Top 10 Yugioh Archetypes NO ONE has Heard of

Gimmick Puppet, one of the least known archetypes in Yugioh
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  1. Avatar ME says:

    I have a worm deck…

  2. Avatar ME says:

    and a koaki meiru deck… wow. I am sad now.

    1. Ryan McKenna Ryan McKenna says:

      Really? haha you should be proud to be fair 😛

  3. Avatar Nate says:

    I have made or used most of these decks(albeit some only on Duel Nexus), and they can be pretty fun. The only ones I haven’t used are Aliens, and Magical Musketeers

  4. Avatar Not alan says:

    I have a Vylon card but I didn’t know there was an archetype for it!

  5. Avatar Levi says:

    I have physically made the majority of these decks. I have dismantled most of them but still have the cards. The only ones that i didn’t build yet were the trimids and the magical muskets. I wanted to build the musketeers but i wasn’t lucky enough to pull the cards i needed for the deck. And you almost got me with the trimids. If i would have read this article a few months ago than you would have got me with that one. I was scrolling through a list of all the current archetypes to see what new fun deck i could build and i saw them. I looked through their effects and ultimately decided not to get them but ya that was the only 1 i hadn’t heard of until recently. The rest i either have already or wanted.

  6. Avatar mr malone I.O.I says:

    ….bro I knew of all of these before this list…(except those robots before remembering they were in zexal) you sure that we’ve not heard of them?

  7. Avatar peter says:

    I know them all. I have them all. and worms are op. took me about 2 years before I could beat them with most of the best early zexal cards (and those before zexal). in link or pendulum, I agree, not the best, but still a great deck. im using infinitrack now but would use worms if still viable.

  8. Avatar Zack Sequeira says:

    Heard of all of them. Koa’ki Meiru was a valid rogue deck for a while, and star seraph was thrown into some constellar decks for a bit. Additionally, if you’ve played duel links you probably know Koa’ki Meiru was a top deck for a while and Triamids are pretty decent now

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