for Wash but he falls right into their trap, being defeated by the Reds’ use of a Warthog.


9. Freelancers vs The Insurrection

The war between Project Freelancer and The Insurrection brought upon many epic battles, one of which being the video above. This fight comprises one of the largest groups of Freelancer agents we’ve seen and this was necessary as the Insurrection were a tough cookie to crumble.


8. Tex  vs Maine, York & Wyoming

The introduction of Tex into Project Freelancer was long awaited and Rooster Teeth absolutely nailed it. Many fans expected her to suddenly appear during a mission, little did we know that Tex was about to take on 3 of the best Freelancers. Watch it and enjoy seeing 2 future villains get demolished.


7. Washington & Carolina vs Sharkface

Carolina can take 99% of the credit from this victory, Washington was mostly there for comic relief. The danger that emerges from the door makes us think the Freelancers might actually be in trouble but Carolina proves her power once again. Using her surroundings to her advantage, she takes out Sharkface and produces a long standing rivalry that continues until the 13th season.


6. The Twins

Season 9 was incredible, we finally got a ton of information about Project Freelancer, something Red vs Blue fans had been interested in for a while. We knew Freelancers were badass but we had no idea just how amazing the new season would be. Episode 2 gave us a glimpse of what was to come, an epic episode-long action scene.


5. Tex & Carolina vs CT & The Insurrection Leader

C.T :'(

Who wishes we would have seen more of her? Her armor ability was the most intriguing of them all, producing holograms to help her fight. Unfortunately, C.T and her partner had no chance against the likes of Tex and Carolina, but it was still a fight worthy of this list.


4. Highway

Vehicles, hand-to-hand combat, jet-packs & some great fighters. That’s the recipe for success. Pitting two of the best Freelancers vs a number of Insurrection higher-ups provides viewers with a delight of an episode.We see the origin of Maine’s anger and lack of speed (admit it, you felt sorry for him) and Carolina’s rivalry with Tex is further increased.


3. Reds & Blues vs Felix

Not the best fight in terms of choreography, animation and competence. It’s on the list because the Reds and Blues are feeble simulation troopers who still managed to out-wit a mercenary as powerful as Felix. Also, that scene with Caboose’s gun was the most unexpected, hilarious and random thing to happen for a long time!


2. Tex vs the Reds & Blues

This fight didn’t amass over 15,000,000 views for no reason. It was the first time we see a major fight scene and watching the Reds & Blues get totaled was oddly chuckle-some. Producing a number of epic moments (Simmons with rocket launcher vs Teleporter), funny lines (Protect me cone!) and calamities (Grif’s nuts), it’s definitely deserved of the number 2 spot on the list.


1. Tex vs Washington & Maine

This fight had everything and is easily the best Red vs Blue fight of all time. Starting off with breathtaking build-up, you know crap is about to hit the fan as Tex has been found by Washington and Maine. Then comes the long awaited battle, finishing with heartbreak. The battle goes through every emotion yet leaves you satisfied.