Top 10 Highest Mastery Champions – League of Legends

Every League of Legends player has their preferred champions and roles. Some may one-trick a single champion while others are Fill mains who can play a lot of champions in a multitude of roles. I’m part of the latter, understanding each role and having a good champion pool is how I like to play. Although ADC is my current ‘main’. Due to this, I have achieved high masteries with many champions spanning over many roles. Here’s a list of the 10 champions I have the most mastery with!




10. Darius

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Darius is a noob-stomping champion that I always do well with. It’s hard not to bully your lane opponent (as long as they are melee) and get multi-kills towards the mid-late game. He’s tanky while dealing a ton of damage. I usually go full tank but buy a Titanic Hydra, Steraks or Trinity Force if I get fed, which is usually the case. I have a piddly 14k mastery points with him as I only use him when I get filled top.




9. Fiora

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The Grand Duellist is similar to Darius in the way that she can bully lane opponents and get a lead easily, especially against bad players. I build full lifesteal usually, this allows me to 1v2 or even 1v3 towards the late game as I become unkillable. With 15k mastery points she’s my secondary top champion who I find moderate success with.




8. Vladimir

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As you can tell, I love solo laners with good sustain. I am a very safe player, 3 or 4 deaths a game is too high for me, so Vlad suits my playstyle perfectly. He’s an extremely safe champion with surprising burst to catch enemies out. He has the option of going sustain tank if behind or full ap if ahead, he’s useful in both roles. He’s my go-to Mid champion but, with just 19k mastery points, I don’t get to play him often.




7. Leona

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My favourite tanky support, Leona is really easy to use and be successful with. She’s extremely tanky with amazing CC, I struggle in lane against poke comps but after laning phase is done, it’s pretty much GG. Of course I build full tank giving priority to resistances based on the enemy team. Also, that PROJECT skin is incredible and one of the reasons I love using her so much!




6. Janna

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I’ve been using Janna ever since I got the above skin for free from Riot. She works well with my safe playstyle, she’s squishy but it’s almost impossible to die unless you make a mistake. She’s such an unnoticed power that you can carry team-fights without the enemies even realising that you’re the one doing all the work. I go full utility with 4-5 active items, this gives Janna a response to any kind of situation.




5. Ashe

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I’m not lying here, I obtained the PROJECT Ashe skin a few days after it came out in a lootbox. I already loved her but this escalated my playtime with her even further. With 23k mastery points I have played her a lot, she’s my default pick if my ADC main (you’ll see later) isn’t available, or is extremely weak in the meta, which he is currently 🙁

I liked to go Essence Reaver -> full crit, but BotrK is just so good right now that I build that first, then go full crit.




4. Nautilus

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Naut was my favourite tanky support until I discovered Leona. I racked up 25k mastery points but this was a while ago, I don’t really use him anymore. His hooks are great for getting picks for your ADC and his passive gives great peel capabilities. Of course you should always go full tank as Nautilus support.




3. Sivir

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Arguably one of the easiest ADCs to use, Sivir is an amazing aoe damage specialist with a powerful ultimate. She’s a very safe champion with her E blocking spells and her passive giving you good kiting potential. No other ADC can match her waveclear so starving your opponent and taking towers is effortless. I have 34k mastery with her, although I don’t really use her anymore, these points were built up while I was learning the role.




2. Jhin

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I was instantly infatuated with Jhin from the moment I saw his kit. He’s just so damn awesome, his thematic is a joy to behold. I have 36k mastery points on him and he’s currently my ‘main’ ADC. However he is quite weak in the current BotrK meta, I’ve been having success but he just feels a bit underwhelming compared to Ashe or Lucian, who I’m currently learning. Jhin is the champ I have the most fun with though.




1. Rek’Sai

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Rek was my OTP for a long time, I saw her during Worlds 2015 having never played her before and fell in love with her kit. She has everything with sustain, tankiness, CC, mobility, damage and a free teleport. I’ve played her so much I have obtained over 60k mastery points. I don’t play her that much nowadays for a few reasons.

First, the new S7 jungle hit me by surprise, I had just spent ages learning S6 jungle so I could go into ranked, so this put me off. Secondly, her nerfs have made her a shadow of her former self. Don’t get me wrong they were justified, she was out of line in higher tier play but her current strengths are next to useless in my elo.

I can still clear with her fine, get good k/d/a and objective plays. But she’s just so underwhelming, I feel like there’s too many champions that are just better. I am awaiting her rework so I can have my Rek’Sai back!

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