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Top 10 Highest Mastery Champions – League of Legends

Every League of Legends player has their preferred champions and roles. Some may one-trick a single champion while others are Fill mains who can play a lot of champions in a multitude of roles. I’m part of the latter, understanding each role and having a good champion pool is how I like to play.

I’m more of an ARAM player but on the Rift, the support role is my current ‘main’. I have achieved high masteries with many champions spanning over many roles though, as I enjoy each role equally.

You’ll notice there are few junglers, I gave up playing that role as every losing lane (no matter how much you could do about them losing) always blames the jungler. It got too stressful to enjoy.

Anyway, here’s a list of the 10 champions I have the most mastery with!

I’ve also included the skin I use most frequently for those who are interested.

While this list does detail my highest mastery champions, the ones I enjoy the most are detailed in My Top 10 Favourite Champions in League of Legends.

My OP.GG if anyone is interested:


10. Zyra

Zyra, one of my highest mastery champions

Zyra is now viable again after spending last season in obscurity. When she shines, she really does take over the game with her plants being a constant nuisance. I love her for this though, a full rotation with Ignite can be devastating.

She is very squishy so I’ve not played her much but right now, Zyra is my go-to Ranked support. I’ve only played 3 games but I have a 100% win-rate with a 9.4 K/D/A!

If you want some tips for her, just poke as much as you can. Get through laning phase without dying, keep proc’ing your Spellthief’s and you’ll be golden. After vision items, take Liandy’s Torment and then Rylai’s Crystal Scepter. It’s not difficult to take over the game after achieving those 2 items!

Mastery Points: 29,553

Mastery Level: 6

Preferred Skin: Haunted


9. Ashe

Ashe, one of my highest mastery champions

Oh Ashe, at one point you were my favourite ADC. Her rework was successful overall but she’s never felt the same to me, although her PROJECT skin is completely badass. I still enjoy playing her but apart from ARAMs, I’ll rarely ever see her.

If you’re a newer player, Ashe is an excellent ADC choice. Her slows teach you to kite correctly, and her E ability teaches you how important vision can be. A good Ashe brings so much utility to the team, just make sure your team comp is in need of utility rather than a more damage orientated ADC.

Mastery Points: 32,587

Mastery Level: 5

Preferred Skin: PROJECT


8. Vladimir

Image result for vladimir league

Vladimir can be so unsettling to fight against, becoming a tanky burst mage towards the late game. I love him for his heals, I’m a rather passive player who enjoys controling objectives instead of seeking fights. Having those safety heals allow for some nice outplays as opponents think I’m low and will chase me anywhere.

The only mid lane champion on this list, he’s my first choice when it comes to playing that role. As I was a fill main for a long time, I rarely got mid so I don’t have many mages/assassins in my roster!

Mastery Points: 34,138

Mastery Level: 5

Preferred Skin: Soulstealer


7. Nautilus


Jumping in and out of viability quite often, Nautilus is an awesome tank that I play exclusively in the support role. I first discovered him in ARAM, where I found out how unkillable he can be. Soon after, I took him to the Rift and while he’s just too ineffective right now, he’ll always be on my mind.

Excessive CC allows for easy skirmishes after level 6, its just getting through laning phase that’s the problem.

Mastery Points: 34,729

Mastery Level: 6

Preferred Skin: Warden


6. Sivir

Sivir, one of my highest mastery champions

No champion in the entire game can compare to Sivir’s waveclear potential, which is why I played her pretty much non-stop for a while. Being able to delete an entire wave in a second or two is so good!

I always appreciated her aoe damage, at 5-6 items she can shred entire team quickly. During the laning phase, her E spell-shield can prevent ganks on its own, which is perfect for my passive play-style.

If not for another ADC further down on the list, I’d still play Sivir often!

Mastery Points: 39,310

Mastery Level: 5

Preferred Skin: Pizza Delivery


5. Rakan

Rakan, one of my highest mastery champions

Both Rakan and Xayah looked amazing when they were released, I was tempting to main both. However, my friend is an ADC main and I was maining support at the time so it made sense for me to learn Rakan. Oh boy, is he fun. For me, one of the most fun champions in the entire game.

A melee enchanter with plenty of CC, Rakan can engage, disengage, heal and shield. Of course, he himself is quite squishy so if you engage incorrectly, you’ve made a huge mistake and will pay with your life. This risk/reward system only makes him more fun to use in my opinion!

Mastery Points: 39,945

Mastery Level: 7

Preferred Skin: Cosmic Dawn


4. Leona

Leona, one of my highest mastery champions

Recommended to pretty much every new support player, Leona is an absolute beast. If you have a half decent aim, Leona’s E->Q->R combo will keep an enemy in one place for a while. I just love how tanky she is, even when you do a bad engage you can sometimes get out alive.

Almost completely teamn dependant, I moved away from Leona due to her inability to “carry”. Sure, her engages are exceptional but if you have a bad ADC you’re toast. Unlike other supports who don’t rely on items as much, who can start to roam if needed.

Mastery Points: 40,335

Mastery Level: 7

Preferred Skin: PROJECT


3. Janna

Janna, one of my highest mastery champions

My personal favorite when it comes to ranked, Janna will never not be good. With a kit almost completely based around disengaging, you’d think Janna would be boring to play. Well, she isn’t the most fun support ever but you can do some clutch plays. I’m a fan of flashing behind the enemy then ulting them into your team. Or timing your Q Whirlwind well enough to completely negate an enemy engage.

Janna’s movement speed bonus via her W is enough to make her a race car alongside Boots of Mobility. Being able to cover the entire map quickly while providing disengage is incredible, Janna is so good at low ELOs!

Mastery Points: 68,117

Mastery Level: 7

Preferred Skin: Forecast


2. Rek’Sai

Of all champions on this list, Rek’Sai is the only one I haven’t played in years. When I first started watching the pro scene behind League of Legends, I became obsessed with Rek’Sai.

The fact she could tunnel through the map, emerging to knock up enemies was incredible. Especially when she had so much tankiness and CC, it was a dream come true for a passive player like myself.

Being able to engage, soak up damage then quickly escape to heal up was so satisfying. Riot reworked her in patch 7.11 which was the final nail in the coffin.

What completely killed her for me was her Tremor Sense nerf back in patch 6.14. Completely gutting her predatory capabilities. While I am salty, Rek’Sai was too strong in pro play so I understand why Riot did it.

Mastery Points: 75,066

Mastery Level: 7

Preferred Skin: N/A


1. Jhin

Blood Moon Jhin, one of the best splash arts in League of Legend history

As I’m almost exclusively an ARAM only player, the fact I’ve felt confident enough to play Jhin in ranked is pretty nice. I climbed from Bronze 3 to Silver 4 in seasosn 7, after around 110 games. 35 of those were as Jhin, winning 20 and losing 15 for a win-rate of 57%.

I’ve found in ranked, it’s really difficult to carry losing lanes as low ELO players tend to snowball out of control. With Jhin, you can carry extremely bad teams if you can position well and manage your shots.

Jhin’s teaser is what got me, I immediately knew he was the champion for me!

Mastery Points: 83,160

Mastery Level: 7

Preferred Skin: Blood Moon