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My Top 10 Favourite Champions in League of Legends

Whether you play casually or competitively, you’ll have a pool of champions you LOVE playing. Even if you’re one of those who just abuses whichever champions are meta, you’ll have some pocket picks and other champions you use for fun. I’m the same, I like a whole lot of champions so choosing just 10 is difficult.

If you’re interested, I’ve compiled a list of my 10 most favourite champions in League of Legends. Regardless of game-mode or competitiveness, I always enjoy using these champions as they speak to my thematic preferences and play-style.

Some of them are community favourites while others are niche picks with a small amount of mains. I’ve also noted my mastery points with them, as well as my favourite skin and the role I play them in.

I’ve also made a list of my highest mastery champions!



10. Thresh

As I’m basically a support main, you’ll find a few bot laners on this list. Thresh starts the list off, despite me not actually having that many mastery points. Since I got the Blood Moon Thresh skin in a re-roll, I’ve made a point to pick Thresh whenever the team composition calls for it.

This champion has tons to offer in terms of fun, so much outplay potential in a support champion is pretty damn awesome. I’m sure everyone is aware of how much the support role was a joke before this champion was released!

Mastery Points: 15,649

Favourite Skin: Blood Moon

Role: Support


9. Fiora

Fiora, one of the most fun top laners in League of Legends

One of the first champions I achieved mastery level 5 with, I used to play an off-tank Fiora and she seemed so busted. Game after game, I’d either smash laning phase and carry the match or I’d lose lane and still end up being a threat in the late game.

I’m a big fan of Fiora’s Q and the vitals mechanic, it seems so cool to dodge and weave your way around a team-fight. I desperately want the PROJECT Fiora skin as I tend to migrate towards champions I have skins for.

Mastery Points: 23,623

Favourite Skin: N/A

Role: Top


8. Tahm Kench

Tahm Kench, one of the most fun Supports in League of Legends

By far the lowest mastery points of any champion on this list, I’ve recently purchased and fell in love with Tahm Kench. I’ve loved him so much I’ve even brought him into Ranked with 5 wins and 1 loss so far. Tahm Kench is a tanky support who actually deals some nice damage, team-fights can be won or lost by your W – Devour.

I just wish players were more receptive of my ults, I mostly use it to flank enemies myself but there’s been so many missed opportunities.

Mastery Points: 9025

Favourite Skin: N/A

Role: Support


7. Dr. Mundo

On the Rift, I really enjoy safe champions (Fiora for example has her W – Riposte and healing in her vitals). Dr. Mundo is right up my street, being able to farm safely with his Q until he gets a Sunfire Cape and/or Spirit Visage. Towards the mid game, he becomes an absolute monster.

Capable of split pushing well, he becomes nigh unkillable unless you fully commit 3-4 members but that just allows the rest of your team to take over the map. Most of the mastery points have come from ARAMs but if I was to main top, Mundo would be my go-to choice.

Mastery Points: 22,039

Favourite Skin: El Macho

Role: Top


6. Ekko

Ekko, one of the most fun assassins in League of Legends

Too much skill is required for me to put serious effort into Ekko but damn is he fun to play. I found his off-tank build particularly savvy, as he could deal a ton of damage despite being hard to kill. Obviously, Riot nerfed this play-style pretty quickly. Ever since though, Ekko has been an itch to scratch, especially in ARAMs and rotatating game modes.

I tend to avoid the mid lane due to how much emphasis you need to put on map control, I’d love to play him jungle but I have no idea how viable he is in there anymore!

Mastery Points: 15,559

Favourite Skin: N/A

Role: Mid/Jungle


5. Vladimir

In terms of safety, few mid laners are as good as Vladimir. Capable of sustaining himself consistently during the laning phase, his W offers exceptional gank protection. Considered one of the most unhealthy champions in the entire game, he has insane burst potential after a few items despite retaining some tankiness.

He has some pretty epic skins too, my favorite is his Soulstealer one for the all those green colours.

Mastery Points: 34,138

Favourite Skin: Soulstealer

Role: Mid


4. Zed

Even though I’ve achieved over 20,000 mastery points, I still feel like I’ve barely touched the surface of Zed’s kit. I only got to like him after getting destroyed by a Zed main in mid, making me want to main him despite me going 0/5/0. After receiving the PROJECT Zed skin in a Hextech Chest, I had to at least learn him.

I can see why he’s so popular, his shadow mechanics allow for some hefty outplays, even a noob like me can make some awesome highlight clips!

Mastery Points: 21,847

Favourite Skin: PROJECT

Role: Mid


3. Zyra

Zyra, one of my highest mastery champions

Yet another champion I only picked up after acquiring a skin for her, Zyra is a high damage burst mage capable of carrying in lower ELOs. After 3 games in Ranked, I’ve achieved a win in all 3 with a 9.40 k/d/a. Part of that is due to her being so busted right now, there’s so much damage in the game. Another part is I genuinely enjoy playing her, so I naturally perform well.

I’ve noticed many players have no respect for a level 6 Zyra, or her plants in general. At least the players I get put against, so it’s fun & easy to abuse their lack of knowledge!

Mastery Points: 29,553

Favourite Skin: Haunted

Role: Support


2. Rakan

Xayah & Rakan, a really fun ADC and Support

Despite turning my nose up at Rakan upon his release, he’s swiftly become the most fun support in the game, in my opinion. This is prior to patch 9.2 which has made him basically unusable. Otherwise, Rakan can engage from miles away and run back to peel his ADC. It’s actually kind of a broken kit, especially in the hands of a co-ordinated pro team. So he’s been nerfed quite a lot.

Being able to dash through team-fights, providing heals and shields for your team is so fun. Early game wise, his laning can be difficult which isn’t something I like but the other stages of the game make up for this.

Mastery Points: 40,069

Favourite Skin: Cosmic

Role: Support


1. Jhin

Blood Moon Jhin, one of the best splash arts in League of Legend history

In my opinion, Jhin is the second hardest ADC to use behind Draven. During the early game, he has very little CC and mobility so Jhin is vulnerable to being camped. If you can position yourself correctly between shots, he becomes an extremely satisfying champion.

I’m not even talking about late game when he just 1-shots everything, the mid-game is his most fun state for me.

As an ARAM main for many years, I always stayed away from Ranked. I play for casual fun and while I enjoy the competitive side, I hate how toxic the community can get. With Jhin though I felt like I could actually put some games in and I did. I climbed from Bronze 4 to Silver 3 in ~100 games or so. Not bad at all, obviously I’m no Plat/Diamond player but I feel like I could reach Gold with this champion!

Mastery Points: 83,160

Favourite Skin: Blood Moon

Role: ADC


Saturday 8th of February 2020

I love jhin too he is really good but a little bit hard :/