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Halo Infinite: Top 10 Best Weapons to give to Marines

One of the most satisfying aspects of Halo Infinite’s campaign is the ability to outfit your marines with powerful weapons before loading them up onto a Razorback.

Marines have unlimited ammo and perfect accuracy with any weapon they use. While leaving them to their default weapons is fun for immersive reasons, equipping them with powerful weapons makes the game a hundred times easier.

I’ve now completed the campaign having tried every weapon variant on marines. As I progressed through battles, high-value targets and FOB clearings, I definitely noticed some weapons were better than others for marines.

Arriving at a new area with a squad full of power weapons is peak Halo and should be enjoyed by every player out there.

To help you understand the best weapons for marines to hold while you chew through the Banished forces, I’ve created a list of the 10 best!

Marines utilise weapons a lot differently than players, as they’re driven by AI with exceptional accuracy. With that being said, some weapons have the potential to get their wielder or their allies killed.

10) Pursuit Hydra

How to unlock: Available at FOBs after acquiring 3000 Valor

Hydras are powerful heavy weapons that can one-shot targets like Grunts and Jackals, as well as deal good damage to Brutes and Elites.

The Pursuit Hydra variant appears to have a faster lock-on speed, as well as better homing missiles.

No damage boost is granted by this variant but it makes them even more deadly in the hands of a marine.

It is the second to last unlock you acquire through the FOB valor system so you’ll unlock it quite late into your playthrough.

Such a huge unlock requirement means I cannot recommend it as your main marine go-to weapon but it’s powerful enough to deserve a place on this list.

9) Impact Commando

How to unlock: Available at FOBs after acquiring 2700 Valor

Turning the Commando into a short to medium ranged weapon, the Impact variant increases the magazine size to 40 but reduces range and accuracy.

On the list mostly for immersion purposes, handing marines UNSC weapons is another fun way of enjoying Halo Infinite, rather than giving them the beefiest power weapons you can find.

8) Purging Shock Rifle

How to unlock: Defeat Skimmer Patrol, a Skimmer high-value target

Little info is provided regarding this weapon but we know it fires 5 ammunition per shot, compared to the ordinary Shock Rifle firing 3 per shot.

From testing, it looks like it fires a double shot each time, giving a lot more shock damage per magazine. Double shots also spread shock damage to nearby enemies a lot faster.

Range appears to be reduced so this Shock Rifle variant is best used against masses of enemies. I always make sure to have at least one marine wielding a Purging Shock Rifle to stun multiple enemies if I’m in a bad engagement.

7) BR-75 Breacher

How to unlock: Available at FOBs after acquiring 2800 Valor

The Battle Rifle is one of, if not the most popular gun in the Halo Franchise.

Used by players and marines to down targets at range, any variant that changes the Battle Rifle’s play-style is sure to stir opinions in the Halo community.

This particular variant reduces the magazine size to just 10 shots, compared to the original 12 shots. Range is also reduced.

In return, the BR Breacher has a faster rate of fire and deals more damage.

6) Backdraft Cindershot

How to unlock: Defeat Myriad, a Hunter high-value target

Your premier weapon for dealing with mass groups of enemies, the Backdraft Cindershot is almost identical to the original Cindershot, but with a powerful added ability.

Exploded shots now scatter smaller explosions around it after detonation.

Perfect for tackling clusters of weaker opponents, but not so great against heavy bosses like Hunters.

Such massive explosion damage can back-fire heavily in close quarters so always ensure marines are firing either at long-range or from the side of a Razorback.

5) Rapidfire Pulse Carbine

How to unlock: Defeat Inka ‘Saham, an Elite high-value target

Firing way faster than the ordinary Pulse Carbine, this weapon is amazing in the hands of a marine whose AI helps a ton with landing shots.

Bringing a dedicated shield-stripper along with you can be invaluable, the carbine can also shred lower enemies like grunts and jackals without breaking a sweat.

At medium to long ranges, not even a marine can make much use of a pulse carbine. Only equip this item when you know you’ll be engaging enemies in close quarters.

4) SR7 Sniper Rifle

How to unlock: Available at FOBs after acquiring 1400 Valor

Put the marine’s 100% accuracy to use with the sniper rifle, as they fire and reload more efficiently than any player can accomplish.

With this weapon, your marines will pick off any enemies that are currently loaded in and visible.

My current go-to method for traversing around the map is a Rockethog with a sniper marine in the passenger seat. It saves time setting up the 5 marines needed for a Razorback and provides enough firepower to take over any area.

3) Volatile Skewer

How to unlock: Defeat Ik’Novus the Devourer, a Brute high-value target

Skewers are deadly weapons that can one-shot most enemies and deal heavy damage to armored targets, such as Brute Chieftains.

Volatile Skewers are even better, as their projectiles explode shortly after contact with terrain or an enemy.

Giving a heavy sniper type weapon some explosive power is remarkably good, even more so in the hands of a marine.

You’ll commonly see them snipe targets at a distance with impeccable accuracy.

With that being said, I’ve witnessed way too many marines skewer their own colleagues. I’ve even had one of them slot a projectile into the back of my own head!

If you’re going to give your marines the Volatile Skewer, make sure they’re always spread out and engaging enemies at a distance.

2) M41 Tracker

How to unlock: Defeat Zeretus, a Brute high-value target

Basically, a normal rocket launcher that can track targets, regardless of whether or not they’re in a vehicle.

Marines are insane with this launcher and are able to clear out entire strongholds with some good Razorback manoeuvring.

The only downside is the marine tendency to blow themselves up, or their allies.

It’s absolutely mandatory for either the one marine to wield a rocket launcher if you’re travelling on foot. However, a Razorback full of M41 Trackers is a sight to behold.

1) Arcane Sentinel Beam

How to unlock: Defeat Thav ‘Sebarim, an Elite high-value target

While wielding this Sentinel Beam variant, marines will fire continuously at any nearby enemies without missing even a bit.

The Arcane variant has increased damage and burn rate, but a reduced ammo count.

With 3+ marines carrying this weapon, any enemies within range are incinerated almost immediately. Even Banished drop-ships don’t stand a chance!

No projectiles are fired from this weapon so there’s a very little chance of friendly fire or a marine accidentally damaging themselves.

Overall, the Arcane Sentinel Beam is by far the best weapon for marines in Halo Infinite!

I hope you made some use of this list to help conquer campaign mode 🙂

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